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  1. Problems with huge fps drop need help

    Turn off Pre-Load Textures if you using it
  2. Anyone having this problem? If so any solution?
  3. What do you guys think about having the option for smaller keyboards aka no numpad keyboards with and alternative layout to substitute those missing keys? I have this "problem", anyone else as it too?
  4. GTX 1080ti Temps

    Cus i have friend that has a MSI 1080ti and he says he gets 60c degrees playing... just dont want a faulty GPU and was asking if this is normal... that's all
  5. GTX 1080ti Temps

    Can you show me your fan curve pls? And what is a M.2 cooler? i have a M.2 SSD and i have no cooler for it...?
  6. I have a GTX 1080TI Rog Strix OC Edition, and playing Squad, GTA V reaches 75c degrees, with no oc or added voltage, is that normal?
  7. Nvm i can custom fans separately x) sorry
  8. the problem is that i have 2x 3pin fans and 1x 4pin fan, what i serached in google was 3 pin is DC and 4 pin PWM... and i think i cant do i it individually, or this is wrong?
  9. Btw what should i use? PWM Mode or DC Mode in the Bios?
  10. Shouldn't the Water Cooler be connected to the IO_PUMP? That post is from 2016, maybe the Motherboards changed a little bit?
  11. Optimal Graphical Settings

    But does it take FPS off when playing, i dont mind to see some blurry texture when i respawn and then its all good, but does it affect FPS during the game? And i had problems on my old PC with this setting, causing it to freeze my game for a sec
  12. Optimal Graphical Settings

    Pre load textures: Off? Dont really understand this setting... should be off then? Oh and Supersampling: 2.0 is a bit too much, already tried
  13. So, just built my first pc, and connected the fans in random motherboard(asus z370-f) places, does that work? only fan i connected in a specific place was the water cooler(h115i) on the IO-PUMP, i have more 3 fans, 1 connected in CPU_FAN, 1 in CPU_OPT and 1 in CHA_FAN1.
  14. Optimal Graphical Settings

    So, just bought a new computer: i7 8770k(oc'ed 4.7ghz), 1080ti, 16ram 3200mhz, ssd m2. And was wondering the best graphic settings... can you guys post your graphical settings suggestions for good FPS aswell for a pretty game? Running 2k resolution btw