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  1. FOB Wars , Experiment

    You should check out Defend the Dome on Thunderdome. It is very similar to this and we have had several successful DTD events!
  2. Thunderdome! SuperFOB mode (Defend the Dome!)

    Love DTD for sure! The original!
  3. Windows magnifier Error

    That has corrected it, I do not have avast, I use Sophos end point protection and malware bytes. Thanks! Apparently it is a sophos issue, cuz i run it too!
  4. Windows magnifier Error

    ^^ Agreed, Ive reinstalled everything from scratch no luck, and I delete both the snipping tool, and the magnifier.
  5. Windows magnifier Error

    @knubbe I am getting the same result, try to start, something doesn't work right, kill all processes and restart squad, have to start squad twice to get the game to start, starts this time, gets the error, fails to stay conneced to servers by kicking. Very frustrating.
  6. Hi All, been playing for many many months, 667 hours of squad here. Played last night until about 2am PST. This morning, when starting squad, received an EAC Integrity Warning for Window Magnifier, haven't done any updates or changes to my computer. When I load into squad after pressing ok, it takes me into the server I join, then kicks me after a few seconds stating Server Closed Connection. Inventory is already disabled, but it just started this morning. I don't have windows magnifier enabled, nor the snippet tool. Anyone know what to do? Windows 10 has no problems running game whatsoever. Thanks! -edit- I have restarted, cleared steam download cache, cleared local app data for squad and verified installation.
  7. EAC Integrity Error: Windows Magnifier

    Yes i get the same process happening
  8. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    Good to see you guys with a server, always enjoy playing with the doodsicles and the kreamsicles
  9. We've had a good while with v7 now, how do you like it?

    I dont understand how the crashes never materialized. That doesn't make sense to me. I get the frame issues may not have appeared. But the crashes? That seems odd they never materialized prior.
  10. I probably would wait until they fix the constant crashing issues with vehicles. But for sure this is a game to have. It just is unplayable right now with constant crashes. Mass server exodus and stuff. You get everything setup then 2 mins later 3/4 of the server is booted or fatal errored and everything you did is undone kinda sucks
  11. We've had a good while with v7 now, how do you like it?

    For me the game crashing constantly and at every game restart is not fun. I enjoy the vehicles, but am seriously bummed that they introduced so many fatal errors and crashes. It seems to me like these should have been apparent before vehicle release and at least worked on somewhat.
  12. 21st Deathstalkers Battalion

    Hey all, We are now up to 4 full squads, and looking to recruit for a fifth. We also have a reserve unit for those with little time. We have both EU and NA players and active squads. Looking to continue to fill up the group we are currently at 67 active members. Cheers! 1LT J. Andreoli 21st BTN, HQ Operations Enforcement
  13. [21st BTN] 21st Battalion Deathstalkers Server Server Info: - Active Administrators - 72 Slot Server - English Server Language Our Community and Staff is Friendly and Helpful! All Player Experience Is Welcome! 21st BTN members have priority on the server! 21st BTN is actively recruiting head to www.21stBTN.com for more info! We are always having events, operations and game nights so join us for some fun! Important Links: Ban Appeals Report A Player On Our Server Vote For Our Server Request a Joint Operation Feedback About Our Server Is Welcome Here! Questions, comments or concerns? Please message us on our website, hop on our team speak at or leave us a comment below!
  14. 21st Deathstalkers Battalion Server

    Thanks fataldutch! Glad you're enjoying our group!
  15. 21st Deathstalkers Battalion

    HI everyone! We are proud to welcome the 10th Special Forces to the 21st BTN! We have a huge push right now to fill in the 4 Squads we have. If you're looking for a great fun group with both North American and European people, please hit us up on our teamspeak at or our website at www.21stbtn.com. Feel free to message me on here or post here as well for more info! Cheers! 1LT J. Andreoli 21st BTN, HQ Operations Enforcement
  16. Howdy, this post belongs in this thread. Please post it there. But feel free to check out the 21st Deathstalkers Battalion. We are made up of civs, former military, current military peeps, and have a blast.
  17. New Fire Support VOIP channel

    Not really. I don't recall being number pad comms in squad.... #justsaying
  18. New Fire Support VOIP channel

    Did he ask about PR or squad?
  19. Vehicles and Rules

    Its from Game of Thrones lol!
  20. More branches of service

    I feel ya man. Just thought we wanted to grow the community and keep it going. One thing I will say, is if we have to deal with all the newbies in game since the sale, you all get to deal with them here on the forums too, and they will likely make suggestions and comments that have already been discussed as naseum. But we do want to keep things positive and not just shut them down, or make them feel as if we don't care about there feedback. Thats my only point here. Welcome and friendly. Sugar gets more than salt. Not saying this was salty, but I do think rather cold, and couldve been more friendly, especially since all these new people are around now since the steam sale. But thats just my opinion. Y'all gonna run it how you run it. Cheers.
  21. More branches of service

    Your post was very, not for this game, rather than saying thats a good idea but in reality Squad is a little different. I don't find it hard to believe at all that we could or should have additional types of specialties, but thats just my opinion. Perhaps it doesn't have to be a PR/arma thing but could jazz up what we have now. for sure.
  22. More branches of service

    I do agree that I would like very much to see some more specialized roles added to the game as well, and allowing squads to have recon capabilities etc. @IRONXBAYYou know you don't have to shut down every idea that comes in. You could let people discuss the possibilities etc of what they want. Just because we are a milsim game, doesn't mean there isn't value to specialized squads, especially with the vehicle update coming. Just saying
  23. Still no penalty for getting shot?

    Interesting topic and I agree there should be some sort of penalty for being shot. Though how it would work mechanically I am not entirely sure. It seems that a stumble would be too complex and could have effects on the game (like creating a lag or something), but definitely a penalty for stamina etc. Just like getting revived empties your stamina too. Basically, if you get hit with anything other than a pistol in this game you are likely going to feel it and depending on where it hits you, there may be other effects. It would be great if you get shot in the leg or something that it would cause you to crouch or go prone or something liek that, and the same if you get shot in your arm it would create some sort of disability whit your weapon or something, at least until a medic heals you up. But I am sure it would take time in the development process to make these sort of things reality.