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  1. Interesting graphics setting bug. free fps!

    And how about in game? Does it increase FPS too? That's the most important
  2. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    So 368.81 doesn't get us better performance from the newest drivers?
  3. Let's celebrate!

    Congrats ma dude Always a nice guy!
  4. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    It can be the CPU bottlenecking... just like my case
  5. 1440p 144hz or 4k 60hz?

    If is to play Squad i would go for a 4K 60Hz, cus i doubt you will ever make use of a 144Hz cus you need to have 144 FPS in game or more(pretty much impossible), the ultrawide question i dont know, but probably works
  6. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    I discovered my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU, so this no good for me
  7. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    bump Any Updates on this?
  8. How to improve performance?

    I can't find the HPET option on my Motherboard( Z87H-UD3H)
  9. 9.4 Thoughts?

    Low FPS
  10. LOW FPS

  11. Minus 10 FPS in 9.4

    I can't aim with 35 FPS x(
  12. Minus 10 FPS in 9.4

    Yep, i have less 10 FPS too, already cleared cache, disabled steam overlay... and its the same...
  13. Anyone using the Game Mode? If so do you see any Performance Improvements? It seems that Streamers will benefit the most with this new Windows Update