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  1. Totally forgot about these from Gamescon 2016 *cue slideshow*
  2. Hey Zak, so what is one thing that you would say is strange or quirky about yourself? Like how Sgt. Ross & Oxy have great big beards or that one dev (I don't know the name of or he even works on Squad) that likes to down 100 beers while binge-watching through every season of The Simpsons.
  3. Does anybody know who Tonto and BigNap are and what they do?
  4. . Hello and welcome to the team! You are now on the official list of developers. What's your name (in-real-life) and what's your specific task/project on the programming team? Not trying to pry, just want to get to know you.
  5. I would recommend checking out the Squad's Steam page and this video below: Hope this helps!
  6. Hey Harron, nice to see you here doing tech support to Squad! Usually I see you on War Thunder forums, but it's great to see somebody else from WT here on Squad
  7. Sorry for going off-topic from community content development -- especially with April Fools' mods Anyway, do you guys know if my current 6th Gen. Core i5 laptop (with integrated graphics) would be able to handle UE4 3D editing for Squad? Or would I have to get myself something with more muscle (like a Core i7 laptop with a Nvidia 960M)? Thanks, and nice work to all of you!
  8. That would be the best April Fools Squad event (or mod) ever! I mean, the start of the day-long Mars invasion campaign could go like this: *roger that, Alpha 1*. *Our scouts have eyes on the target.* *Copy that Zephyr 2*. *Initiate Operation Valkyrie, Over*. *GO, GO, GO!* Meanwhile, joint Japanese-British forces flying patrol over Wake Island at 52,700ft....
  9. Maybe not the turntable animation, but are you gonna at least polish off your Abrams model as high fidelity with internal components (Challenger example below), and high poly-count textures? Because every little detail you put inside and outside your model makes it all the more believable.
  10. More stuff that could be added (basically all the stuff I could find from other games): General: Fighters, Bombers, Transports, and Choppers: AFVs of All Kinds: Naval Vessels:
  11. Are you gonna do something like this (credits to McGavish)?
  12. Ok. I think the results are pretty solid here. The top 5 things you guys want in Squad down the road are..... #1: A wide range of vehicles & multi-factor objectives #2: Large-scale, open-world maps #4: Dynamic Weather & Hourly Time-of-Day Progression (truSky) #4: Considerably improved material textures #5: Thousand-player World-War/Campaign Mode: .
  13. Do you guys know a forum section where the developers are more active? Cuz then we could ask them some of the questions in the starting post.