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  1. I'm a student currently taking Adobe products courses like Photoshop and want to get more practice designing logos etc. so I'm offering free commision work. Requests can be PM'd to me with the following format: Name of Clan: [insert clan name] Clan Thread: [insert clan thread URL] Clan Description: [short backstory of clan and clan name (e.g. if the name is based on something historical or fictional)] Description of Design: [cohesive details about the requested design (e.g. color, font type, ratio: square, circle etc.)] Reference Material: [URLs to images that can be used in design] Example Material: [URLs to example designs] Other Notes: [any other notes or comments] The more complete and cohesive information you send the smoother the process will be. Please keep in mind though that requests can take some time to complete. (full portfolio: mrkstamdesign.nl) Here's what I've made so far: Yellow Ants Clan Thread Based on the original design of the Croation anti-tank unit.