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  1. Squad and Reshade Help!

    Everyone and I mean everyone will take advantages.... whether you're a hardware cheat, 3rd party app cheat, have a mega macro kb or mouse, have 3 screens or simply paint a crosshair on your screen......... delude yourselves if you like but dont bullshit me, we ALL look for an advantage.
  2. The little broken things

    I honesty have trouble believing iwo have any connection to the PR team what so ever.... these devs seem to have no idea of good game mechanics and just seem to throw shit into the game for the sake of it... ffs ArmA 2 PR was only beta 0.5 and was leagues ahead of this garbage.... sorry but hoping its going to be the game we thought and where marketed is not going to happen based on the lack of knowledge and experience this dev team obviously has... or doesn't have. They just dont seem to get it what so ever.
  3. Cock Block Rush

    Thats the issue imo, is neutral caps.... teams need to own all caps all the way to the centre.... rush eliminated and its how nearly all AAS game modes in nearly all game have done it..... why, because it f'king works and owi need to drop the pride and do what other devs did because it works.
  4. The little broken things

    Single shot kills are great... since games are a decade off a decent wounding system and taking players off the game to attend to wounded player then a bullet to the ANYWHERE should be considered a kill... unless the 2 closest players to wounded player want to be teleported back to base with the wounded guy to simulate this.... wtf do you people want? a half realistic cod? you guys dont know wtf you want........
  5. ArmA 2 PR

    You have so little idea.... ran like a dream on my Q9650, 4Gb ram, gtx270... you act like you have a level understanding of both side when all you have of A2PR is some apparently laggy video and you make a full assessment on that.... stay off my thread, ignorance is cancer.
  6. ArmA 2 PR

    Yes.... loved coolboxes AAS, it brought back PvP to ArmA2, I use to admin for OGN's PvP server. PVPscene was kju's effort to give it life which also helped a lot. I remember your name
  7. The little broken things

    This... getting really tired of playing medic when bandages fail 30-40% of the time and to heal means crawling onto my team mates back and putting my characters hand up my team mates ass to get it to function and on top of that revived players popping 2m into the air, sometimes into roof cavities they cant get out of or just dying on impact of their 2m fall.
  8. Cock Block Rush

    Its only considered a 'legit' tactic because thats what everyone has gotten use to doing since vehicles and there is zero option to do otherwise unless you want to start at a massive disadvantage and most likely fail/lose. Also agree with removing the bleed mechanic, with it you are destined to fail once you are pushed back as the bleed rarely allows for those great comebacks.
  9. Cock Block Rush

    That the problem.... its just the same rush every map and you are forced to play this way or lose and as you said it gets really boring, for me its that its very much less about skills and tactics and becomes a dice roll of who secures the centre cap first and if you happen to be delayed 20 seconds for whatever reason you'll likely lose. I really do like the look of the new game mode, very promising.
  10. The staging timer and non-sequence cap blocking has done little to stop the cock block rush gameplay (which there is no other tactic to use now, you must cock block or lose and imo thats a shit way to have to play a game like this) We need to make vehicles to be held in at staging for at least 2 minutes longer than infantry, I imagine the only players that will object are the ones that never played before vehicles because Squad was a lot more team focused and true to real life movement and tactics before the vehicle cock block gameplay. As it is now its a 50/50... if you just hit a tree at mission start or get 2 vehicles tangled up (no shit it shouldn't happen but you think every one of the 78 players is playing correctly) and are delayed 20 seconds that can easily mean the game... how the fuk is that realistic or tacticool!? Please OWI look at fixing what has become risky, unrealistic gameplay to rush to block caps that has ruined accurate, realistic and tactical gameplay like pre vehicles.... at least try holding vehicles in staging for at least 120 seconds longer
  11. ArmA 2 PR

    Did any of the Squad devs work on ArmA 2's Project Reality? You really need to look at how that team did what they did.... no offence but its miles and miles ahead of what is pretty basic in comparison, Squad is a good game but its seriously lacking features... the loading and unloading of supplies from trucks for one example in Squad compared to A2PR is embarrassing.... Please review what the PR team did in A2PR and use it.
  12. Yes but if I fire 2 rounds on a 3 burst setting the next time I pull the trigger it will fire only the one remaining round... "The three round burst mechanism of the M4/M16A2 is a pretty crude design. It'll engage a disconnector every three rounds, but it doesn't reset the counter when you release the trigger. So if you give the trigger a short quick squeeze that only sends out two shots. the next time you pull the trigger it will only fire one shot before disconnecting" Thats a fatal flaw and why its no longer used in weapons made after the M4 age. Quote: I'll probably step on someone's toes on this one, but here is my opinion on three round burst (especially on the M4/M16A2). Three round burst doesn't really have any major advantage over regular full auto. Automatic fire, especially from a light gun, is most effective when done in short bursts. Doing effective short bursts is not that difficult, but it does require a bit of training and some discipline. The three round burst of the M4 and M16A2/A4 was added as a mechanical substitute for the necessary training required to handle full auto efficiently. Experience also showed that soldiers would waste all of their ammo firing long bursts blindly (again, I'd blame poor training/discipline (no offense)) Quite bluntly, it was cheaper to add a mechanical burst limiter to the gun, than it would be to give the soldiers more trigger time on the range to get familiar with using full auto properly. The three round burst mechanism of the M4/M16A2 is a pretty crude design. It'll engage a disconnector every three rounds, but it doesn't reset the counter when you release the trigger. So if you give the trigger a short quick squeeze that only sends out two shots. the next time you pull the trigger it will only fire one shot before disconnecting. Or if you fire a single shot while in burst mode, the next time you pull the trigger it'll fire two shots. And the burst cam also counts when you are in semi auto, so the first time you switch to the burst mode it is more or less random if the gun will fire one, two, or three shots in it's first burst. And to make matters even better, the trigger weight varies depending on the position of the burst cam. so every third trigger pull is lighter than the other two, even in semi auto. That being said, there are a few guns that has burst (two or three shots) as well as full auto. (a 4 position selector could just as easily have been incorporated in the M4/M16A2 design) A fixed burst does have a slight advantage in that you don't need to concentrate quite as much on your triggerpull in order to get a short burst, but I'd maintain that if you familiar enough with your rifle you can easily make consistent three round bursts with a full auto trigger.
  13. I don't know where the thinking a 3rnd burst is somehow controlled comes from because in reality it completely takes control away from the operator... I like full auto so I, the operator have control of my own bursts which is a quick mouse tap which is usually 2rnd burst which is accurate compared to the forced 3rnd burst which by the 3rnd is up in the air... but I also have the panic mode (full auto for the times you walk into a room with 3-4 enemies) There is a reason weapons today have 2 fire modes, one being single fire and the second full auto.... most weapons today do not come with a 3rnd burst because it is ineffective. Game wise... the point is to not take away from medics as very few want to play as the medic... now even less so.
  14. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Thats funny because its far closer to RO2 now which but many standards has some of the best gunplay and weapons control in gaming and I keep praising it in game and everyone agrees. I think you are just use to how it was, maybe time to retrain yourself for what is by all accounts is far better gunplay.
  15. Do not equate full auto to trigger happy, that might be you guys but its not me... its about self control which again you guys indicate you dont have. I use single fire mostly but in cqc maps full auto is far better and allows for far better self controlled burst fire, far better than the fix 3rnd burst.