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  1. I joined the second part of pre-alpha testing. I played as a medic, the overall experience was good. Average FPS increase +10, so I was able to get around 40 fps on my notebook (between 50-60 players and my PC setting on low). As a medic was not possible to see the medic kits in my hands but they were working. I had the impression that healing process was faster than before, isn’t it? Nice new sounds, impressive the M2A1 and terrifying the new RPG sound. By the way the expectation from U 4.11 was higher. Over
  2. MFIC in
  3. MFIC in
  4. MFIC is in - 1 squad
  5. MFIC in - 1 Squad
  6. That's good. MFIC (EU) is ready to get in next match!