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  1. I wouldnt bet on it.. what i am seeing so far is they might be comparatives to i5's
  2. Thats interesting because the reality I am seeing is that without any physical obstruction manufactured obstruction or forced collision with things like weapons looks visually terrible and feels absolutely wrong when your controllers dont actually stop. have some examples of where you have seen it done well?
  3. That's the plan as of now. Please try not to run rampant with speculation it can be very distracting to the developing team. I'd rather you guys just played and enjoyed and maybe take a break here and there as needed but be ready for some big changes.
  4. We are a couple weeks into revising a bunch of major systems that are scheduled to be ready for release around the end of april (Animation, weapons/inventory). There are a good number of features that will also accompany those features when they get released. (Fast ropes anyone??) At the mid point around the end of february we have a scheduled a major content update which will be A9 (not a lot of features but tons of "things") Barring no changes or delays this is our current plan. (and its just a plan.. not a promise) We will keep you guys updated as these new features get up to speed via our monthly updates. There you go.
  5. Re using copies of bf2 buildings for us in an official capacity would get real sticky real quick. (i.e. illegal) But.. adding this map via map mods will be doable including the buildings and likely making it all reuseable as well.
  6. couldn't agree more. If you can't see people at 100m has nothing to do with resolution.
  7. korengal

    good stuff.. i am a tiny bit scared of optimization! with that underbrush!
  8. Delta force 2 was fantastic.. great game
  9. Nothing wrong with bluntness.. i can be blunter if you like. This is the state we are in now. Hopefully the overall engine and game performance improve (Through conscious actions) in the future so these settings can be deemed more level. You may not be aware but they have already come a long way from the past and you are "snap shotting" this evolution somewhere in the middle. That's just talking silly. Grass isn't meant to be concealment and we keep it as short as we can while maintaining visual effect of it. I think the next work will be done on fields and crops so we can ensure those are covering players in most situations. Grass will never be rendered in such a manner. (ie it will never be concealment) It's best to play with that in mind. Not only is grass draw distance scaled but it is also density scaled. Hopefully in the future we can lean more heavily on density scaling than distance scaling. (it is one of the more expensive overdraw components in open world games and as such always a ripe optimization target) I think your misunderstood.. i was talking about the hardware requirements we set for ourselves. We feel obligated to meet them Hopefully as per above it will be a point where there is more or less grass. Judge the finished product as what you are requesting simply can't be a priority right now with active code development still ongoing. Once another optimization pass or two is done and the engine/game code evolves we should have more room for these items to be addressed. We have made a conscious decision to use these settings for the time being. We consider these the current baseline settings. Sorry if anyone feels im a bit harsh but really at this point we have heard it all in terms of what we are doing right and wrong. We still read every thread, post and tweet (They are fed directly into a channel in our slack) but we have grown much more aware of 1. The places we can actually affect change 2. What actually transfers into customer satisfaction. This particular discussion for example has been an evolution. We are aware of it and it is part of our plan to address to the best of our abilities. Any other questions? Feel free to ask I will answer.
  10. absolutely no way to know it. We are expecting that we will be on our own to improve performance in the next optimization pass this year. Vulkan is looking like games need to be built ground up for it so i am also not expecting any wins there.
  11. Not something we officially support but I know in the modding discord some people have been working on compatibility. It has never been part of our design plan to support VR but it may happen as a by product of adding features like free look in the new animation system. We will have to wait and see.
  12. @Rainmaker "scalability" (what you refer to exploiting) is a requirement of PC games due to the disparate hardware that people own. The ability to scale graphics settings isn't going away anytime soon. You are essentially requesting us not to support the low end hardware users of our customer base. Your images almost exclusively point out scalability. If you are looking for a level playing field console games can provide that. This is just a game with min / max hardware requirements we are trying to meet. Will we attempt to raise that bar over time if the performance increases? - Of course. Is it a extremely high priority item at this point in the games life cycle? - No, of course not. I expect the next big changes on that front will happen during our next optimization pass around mid 2017. Have to take the entire game and its development in a full dimensional context and not only in the context of the experience today. Early access is about being along for the ride.. better or worse.. until the finish line.
  13. no worries at all. just enjoy the game in each of its stages as much as you can and dont get too bent that things arent perfect.. they never will be perfect.. but its all in the master plan.
  14. hence why i find the discussion quite funny.. it all for no purpose as these things are already planned and being implemented. (and we have showed them off already to a certain degree) all the info is in your hands.
  15. this is correct. Existing engine limitation on floating point values. if you move from the center of a map to the edge of a map it will get progressively worse. it is in a sense map specific or rather map size specific. Yeho if you went as far to the corner of the map as you could should be really bad at 4km. (Where as in the middle it will be almost non existent) This is also the reason it hasn't been fixed and the new system will be a true 1st person hybrid. This issue will be completely eliminated. This will happen by somewhere around Alpha 10.