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  1. That actually sounds exciting, 4 bases, 2 allies vs 2 allies, with no communication between allied armies other than officers/squad leaders.
  2. Jets in the future?

    This sounds like vile obscene heresy for a project reality gamer and initial backer who was lured in by insinuation of Squad being a PR next gen. PS. haven't played Squad for months ...or maybe year? Cuz still waiting for promised Jets
  3. Battlefield V

    ...or they got it from BF2: Project Reality mod
  4. Squad Modding Roundup

    I get this everytime I want to ask a question in Discord modding chat. Am i banned there or something?
  5. virtual reality headset

    why they disabled it?
  6. What are you working on?

    thanks, indeed got answers on reddit. Question answered, thank you
  7. What are you working on?

    What version of 3ds max can be used to model for Squad? List versions please. I'm cautious since BF2PR requires only specific 3dsmax9 version. I'm planning to use 3dsmax2012
  8. Opinion on vaulting

    Ye, walls lose their purpose, they may as well not be there at all. Anything higher than a shoulders should be a barrier. Make walls great again
  9. BTR seatings

    I don't think making soldiers sit outside on BTR is right thing. Russian soldiers started sitting on BTR and BMP because, they were facing constant mines and IED threats and if it exploded they hoped to survive by sitting outside. They were also sitting outside because sometimes interior seats were already taken by other soldiers during long transportation from place to place. There are also speculations that Russians did so cuz to all that plus they faced many ambushes(Chechens and afghan mojaheds were waging guerilla/ partisan/ insurgency warfare). During surprise ambushes it was difficult to leave BTR via tiny hole on the side quickly to engage enemy etc. But in Squad, Russia is supposed to be having a constant conventional all out war with enemy that has normal army etc, in that case soldiers would be sitting inside BTR. Or maybe make soldiers sitting outside survive BTR explosion, and make them getting on foot instant, whereas soldiers sitting inside vehicles will get out of it slowly.
  10. ye, m-atv jeep counterpart for the russkies. But not the 2330 model, they are being phased out, currently Tigr-M model with russian engines and engine armoring is on mass production, they are with bigger bulgy hood.
  11. Will we see jets in the future?

    Ye, I only bought Squad for full Combined Arms which includes attack helis and jets. I love to fly SU-25. But since they started saying that even attack heli may not be part of Squad - it is just sad. PR all the way then.
  12. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Lots of maps in PR are based on hypothetical military theatre, like war in Siberia, war in Chinese territory, war on islands etc. They don't stick only on real war conflicts that took place. Besides, those map like gorodok, yehirovka are also fictional maps, they are only assumed to be Ukraine (or Russia?), they don't exist in reality. We can the same way assume Russia or China invaded California or Texas for the freshness sake.
  13. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    I'm sick and tired of unending Eastern-European maps since ArmA 1, can't we get just a bit of fresh air in the form of USA rural maps, like California, Texas, Alaska or something? Making big city like New York is out of question I presume
  14. Aircraft

    We must have JETS that's all PR fans want, they promised it and men must keep their promises.