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  1. CPU Under Utilized

    Thanks, waiting for the results
  2. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    People can mod the game, so i dont see why not, then its just needed servers
  3. [Solved] Squad Freezes

    I know, i dont do it anymore, i was just saying Quinch that different graphical settings dont avoid that
  4. [Solved] Squad Freezes

    Happens the same to me if i Alt+Tab when the game is loading or launching, i have to restart my pc, lowering down will not solve this as i play almost everything on the lowest.
  5. [Solved] Squad Freezes

    Well, it seems turning off the "Pre-Load Textures" have solved the problem for me, still need more play time to confirm it. Special thanks to @samwiseOrigin that helped me out on Squad Discord
  6. My Squad is constantly freezing for a sec, it seems like its going to crash, really annoying! My Specs: i7 4770K(oc'd to 4.1Ghz) GTX 970 16Gb-Ram SSD What i tried: Clear Cache, Clean Installation of Squad, Borderless, Close Afterburner, Uninstall and Install latest GPU Drivers...
  7. I have the same problem and im not running AMD... any help? i7 4770K GTX970 16-RAM SSD
  8. Med-Kit bug or?

    That's a good point, hope people are more aware of that and make medics job easier x)
  9. Med-Kit bug or?

    I know how to heal people and heal myself x) The problem is when you move a little or your team-mate moves an inch it stops healing...
  10. V10 Mouse Sensitivity

    Did you guys changed sensitivity in V10? If so, to higher or lower? Cus im having lots of doubts about mine
  11. Alpha 10

    We just need bit of optimization for this version and the update is perfect Oh and also dragging.
  12. Massive Lag suddenly

    Noob talking: Could that be that latest Windows Update that slows computers down?
  13. Why its so hard to target the med-kit to heal? Is this a bug or on purpose? As well when applying bandage
  14. Alpha 10

    Eye-Adaptation doesn't work?
  15. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Waiting for V.10...