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  1. RX 5700XT

    Ok no one, I went with a RTX 2070 Super just to be safe!
  2. RX 5700XT

    I have a Intel 7700K overclocked to 5Ghz and need a new graphics card, thinking of getting a 5700XT? Does anyone run this card with Squad? I have read bad things about AMD and this game in the past.
  3. Iron Sights

    I started playing squad in the early days as medic when this class had no sights, after the introduction of optic sights to the medic class I moved to riffle class and just stuck with it. Now you can adjust range with iron sights I can kill from distance and QCB. I can always get my standard riffle class every round and having a bag of ammo is awesome. Faster ADS, no visual hindrances and other slight changes means I have just become comfortable with this setup. As Insurgents only one person per squad could take the AK-74 iron sights option, and everyone has got to agree that its better than the AKM!
  4. Iron Sights

    Nintendo Pro Switch controller, Get it right Wintski!
  5. Iron Sights

    Insurgents used to have a AK-74 iron sight option.
  6. Iron Sights

    At some point is there any plans to give the Canadian armed forces a iron sight option? I only play iron sights so often leave the game or switch sides when Canadian. Also can we bring back the AK74 option for Insurgents?
  7. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    For me in v11 and before recoil had a constant rate of rise but now in v12 it seems to ever increase between rounds the longer you hold full auto, therefore you must steadily increase the speed in which you compensate? I preferred the way it was in v11.
  8. The confusing part of this explanation is I would expect everyone on the server to experience the same server side processing delay, therefore everyone's latency - rtt should rise and fall together? But this is not what happens, some rise and fall others stay steady and low even when server performance becomes bad. This is what makes people think they alone are having problems.
  9. ADS

    Thanks DaiaBu you have explained my problem exactly. I guess most people must toggle there ADS then? It just feels wrong and clunky for the sights not to raise after reload just because I have pressed ADS fractions of a second to early during the animation. I would even go as far to say if I hold ADS not toggled and reload continuing to hold ADS throughout, after reload animation has finished ADS should reengage automatically as after all I am holding that button. This costs me dearly during gameplay, am I the only one that does not toggle ADS? I am sure this problem exists after running also which is frustrating.
  10. ADS

    When going ADS after reloading or maybe some other action, if you engage Aim Down The Sights too early before the action is finished you have to let off ADS and reapply. This for me feels odd, in my opinion this would feel much smoother if when ADS is applied early when reloading, your sights would automatically raise when the reloading action finished if in my case the button is still held. I don't toggle ADS so are unsure if this is a issue when toggled or whether it would conflict?
  11. I would like to see the side to side motion of the AK reduced, the main reason I prefer M4.
  12. 1.Inventory (more choice on weapons and kit) personally I enjoy playing with the M4 iron sights and hate the AK. 2.Vaulting That's it!
  13. I have had a similar issue since v8 was introduced, I am using dsr factors in NVidia to render game at higher resolution then my monitor and unfortunately I also have to keep applying the graphic settings like you between games each time I enter or return to menu. I have also had the problem switch resolution when selecting a FOB for instance. Hope this is fixed in V9 as even a fresh install of windows and game did not resolve this issue that was not present in V7 or earlier.
  14. Muzzle climb

    Muzzle climb is fine but it would be nice if after shooting a burst on full auto your aim would return automatically to its original position, or thereabouts . This is something that you would automatically do without thought and for me improve the firing mechanics.
  15. Single Shot follow up accuracy

    Thanks but a Tactical advantage of some sort should be applied to single shot even over tap firing on full auto or people will just never use it.