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  1. the wrench

    oh god... give me a break.. take your uber realism somewhere else.. lol.. Eventually drowning will be added yes. I would also like some physics on our water.
  2. well. its doesnt stop.. one team loses.. and one team wins. as i said.. not a game mode for your average public server.
  3. the wrench

    Just confirmed water penetration made it into alpha-9. rest easy my friend!
  4. And we do the same thing with ue4 for better or worse! For example we haven't released any tracked vehicles as we have been waiting on epic to release n-wheel phyxs!
  5. Cheers. we will keep it on the list.
  6. bahaha.. cheers! so busy man every day!
  7. We will have to see what they come up with I guess!
  8. Big trouble or fun tactics? we would have to see.. certainly not a very public game mode but whitelist servers would have a blast i think I will see if I can finish the first experimental pass for the next a10 release.
  9. I think they actually would have a completely different audience Squad is far more niche than ww2. Its the same as OWI did with ue4. We used Epic's base to make squad. I don't see how its any different. Care to enlighten me? Should a ww2 expansion (in an imaginery world where OWI made one) not be something worthy of being paid for? Sounds like we are indebted to make games for you for all time! weird man!
  10. not as far as I can tell in our case.
  11. I have a long time dream for an open random start game mode on Kohat I just havent had the time to finish it.. It started! essentially each team would GENERALLY start opposite each other (within a large arc) and they have no main base. FIrst order of business is to establish a base wherever they want then capture objectives which would be conquest style caps and could supply weapons, vehicles and/or supplies.
  12. From our talks with them that would be their goal. Take it right to a full version that they could release. We are supporting them in limited capacity at the moment helping with builds and things like that. The outcome will really be up to them and you the community. Personally I would love to see a large scale ww2 game built on squads base. If it gets good enough I don't see why we as a OWI would hold them back (We don't own their content obviously so they are free to do as they please on that end) Many a studio has been launched from a really good mod! (Maybe it will be more popular than squad)
  13. object by object support but there is some tweaking on which moveables occlude as well we generally dont have enough movers to make an impact .. ie they are bad occluders generally anyway as they move.. they add little benefit.
  14. I will be completely honest. My surface research indicates that an incredibly small % of the population uses any type of track IR system. So I can't support the fact that it will bring in a lot of new users over time (maybe a short term burst when added) but we will explore it once the new animation system is ready and hopefully i can find some community enthusiasts to help educate us on its adoption and useage.
  15. I agree and this is kind of why i spend so much time shaking my head at the forum posts.. say what you want.. people purchase the game and play it.. no amount of speculation about what we are / aren't doing right is going to change that outcome. (our daily sales are incredibly stable and we are still exceeding our burn rate daily. In addition we have a very healthy and well budgeted reserve to continue building squad for a good while to come) The assumptions are just that.. not based on a full picture. Even when someone says "I am a developer i know" thats completely cockypop as 99% of developers are not the financial arm of their studio or in any way involved in it (coders and artists running a finance department??) We are a studio owned by its employees with a strong business and marketing background even before video games. One thing I know is we absolutely and without question are in a financial position to finish squad in whatever amount of time it takes us. Regarding coming out of early access: Its really important to us to put a stamp on our core game before we add more extensive content like PR did. Much like rainbow siege when it came out.. the game won't be "finished" at that point but we will use it as an opportunity to enter the greater market with our core game and code in the stable state that we want it to be in. (in addition to all the fundamental mechanics) So feel free to speculate our demise or our failures but it won't affect our outcomes. We know where we are going. (Don't expect me always to take it seriously either if you have absolutely no background in business)