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  1. (TLDR) imagine this, youre in a building your flanks and rear blocked by walls, the only way to move is forward. as mine entrance is last cap point you got probably 30-60 player swarming in. you killed 10, thats 30-50 left. lets, try it your way, lets say i move forward, and try to find a better hiding spot, and risked being spotted and killed by 30-50 players still on your forward mind you. or you can be sensible, and assume that its a good hiding spot and you killed 10 guys because they dont know where you are, mind you (humans do have a sense of self preservation and justification, maybe your moral is higher than me and dont, seems like it). i didnt know if i was glitching or not, my assumption was they didnt know where i am, until a guy called foul, and a hacker resides in mine entrance. i know ive been spotted and couldnt be killed. and do my part and say sorry to the wronged party (yes its not fun to be losing a game and killed by an unkilled assailant), and made my way out not give thought on my own death (was gonna let them killed me and not return fire) and while all of this is happening your adrenaline level spiked, and you have to make a quick decision. not only that its not 10-30 minutes i was sitting on that spot, the rush was like 2-4 minutes. then again i assume with your extraordinary skill and prowess in combat, youd think this firefight last for about half an hour, and im just sitting there by my lonesome and having the time of my life. and btw, how does one purposely find a glitch are in a map. youre telling me i know a glitch spot in mine entrance, in fools road probably with a 30kmsquare area and find that spot on purpose? heres a counter reality check. a man who stucks in a spot with one exit that swarmed by enemies, getting rushed, dont know if hes position is compromised should change his postion to his front, and hope the enemies cant see him move by using his crysis 3 invisible cloak, rambo his way out by killing another 30 players, find a new spot and in the end be a true hero. it seems quite possible. except, of course logic. and my dear friend RaTzo, maybe your logic is different from mine, and i truly praise you for calling my lies and deception on the matter, a master and a scholar of logic and combat, i humbly ask your forgiveness. lets me accept your strategy as-is our kid. you seems to know much more about combat than me it appears. i hope i can follow your instruction the next time i find myself in a situation, where theres one exit and that exit is filled with unthinkable danger, even IRL, then only ill succeed and can truly be, a hero. thank you. edit; im not ones who likes to start a fight, but to have your honor questioned as if you are sub human, i cannot sit idly by. you dont have to believe me, i even encourage you to not accept it in face value and question it. but in a manner of questioning, treating me like a child, nay a dog, who knows no thing and value less than mud in the garden, that i cannot pardon.
  2. thanks TG members for the reply, i will do as you advice. sorry if i didnt do it sooner
  3. trust me bruv, when adrenaline hits you aint gon be thinking bout glitch or bug. its either kill or be killed. im not a veteran in squad, just got 100h in it, and mostly just played medic and lmg. but then again i maybe hacking, youre absolutely right, there will always be hackers and cheaters in any game. but if im not, if there is even a little bit of truth to what im saying and i am getting banned for uncalled reason. my hope dies with me. and the saddest part is, i really loved the game( note the past tense). and yes, i am sad, feels vindictive, and wronged. but then again, im not expecting a mourning for my ban. let it be a lesson to me and others who follows the path of righteousness, thats it aint gon be easy, but the very least in the end we can say that we tried our best, and die with harness in our back.
  4. Always taught squad community as above average. Until today. Was playing in Fools Road. Our team is winning. And we advanced to last cap in mine entrance. Build a super FOB there. And got attacked pretty hard. Being a sensible player myself I decided to hide somewhere inside the building where my rear and flank is covered and went to prone. Then all our teammates got killed I was left alone. And enemy rushed in. so I picked them out one by one. I was weirded out at first because I killed like 10 guys close quarter and no one seems to be able to kill me, but then again its because I thought they didn’t know my position and my rear and flanks were covered. Little did I know I was in a bug/glitch spot in mine entrance where people cant kill you.( I was probably inside of the concrete of the building; don’t ask how I don’t know) So a guy called admin and said there is hacker killing them in mine entrance. Of course they didn’t know who, and me being a good guy, said that was me and it was probably a glitch that they couldn’t kill me, and that im sorry. But mind you I have no idea that they couldn’t kill me because of that (for all i know probably they couldnt see me and it was not even a glitch/bug), thought because its my superior hiding skill and defensive mind. And the adrenaline pumping through your body when youre the last guy standing and the enemies rushed in didnt help, if you know what i mean. I then apologize to them said sorry like 5 times and went out of the mine entrance because of the unfair advantage. 2 minutes later I was banned permanently from that server. Im also probably looking at a community ban from all the other server. TLDR so long story short, if you got a glitch and killed many people don’t be a good guy say youre sorry just suicide and get the fuck out of there. Good guys finished last either way. Im not expecting the ban to be lifted, and am preparing myself for a community ban. And if this is what squad community is turning into, ive lost hope. Squad is in F&^$ing alpha stage and to ban people in accidental glitch/bug is just sad. Im very disappointed