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  1. Positive experience with PR

    I have also played about 20-30 rounds of PR and I feel that any new player bashing that goes on in PR and on this forum is totally unfounded. I'm not talking about the non-mic having, lone wolfing, spoilt brats who don't play well with others types that you'll find on all multiplayer games; I'm talking about new players who want to learn the game, because it offers an experience you cannot find any where else (I've looked), that could potentially become competent players that will improve the experience for everyone. For me this game lives and dies on the squad leader not the squad members. Having a good or bad squad leader entirely defines whether I have a good PR experience or not. I had a squad leader last week who said he wasn't the best because he was fairly new, but he gave clear directions and instructions of where we were going and what we were doing, he kept the squad together, he delegated tasks to the relevant roles, and because of that it was a great round. On the flip side I had squad leader who was clearly a vet, but he gave little or no indication of where were going or what we should be doing, it was like he thought he was leading a squad of bots, and just led us on a series of suicidal charges, including taking us through the firing line of a friendly squad engaging an enemy squad. We died a lot. The squad eventually ended up all over the map and he was blaming people for what were his mistakes; people left the squad, the round was not enjoyable at all, this guy had just wasted an hour of my life, and I haven't played since. If you know how to run a squad properly new players shouldn't be a problem. Saying 'read the manual' should not be used as justification for bashing new players either. I read through the manual a few times before I played, but in my first round I couldn't remember how to get up the breacher's rope so I said “Sorry, how do you climb up the breacher rope?” and someone in my squad said “E”, that was it, and I never had to ask again. Was that so hard? Most people are not Julius Benedict; they can't be expected to read a car manual and suddenly know how to drive a car. The basics you should expect from a new player needs is: Follow the squad leader (stick with the squad), do what the SL tells you to do, only talk if it's pertinent information (calling out contacts, etc) when contact is likely, and don't take a kit unless you've had plenty of practice offline. What else should you expect from new players other than that?
  2. What guns would people like in the game

    Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. Or a Negev NG7 (IDF) with a trusty Glock 17.
  3. Squad Community Arma 3 PvP

    Signing up. I can join in any week night after 19:30 BST.
  4. ArmA 3

    Maybe make a seperate post to announce a Squad/Arma event with the all the details to attract some more attention.
  5. ArmA 3

    If I'm able to I'll join in to make up the numbers.
  6. I have only recently started playing PR and I've found the periods between engagements to be the most fun part.
  7. Dynamic Objective Order (AAS)

    This is such a good idea. I hope it can be implemented. I think that keeping the capped points hidden from the enemy until the AAS route is completed would work best.
  8. I'm having the same experience as the OP in PR. Maybe in addition to the main map have a mini map in the bottom corner that only shows 50m around the player. It would be transparent and only show for 5 seconds when the button is pressed so it's not too obtrusive. It could be similar to the GPS in Arma 3, but it would not be called a GPS to avoid any realism debate. The size and transparency could be also be adjusted to suit the player. It would allow you to quickly check if close contacts are friendly, help see if you are keeping formation, and keep track of your SL if he's a lead from the front type. Probably not needed by vets, but would be useful for new/casual players.
  9. Was only playing the Tactical Battlefield mod for Arma 3, but tried Project Reality for the first time this week in anticipation for Squad and am now addicted.
  10. June 2015

    Loving the weathered/worn look of the weapons and vehicles. Nice work.
  11. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Big thanks for making these, they are great.
  12. Why don't I have the game?

    Do you mean me or the OP? If you mean me then you may have missed the point of the little clip I posted. Or perhaps you didn't like it's meaning or you just don't like me in general. I don't know. I still like you regardless x
  13. Why don't I have the game?

  14. Sprint while crouched!

    I'm for running/jogging while crouched instead of sprinting.
  15. How will Squad compare/differ to ArmA3?

    Arma requires you to invest a lot of time to get the best experience out of it. Remapping your keyboard to make the controls feel more natural, playing with the video settings to get the best performance, familiarising yourself with the controls and weapons, finding a decent server out the thousands available to play tactically on, getting the right mods to play on it, finding people in that server who want to play tactically. All of this takes a lot of time and effort. I'm hoping Squad will allow players to get straight to the playing tactically with others part.