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  1. AK74 recoil

    the 5.45mm doesnt even have recoil ... its just so easy and it just makes me angry when i get the same recoil as the ak47 / AKM(or AK 47 type 4 for the geeks) in this game ... and i sometimes wonder... why use the ak74 right now also where is the AK103
  2. AK74 recoil

    whats wrong with you guys ... since when does the ak74 have so much recoil? did u guys ever use the gun? tbh the recoils on all weapons are just insane ... i never had this much recoil on guns and i fired alot of firearms
  3. game is limiting my frames

    like i said i get the same frames regardless of settings ... low or max ...doesnt matter
  4. game is limiting my frames

    the game has been having this issue for 2 years now ... i think its time to do some optimization to the spaghetti code and the its alpha or its beta excuse was so overused that im not falling for it so easy ... even if it is in alpha or beta or whatever ... when 90% of the playerbase has got issues ... u fix that problem ASAP
  5. game is limiting my frames

    doesnt matter what setting i use ... the frames are the same i actually use max setting(no motion blur) and 2.0 on some maps also my cpu doesnt bottleneck my GPU ... its the game that bottlenecks my CPU ...well i wont spend another 200-300€ for a new cpu just to play 1-7 hours of squad a week... at this time there just is no need to ... all the other games have no problems (bf4, bf3, WoT, warthunder, dayZ standalone, etc) also im gonna do a fresh install and see if there is any difference
  6. game is limiting my frames

    i dont run sli... i dont think that gtx1060 has that option
  7. game is limiting my frames

    server bottleneck? ... can u explane
  8. game is limiting my frames

  9. Milita and Insurged don't use enough tech jeep

    thats what happens when people dont know what aiming is
  10. game is limiting my frames

    it is ... its only squad that does this
  11. require graphic optimization asap

    i dont experience drops ... it just get limited to 40-50 ... the frames are stable
  12. require graphic optimization asap

    i got an i5 3330 but it doesnt matter ... the processor shuldnt bottlenech the gtx1060 ... why? ... becouse i tested it the game runs well (70-120fps) for the first min or two but then it drops to 40-50 ish ... doesnt drop bellow or over...no stutter or anything just limits my frames
  13. game is limiting my frames

    whats the point ... low or high ...it doesnt matter the game just limits my frames to 40-50 fps any fixes for this? i5 3330 gtx 1060 windforce 2x 6GB 16 gb ram
  14. Performance related question

    yes really u wont get stable 60 fps with a card that is lower in performance than the gtx 770/970 (depends on the map and server size) u know ... just becouse u hit 60fps every so often doesnt mean the game is running at 60 fps
  15. Performance related question

    i hope they fixed those anoying frame drops ... from 70 to 20 frame drop makes my game crash sometimes ... in order to get 60 fps in this gaem u need a gtx 970 or better