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  1. WTF with the cheating over?

    The server doesn't decide as such, its client based.
  2. What is really going on with Squad?

    Do you not know of dayz???
  3. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Its the stupid cock block rush that fukcs this game and the devs are oblivious to it... they just add more shit without understanding the effect it has. This game before vehicles and fobs was god damn amazing, everything mattered... now its just a 50/50 dice roll on the cock block tactic and if it fails for your team then you're fukced hence the steamroll. But OWI will just add more shit without understanding or caring how it effects gameplay... why!? cause the kids demand clutter in the form of content.... graphics and content seems to be the only concern, gameplay and mechanics be damned.
  4. The staging timer and non-sequence cap blocking has done little to stop the cock block rush gameplay (which there is no other tactic to use now, you must cock block or lose and imo thats a shit way to have to play a game like this) We need to make vehicles to be held in at staging for at least 2 minutes longer than infantry, I imagine the only players that will object are the ones that never played before vehicles because Squad was a lot more team focused and true to real life movement and tactics before the vehicle cock block gameplay. As it is now its a 50/50... if you just hit a tree at mission start or get 2 vehicles tangled up (no shit it shouldn't happen but you think every one of the 78 players is playing correctly) and are delayed 20 seconds that can easily mean the game... how the fuk is that realistic or tacticool!? Please OWI look at fixing what has become risky, unrealistic gameplay to rush to block caps that has ruined accurate, realistic and tactical gameplay like pre vehicles.... at least try holding vehicles in staging for at least 120 seconds longer
  5. Band of brothers is merikan trash. Try 'Generation War' 3 part mini series... its the best war series/film I've seen. Also 'Letters from Iwo Jima' its a bit slow but a f'king brilliant movie
  6. Teamspeak 5

    Do you know how long it took the TS team to release TS3? it was a disaster and took 5 years or so from when they stated click baiting ppl. I expect TS5 will be out around 2023. Discord is puss, its designed for kids with no redeeming features.
  7. 'The Expanse' is one of the best series I've seen I think ever, highly highly recommend it to any sci-fi guys and even those that aren't. Its not some star trek or star wars sci-fi, its set purely in this solar system and its grounded very much in real world physics (no warp 9 jangles).
  8. The Expanse (syfy series)

    Season 4 has officially been picked up by Amazon
  9. More Map commands for SLs

    How about fixing the worst f'king radial menu for map markers.... its the most cumbersome pos map marking feature I've seen in any game.... tell me these devs are from PR again............... bs
  10. The Expanse (syfy series)

    I never heard any of that, it's all funded by netflix.... no crowd funding at all.... you need to stop listening to your friend.
  11. The Expanse (syfy series)

    It hasn't been dumped, there was talk a year ago season 3 may not happen but the 3rd season is up and half way through... talk of the forth..... check facts mate
  12. Cock Block Rush

    This cock block rush is still the only tactic to play (v11.1) FFS please delay vehicles by 5 minutes behind infantry, yes the cod kids will not like it but f'k me this game is becoming boring as f'k and I'm sick of 1-2 people (Sl's) ruining the game because they think they can rush the enemies first cap and block and usually fail and ruin everyone elses game. This game has lost so much of it skill based gameplay and tactics since vehicles where released... increase the vehicle staging time to 5 minutes after the infantry staging time has finished.... f'k me its alpha, try to address this while it still is and before another company releases a game that does do it right and you lose most of your player base. Randomised caps does zero to stop this one and only style (its not a tactic) of cock block rush, absolutely nothing. Obviously you weren't here pre vehicles so you have no idea how or what the 'best battles are'.
  13. ArmA 2 did and they were quite cool, but really ALL european armies are pretty much a joke these days bar maybe their special forces (all western armies are a joke including merika)
  14. 3 Man TOW

    ONLY when you have to load it into the transport, unload it where you want and drag it to the exact location... none of this just pop it out yer ass anywhere crap... how basic do you guys want this game? do you really want to turn it into a 3d artillery game where every cuck pops up a tow and a handful of proper players cap while 68 players per side sit on hills spamming missiles..... no thank you.
  15. Fix Bullet Physics

