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  1. Adjustable sites and the ability to simply "move your hand" to the GL is planned with the new animation system.
  2. league

    It is a tournament specific physical dog tag.
  3. Honestly, I have something designed (documentation) that is similar (think Planetside resource system...kinda), but I am not sure we will be able to get to it anytime soon.
  4. squad

    Some of these and other ideas are already planned, and you might start to see some small improvements here and there shortly.
  5. Just because I do not have that much time right now, I will say that tweaks and systems need to be improved or reworked, we understand that. There are some pain points we plan on working on in the future, but we just need some time. I understand the frustration for some (I think) but don't expect anything crazy complex like what Tartantyco wants (development complexity that is). Ticket tweaking, claiming improvements/changes, etc.
  6. Area specific entrances and exits are something I would like to get done eventually. I agree, I would prefer the driver to only get in on the driver side, passengers in the back of the Ural only spawn behind the truck, etc. Unless the exit is blocked, then we would need to pick another exit point. Orientation is another one I would like fixed one day as well, among a whole host of other issues.
  7. Here is the word, we are planning on weapon lowering with the new animation system. I have seen prototypes, talked to the animators about it, and even did some filming with our Lead Animator recently for it. Tada!
  8. Weapons are not "laser pointers" no.
  9. We already have weapons that will kill you in a one shot, just an FYI.
  10. It is planned, yes.
  11. HAHA, awesome, thanks for the laugh!
  12. Game development typically takes 3-5 years. The very open nature of our development gives the wrong impression sometimes I think. We are roughly around three years, and we are still planning on releasing this year. I think that is relatively reasonable considering our resources and scope of the project. I appreciate your concern and feedback, much of what you have stated is planned or actively being worked on.
  13. I believe this will be addressed with the new animation and CoreInventory system.
  14. Environmental effects are definitely on the wishlist.