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  1. Score points list?

    0 and 0 with 0 points and a win = a perfect game driving a BTR =/
  2. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    What if you can lock a squad, but if it is ever under say 7/9 (maybe 6/9?) for say 300 seconds, it auto-unlocks with a cool-down on how long until it can be locked again. This would allow groups to form up without randos dogpiling instantly, but would prevent the tiny locked squads. I think having the option for the SL to lock support kits, or even assign them would be awesome too.
  3. Friend just bought me this early access game, and I am immediately enamored. However, already, I am already done with the toolbags who just pop squad to squad and piss and moan about how bad the team sucks and how there is no teamwork. Make a squad, mark it newb training, and stop trying to pad your score and "win the war" and impart some of your sagely advice to the great unwashed masses that are trying this game for the first time. Some of us have jobs, and get laid, and have been near real shit popping off. We don't want to hear your little nerd-rage tantrums. More importantly, they are directly detrimental to the cause you seem to be championing: having a better playing experience. I promise you, the players of non-tactical FPS that are unwilling or unable to make the leap to the next level will cull themselves... you don't need to root them out. There are a ton of new players that have zero clue as to the maps, the weapons, the gameplay, etc... I used to play PR religiously back in the day... ran a server even, but with Squad I am one of the nublets a handful of you keep bitching about. I'm not leaving, I could care less about your particular life frustrations that are causing you to act out by crying when you hop into a game and find that you can't just run marksman with a shit-hot squad covering you... but maybe some of these guys are.... back it down a notch, at the very least if you're not going to help then just kick back or join another server for a bit. (To the rest of you, awesome game, looking forward to being a part of it.) 80