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  1. As someone else mentioned, essentially, the Insurgent faction is a fictionalized one that is heavily inspired by the current Middle Eastern conflicts. We understand that some will feel a bit like the immersive-ness of having these guys on Afghan maps will be a bit incongruous, but we have always stated that we will be moving away (to the best of our ability) from political organizations.
  2. August 2017 Recap

    Check our Twitter out, that specific transition was not MOCAP. Maybe? It is being looked into, further information will likely be coming in the future relating to its viability. To quote the article: "With more vehicle options coming in the future, more anti-vehicle options are coming alongside them. Enter the BGM-71 TOW Missile, a familiar sight on the battlefield." The Recap often shows what is currently being developed or already developed. Multiple artists work on different assets at any given time. Some of the assets were not ready to be shown in time for the article, this was just readily available when the article was planned to release.
  3. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    We do read, we do listen, we do help out in other areas (Discord, for example) when possible. We are working very extensively (teasers coming soon) on kick-starting the modding community outside of just maps. I have a sinking suspicion that the "new" guys that are working on developing the modding systems will have some documentation once we get to that point. (I have been told one of the programmers is a documentation fiend) I will say, as Zylfax stated, that some things will just require patience on the communities part because as noted, our primary focus is getting Squad completed. We appreciate everyone's understanding and feedback, much love!
  4. Mercy flag bleed. (Question)

    That might be an oversight on my part. I will likely have to remove or redo that layer to prevent that from happening in the future. We simply need more AAS flag actor functionality. Hopefully, we'll be able to do that in the future.
  5. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Seeing the "sprint" in-engine alone made me get out the paper towels.
  6. FOB ammo abuse

    All that is planned, yes. Also, the current ammo box "meta" should be replaced in the future with RIfleman carried ammo bags and vehicle required radio placements.
  7. Thanks Devs!

    It's a WIP, of course, invites are planned.
  8. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    I never said they did? I specifically said "playing make believe."
  9. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    "Is this the real life?Is this just fantasy?Caught in a landslide,No escape from reality." What? You don't like playing make believe after all the RUS and US tension we've had since WWII? If it makes anyone feel better, you will get a MIL v. RUS layer.
  10. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Has been planned for awhile, we've talked about it a lot. And yes, this is, in fact, MOCAP for dragging bodies. The final cut was actually Norby laying on the bag while I dragged him. Got some nice busted capillaries along the width of my hand too, immershun!
  11. Recoil mode

    I see you noticed. The weapons handling system will be changing a bit with the new animation system, as Bad Ash noticed, you can start to see a little bit of it in that video. Also, this will hopefully help fix the sight misalignment issue while looking up and down.
  12. what is our label on gaming community?

    I am a gamer that is increasingly enjoying games that are more like Chess than Connect 4. Games that rely on just twitch shooting and individual actions alone have become more and more boring to me. Just my preference though, my twitch arena shooter days are pretty much over, but honestly they never truly appealed to me regardless of my age. Even in the days of Quake, UT, etc. I'd play Tribes than those games.
  13. New Community Manager

    Treat him right; we are well on our way to spinning him up on all the latest and greatest. Hopefully, we will start seeing some good stuff being pushed out shortly.
  14. Leaning mechanics

    The suggestion is noted.
  15. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

    We have pushed Alpha v9.5 Hotfix to servers and clients. (12 June 2016) Changelog: Pak file repackage Changed the way PAK files work, Squad will not need 20+ GB free on the hard drive to update any longer. Note: The current update will still require a large buffer, but in new updates, this will be much smaller. Admin Force team change Added an admin command to force switch someone to the other team. AdminForceTeamChange “name” and AdminForceTeamChangeById <ID> Permissions in Admins.cfg: forceteamchange Fixed an issue where you could not lean in certain areas of the map on Gorodok and Al Basrah. (Some cap zones most common) Added the possibility to give a user the ability to write to admins with “ChatToAdmin” but prevent them from reading it with “CantSeeAdminChat” Fixed an issue where Fools Road Fortress flag had severe map issues. Tweaked tree collisions. Admin cam now shows FOB and Rally Points. Fixed an issue where mortar HUD would get stuck if FOB was removed while players were sitting on it. Fixed BTR-82A single fire sound sounding like several shots or cutting out. Sumari Optimization Pass. Logar Optimization Pass. Fixed RCON working for Linux. Removed expiring timer for Mines and IEDs. Added speed indicator for vehicles. Improved SVD's standing accuracy substantially, also improved crouch and prone as long as the target is almost level to the player. High elevation differences in targets improved but still bugged. Corrected tickets for invaders/defenders on Yehorivka Invasion Fixed Strykers not taking damage when on fire. Fixed RKG-3 grenades not doing damage or working. Added mortar reload sound. Tweaked vehicle zooming in/out sound. Added more sound effects when sprinting. Tweaked animations for IED and Mine. Tweaked Mortar impact blast wave effect. Tweaked Mortar muzzle effect. Tweaked gun muzzle shockwave grit effect. Improved particle refinement for Mortar/IED/Mine. Added larger water explosion for Tandem RPG and Mortar. New MTLB variants minimap icon. Map grid readability improvements. Fixed an engine bug causing erratic suspension responses on certain vehicle wheel collisions. (aka do-a-barrel-role bug) Fixed a server crash related to a high number of players in the queue on map change.