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  1. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    Problem Solved: New PSU, New Life. Got a FA ATX 80PLUS-EUP 750W PEAK, its not the best PSU, but it's my 3rd PSU so, if its to screw up in 2/3 years at least its cheap. Thanks for all the help guys, it was a big headache!
  2. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    I did that, disabled it in the Bios One curious thing, when using the GTX 970 the pc restarts way faster than when i'm using the GTX 770, with the 970 i cant even play a full match of Squad, with the 770 i can play 2 to 3 games... any thoughts on that?
  3. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    I had problems with Nvidia Audio Drivers before, so i always uninstall it, i even uninstall the monitor audio drivers... just running Realtek and High Definition ones
  4. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    Yes, i made sure all was properly seated, "everything clicking.", and yes, im running not even 1 weak Windows 10 Pro installed
  5. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    Nop, didn't changed anything! And getting a PSU from someone will be hard, everyone i know owns/plays in Laptop's *facepalm* I have to buy a new PSU... if that's not the problem i guess i have a spare PSU...
  6. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    It is, i posted above a picture i took myself to the PSU
  7. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    It seems about right, all the specs are the same. I have this PSU around 2 years, just started to give me problem about 2 months ago... And what "shortage" means? Not having power enough to handle the GPU, CPU, etc?
  8. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    Cooler Master 700W , Model No. : "RS-700-ACAB-B1" is this what you're looking for?
  9. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    CPU Temps: https://gyazo.com/cd08277aaeca87958ecd0d91cb67b3b9 (Gaming) GPU Temps go max 67º Celsius (Gaming as well) Cables are good, i even changed the PSU Cable.
  10. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    So, just tested with the GTX770, same problem Kernel-Power 41(63), it seems the GPU is not the problem... True, i thought i was a genius x)
  11. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    I had the same problem before, its my second GTX 970, but when that happened the pc would do some other things, like restarting over and over again. Well, i have a GTX 770, i can try that... 1 sec.
  12. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    yes, the pc restarts, the PSU is Cooler Master 700W RS-700-ACAB-B1, and i did the Prime95 and Furmark to "simulate" a game, cus i think there's no stress test that can replicate a pc game like Squad for example... but im just a noob I dont know if they checked inside...
  13. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    Ok, just tested Prime95 and FurMark at the same time with Prime running small fft test with low priority in task manager and Furmark with high priority on top and the pc crashed, it's PSU right?... it must be! And yes i did memtest before and no problems.