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  1. Broad daylight maps, 12 o. One objective in the middle of the desert or meadow. One fraction base to the west, the other to the east. No trees, no distraction by objects like houses or boulders. Everyone restricted to five bullets and a knife and one spawn.
  2. Lots of Waiting Around for Nuthin'

    I don't understand why you bother to open a new thread for this issue. You capslock for highlights that mean nothing to outside world, you count cores of something (prolly your CPU?! Who knows) and you can drop a number from a generic marketing team of a GPU manufacturer. "Please get something straightened out with that." Were you kneeling down in front of your bed with folded hands when you came up with that request? Sounds like it. I mean you had the chance to write it down in less dramatic way, or read up some other threads on performance and get a better idea of what's going on and silently sparing others from your garbage post. That's all. Take care
  3. If you are standing at the most western end of a map and foliage and would be rendered seamlessly to the eastern most side, yes a sniper role would make sense - in a sense of unlocking one slot like the HAT. Hell, if you can enforce that foliage rendering distance on every client, yeah... give them guys ghillie suits and a .50 cal rifle and one mag, so they don't just go around spraying shots on poor infantry. Oh but also add wind and air moisture and thermal and simulate the spinning of the earth (or maybe the world is indeed flat, who knows?). No seriously, I don't believe that "Kohat and the TOWs" (sounds like a band, not sure) as HVTs is the prime example for finding justification in why it somehow really is not that useless to have a sniper role, which will just be used in vanity's purpose. The way the game is at the moment, with foliage being non-existent further away than what? 200 meters? Snipers laying patiently for half way through the round to fire that one shot at a TOW gunner or a peaking crewman/crewoman and going down in history, will just not work. You will just be a grain spot on an almost plain surface. When you get below the range of where foliage might help you, you might also just use the ACOG and have that little bit of an advantage. On the other hand, maybe something like a hunting rifle for Militia or M24 for the US Army might be quite alright for few maps like Al Basrah or Narva. I mean, don't get me wrong. Shooting on distance and actually hitting some sort of a target is pretty nice and all. I just don't see it working in the current state of the game, not just by mechanics. Maybe at the end of the day people just like the idea of being a high value tool for virtual warfare and find recognition with it. And many movies might have indoctrinated that being the sniper dude will grant you access to that status of fame and virtue. So maybe, just maybe we have to rethink our approach and everyone requesting the sniper role should just remember the riddle and go for medic, because I value any medic as a high priority role when they pick me up or heal me.
  4. I guess one of the main issues with this "how to Squad" is, that it is hard to preset the attitude towards the desired game style on the Squad servers. If you then mix it with the the attitude of some experienced Squad player who might be like: "Nah, won't play with noob lolwtf gg"- it will just amplify the less fun for everyone. On free weekends or after those, just open squads with names like "4 New Players" or whatnot and guide them a bit. What's the big deal. If 10 people do that, you basically already have the chance of making the gamestyle understandable for 80 new guys. I am sure an experienced player can get over it not playing one or two rounds with his mates.
  5. I enjoy Squad. I played it for 300 hours or so w/o being in any community/clan. I got a bit fed up with it and played a few weeks other games. Then after a while it just comes back again, where you want to see if you can play tactical and succeed or if not. Then its fun again with all its (mostly) coordinated maneuvers. I am not bothered by missing content of the game. I mean there are certain milestones that are more than refreshing (maps, vehicles, classes), but I didn’t mind playing it w/o vehicles. It’s ofc nice to receive new content and not have to pay for yet another DLC. If new people come in floods, it may disrupt the “usual” flow of gameplay in Squad, but all in all it’s not only the few of the new ones that have issues grasping the nature of this particular game. I feel its also when regulars just are pre-bothered by it and don’t even consider some support to those that are interested in getting to know the mechanics and ropes. Last sale weekend I pretty much only had new guys in my squad and noticed, that I was in that moment the holder of their decission if they even would consider spending money for the game. I let them in to all thr basic things (meaning of Rallies, FOBs, active objectives and value of certain actions) and many times I noticed this “woah, ok now I get it” effect from people. But of course uf you already ditch your head in the sand, one will end up with poor quality rounds (not talking about losing or winning the round) and new people that just get a falsly corrupted image of the game and player base. Things like this just require at least a decent amount of veterans pointing new players the way on Squad servers. For sure you have a hand full of unteachables... but that that can be sorted with warnings and kicks. Like I said, not only with Squad, if you find it valueable to take the time to complaint about why you are not playing it since so and so long and how you are not going to touch it until unicorns and elves are implemented, fine. Then just leave it be and write it in poem style next time
  6. How to be *GOOD* at squad

