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  1. Instant death at some occasions

    Of course is more realistic but is it more fun? Squad is not a simulator like ARMA, it aims to be a fun game while having huge team-play aspects. Allowing lone-wolfes to kill 2 or 3 members is not something that fits the team-play description, therefor the only way for you to get kills is to kill the entire squad and in most situations you can only do this if you have a squad with you. edit: nate ninja'd me
  2. A reason about DDOS attack?

    You can even find the IPs in Squad's Log files, so its not by "hiding" the adresses in a given website that will make a diference. The only way to prevent DDOs is by having a server disconnected from the internet.
  3. Half a gigabyte worth of backup logs?

    Then change the "AppData" folder, 'cause that's the folder used by every program to store local files, usually logs and/or configuration settings. I also recommend to change "TMP/TEMP" folder. Regarding the logs just delete the old ones, eg: more than 5 days.
  4. Multiplayer Consistency in Squad

    There are games that should aim consistency, Squad is not one of those. You should adapt for every scenario, even in the same map there should be situations when you, as a Squad leader, need to step back and see that your current squad's load is not the indicated for that situation. Consistency would prevents maps where vehicle support is important and without it you would die alot, eg: Desert Maps; it would prevent maps where infantry support is important and without it the vehicles would die a lot, eg: forests, it would prevent asymmetrical maps where one side has all the tanks while the other has air support; So you see, there's really no room for "map consistency" in Squad.
  5. Terrain Destruction

    Using the exact words of this topic's title in the BIG SEARCH BOX ABOVE I get: Terrain deformationBuilding Destruction/interactionDestruction / PhysicsIn conclusion, searching helps...
  6. Everything on a computer is based on memory, even for simple operations, like "2+2", you need memory. In normal applications, the program says "I need memory", the operating system allows the access to the memory and after using it the program says "I'm done with that memory". Now imagine that the program "forgets" to say this last line, this means it will ask for memory but even if its not using the System will still think its in used, if you add this to multiple requests you have a memory leak, meaning, in what the system is concern the program is using multiple blocks of memory while in reality is just using one: 'cause its forgetting to free the memory. Eventually the system will go out of memory and it will crash.
  7. No constant foot steps please!

    Don't you worry about that. One of the unlocks is the tactical boot, that won't make any sound allowing you to get that knife kill. These boots are made in a special material that absorbs the 100Kg of soldier plus equipment and neutralizes the ambient sound, like leaves, sand and gravel by using a tactical sub woofer. In conclusion relying on audio is something unnatural, completely fictional and Devs are aware of this.
  8. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    I assume the plus '+' sign is to enter the squad, its a bit non-intuitive and again I disagree with the mic symbol being in such menu (actually I disagree with it at all but if there's really a need for it put it in another menu that is not used that much)
  9. Degree measuring

    Like viciado implied - Why? You just need to add a few key words and that's it - "Ridge line", "Mid mountain", "Near the blue car", "Far", "Close", etc... Adding HUD elements for everything is just not necessary
  10. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    It's elegant, clean and simple in a way, simple is good. I think AJAX's latest designs are somewhat cluttered and overloaded with colour. The big issue is that is filling the entire screen With this version I would suggest the following: Replace the first square (before the squad's name), that I'no idea what is suppose to be, with the locked squad iconRemove the Mute ButtonFirstly mutting people shouldnt be allowed in this game, if people are spamming they should be kickedAlternatively the mute button could be in the Scoreboard, a more rich page that would fill the entire screenRemove the Alpha,Beta,Charlie sectionsThe background color should be enough to identify these team-sectionsWould try to make the drop-down icon a bit more discrete at least for playersAnd int the options for the players:Would remove the "Tag Player", no idea what that meansWould remove the "Friend Request", at most move it to the Scoreboard pageAdd a "Move to Team section" button
  11. Bought pc for Squad

    Intel i7 2600k 3.4 Ghz, HD7870 2Gb, 8 Gigabytes of RAM 4 * ( (7*2600) /3.4 ) / ( 7*70 ) + ( 2*8 ) = 59.69, basically 60 FPS which is a good amount.
  12. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    Just remove the health colors and it will be decent. You already made alive players having the name in white while dead ones have their name in grey, so its fine.
  13. Convoy Resources

    Or... instead or random supply trucks moved by IA, each main base could spawn some trucks and some choppers with supply capabilities, then its up to the team to use these assets to resupply their own fobs. more at link
  14. Tickets should not be visible

    You're assuming that players give up because the ticket count is low and that is simply not true. A few examples of pros: If the ticket count is low, you can convince your team to defend and with that defense you might win.If the ticket count is low, instead of risking 15 tickets of the tank you can simply go infantryIf the ticket is low, you as a squad leader can say to not give up (assuming squad will maintain the 1 ticket per state: wounded, dead) this means a squad of 9 can save 9 ticketsIf the ticket count is low, you might build mortars instead of rushing towards a flag
  15. Tickets should not be visible

    Firing into the air, whats the harm (I also do that) and Team killing in the end usually ends with a kick. Again I'm just saying there's more gain in displaying the tickets to everyone than to prevent players to make these no-impact actions in the last 30s