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  1. Squad Heli mechanics definitely need work, sign this man!
  2. Please fix the f**n CTD issues

    Sorry, but what is "CTD"?
  3. Bezu's pics from the frontline

    Add Media Role for this man x'D
  4. If so, how much "Sharpen" and "Ignore Film Grain" do you guys use and ingame(Squad) "Screen Sharpening"? I’m playing with 1440p resolution btw.
  5. PTT release delay

    No, i forget that i'm pressing the button and i release it way later. If what you're proposing is optional i agree, if it's for everyone no.
  6. PTT release delay

    So you are saying if i need to sneeze and release the key everyone will still hear my sneeze? I do the opposite btw.
  7. fix Graphicsettings

    I only agree with the shadows settings(even low should have some shadows), effects i will use them always on Low, cus that's a big performance hit when there's a lot of smokes everywhere.
  8. - Portuguese Rangers - Recruitment

    Parece que não...
  9. Upgrade gpu or what

    Cap your Frames to 144, if you want less GPU utilization, heat, noise... If the 100% utilization bothers you, but there's nothing wrong with a GPU being at 100% Load. With the CPU 100% utilization it's a whole new story.
  10. Upgrade gpu or what

    GPU at ~100% it's ok tho. And CPU 50% seems about right too... i dont see the problem... btw what's Monitor Refresh Rate?
  11. Yeah, i come from Arma "school", really hard for me to learn other ways now. And i dont use mouse to fly, only keyboard(mouse only to look around).
  12. @Melbo Is it possible to make Collective go to 45% when not pressing any key? And for example if i want to land i just tap several times "Collective Down" to land(and ofc the same, tapping "Collective Up" to go up)?
  13. Dragging Bodies-Casualty Collection