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  1. visuals

    And will i get less FPS with this settings?
  2. Thankyou! Please!!! Btw if you want that, make some "noise" in this post about that ;D :
  3. This is a good idea +1
  5. I like the new sound better, but its not perfect
  6. Alright, thank you
  7. I will try those 2 programs, any tips?
  8. I just tried to start the game from the program CPU Cores, played in the "Firing Range" and got me extra +20 FPS, does anyone tried this program too? And anyone knows better settings in the program to get even better performance? The program: My specs: i7 4770K, MSI GTX 970, 16 GB-Ram, SSD 840 Evo.
  9. How da hell u do that? btw full or empty server?
  10. There you go m8, give it a try: He plays Borderless because he gets Screen Tearing, but try Fullscreen and see if its ok for you
  11. Don't worry, you are good, of course if you don't use all the settings on Epic, i tried it myself on friends laptop similar to yours and surprisingly it runs very well. When i get to my to home i will speak to my friend and tell you what graphics settings he is using if you want, to get stable 60 fps.
  12. Thumbs up for Car Bombs and Suicide Vests
  13. Looks good, definitely wanna try it
  14. Yeah, it gets more difficult when your first language is not English and have the that info hand it to you... maybe i'm asking too much