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  1. " optimisation improvements " that's what i want to see!!!
  2. I dont use Anti-Aliasing I will when he arrives, thank you
  3. But maybe i dont need to use Super Sampling anymore?
  4. Hello Guys, i just ordered a new Monitor, the monitor is 2560 x 1440 , will i have less FPS using 2K Resolution? And to compensate if i turn Super Sampling to 1.0x will that work(currently using 1.25x)? Or will i have bad image even tho im using 2K Resolution, sorry for the confusing really dont know what im talking about My Specs: i7 4770K, GTX 970, 16 GB-Ram.
  5. Arma is like that, with ALT of course.
  6. Yep, ALT for Free-Look is the best option
  7. 1 more Optimization Patch would be sooooo good
  8. Try to "Clear the cache" option m8, may have some older configs....
  9. visuals

    And will i get less FPS with this settings?
  10. Thankyou! Please!!! Btw if you want that, make some "noise" in this post about that ;D :
  11. This is a good idea +1
  13. I like the new sound better, but its not perfect