    Its the bullshit need to not have 1 shot kills with bullshit excuses like body armour and over penetration. Yes body armour works but what man on this planet takes a round to anywhere and returns fire with any degree of accuracy. Second, since even if you could have a proper wounding system and knockback you wouldn't add it as it would take away from the game and the 'accessibility' (aka profits) and since thats the case ANY large calibre round should just be considered a kill, this bullshit IWO has about not having one shot kills is beyond stupid... and before some 'expert' tells me about how body armour does xyz tell me how insurgence can take multiple rounds..... yeah. Just do it like ArmA/RO2 and snowflakes be damned.
  16. Body armour is BS... over penertration is BS... We are decades from having proper wounding systems and even if we had them they would not be implemented because it would ruin gameplay.... so ANY larger calibre round that hits its target should be considered a kill... there is no cuck on the planet that takes a 7.62 through the arm, leg shoulder etc and can continue fighting as if nothing happened.... please stop with this complex BS in games where you add these real world features to extend players lives while completely ignoring the damage they had suffered and how incapacitated they are now form being wounded. One shot from a larger calibre in any game that considers itself in anyway realistic should count as a kill, unless the snowflakes want to have the two closest players to them to be teleported along with the 'wounded' soldier back to main to replicate an evc... no didnt think so.
  17. Same... I see what the other squads are not doing which is nearly always NOT defending a cap so I'll go defensive... after I've dropped a few fall back fob/habs while back-capping.
  18. Serious Issue

    rap music needs to die, utter garbage.
  19. France.... yeah right. France has plenty of great condition rifles from WW2... never fired and only dropped once. @OP You are spot on, Chinese forces are hugely unrepresented in games which is extremely odd considering they are the 3rd greatest fighting force on the planet... little weak nations (vassals) like france, germany, canada, australia etc best NOT come before China not just because China is far more important and powerful globally than any of the mentioned above 'nations' but because more nato forces using the same old boring nato pop guns is not at all interesting.
  20. Steep 'cliff' faces don't need to have rock jutting out, those things I can live with... but a huge mesh of roads or terrain layout designed for a certain cap point 'layer' is not the way to design maps. Maps need to be true to real world layouts and be realistic... OWI are building maps to cater for a desired gameplay/layer focus. IMO maps need to be built as you would expect to see in the real world... realistic logical terrain, logical road layouts and logically placed towns/cities... once that looks and feels real THEN you place caps (layers) accordingly. Building a map to suit a desired gameplay or a desired 'layer' is completely backward and something for the 90's when shit was limited.
  21. Yeah because we all want to play modern warfare where everyone stands kilometers away and fires long range guided weapons. If it keeps going the way it is with all the new weapons system to be added then this game will become a big stand off ranged gameplay mode... not what the people brought this game for.
  22. Rounds are too long.

    PR for ArmA 2 was amazing... so many great feature that still have not made it into Squad which I find really odd.... seems the rush to please kids with more content regardless if it ruins the gameplay or not is top priority. Crossing my fingers for the new territory mode... hope it comes soon.
  23. Look for threads on this but couldn't find any... Is it just me or is the map marking UI/menu cumbersome and very poorly laid out? Just to place a simple 'gun' or 'vehicle' icon means going 3 steps into the marker menu/UI which is bad enough but the amount of times the mouse moves off the tiny squares and the UI disappears and you have to start again is making marking the map a real f'king real pain in the ass. Please IWO, spend some time redesigning this function, as it is its horribly dysfunctional and cumbersome when it needs to be quick, easy and intuitive. cheers.
  24. What moves Squad into Beta?

    If not implemented properly tanks and choppers could easily turn this into arma3's koth garbage in terms of play style... iwo need to be very careful how they add such assets to each map.
  25. Cock Block Rush

    Maybe OWI can create some layers like this... will immediately stop the stupid cock block gameplay that is exactly the same every map, every round that every team is forced to play... At least IWO could test some layers like this...