    Since I deactivated my headset, I suppose yelling this at the screen is completely fine and should be recognized by "them"? Maybe I am wrong. Can I build up my carma by shooting my squadoons into the limbs during a firefight and heal them afterwards? I mean, it kind of lets them know I care about them, or am I wrong?
  7. Vehicle hit indicator

    Intercom in unisex voice telling you about the condition of your vehicle and what sort of damage it took. "Driver, tire hit a 10 inch stone, the vehicle flew into the air and landed on its roof. Vehicle burning. Please relocate to the rescue pod immediately."
  8. I don't think one can speak of OP US fraction. Though I do admit, that it is by far easier to shot moving targets on medium distance with the reddot than with any iron sight. But once the ability exists in-game, that you can change your zeroing on the iron sight - I will be a bit happier again. I am not sure if this is going to happen or not, but if there will be damage noticeable in a vehicle, that would nice as well. I mean, if you manage to hit a CROWS (or any other vehicle) with (ie.) the SPG, the vehicle should definitely take some disadvantage from that. Like, shred one or two tires, make driving it more difficult. Take away torque from the engine. Make the engine fail for a moment or so. Did it take a hit close to the turret, bam... disable it or at least distort the picture of the optics. If that will be a thing at some point, it will be very balanced. Because at the moment, once you fire anything from a pickup technical towards a CROWS and you do not have a quick hiding spot, you are done. While at the same point the CROWS vehicles mostly drive happily ever after into the sunset or main base for repairs. I do not want to make it sound like a huge problem, but when I sit in a Stryker and a HEAT from an RPG hits me, I will just take a sip of my tea. If I take a second hit, I take another sip of my tea and and maybe get the AT. Driving a Stryker with that moral and attitude is boring. But if I would know that the first rocket could put me into a check situation, I will certainly move it around a bit different.
  9. Types of Annoying Players

    I agree with it partially. It depends momentum. If - let's say - Gorodok is the current map, in many situations I will prefer a skilled marksman over any medic. Keep him behind and let him maneuver the flanks if needed. In town or cities, nah... no real use for the marksman.
  10. 9.4 Thoughts?

    Somehow it seems that setting anything above Medium graphics preset will diminish FPS by large amounts. With my 970 / 4690k on Al Basrah, full server, mid-round, in the city, I get: 60 fps on Low and Medium preset. 40 on anything higher than Medium. When I set the Medium preset, and change manually Shadow, VDistance, Foliage to Epic and Effects to Cinematic, I stay at 60ish. Also after restarting the game with these settings, same routine InGame, still stays at 60ish. Is it just me, or does changing the AA manually not effect at all? Like, I set preset Low. Then change to any AA setting, it stays as if it were off. Otherwise it seems quite good balanced. Daytime here in Europe was of course one big mortar fest , my brain was melting.
  11. 9.4 Thoughts?

    "And then there were mortars."
  12. Types of Annoying Players

    Players that share more information than anyone wants or needs to hear Players that spawn when no one told them to do so SL that always yell: "PUSH IN TO THE CAPZONE! NOW!" MEDIC COME. I AM ON THE ROOFTOP!!!11 WHY YOU NO COME?!!!11 SL that open a non clan tagged squad and then kick players half way through the round for their friends (I admit, I did it once myself and I regret it deeply) Anyone who charges a vehicle beyond friendly lines Any usage of glitch SL that always demonize the Marksman role Any player that starts whining about a missing medic (man seriously, if you notice it and have to spoil it out, everyone would have been better off if you silently would have just taken it and said: I took medic, ACOG is free or whatever you had) Anyone who participates in rushing first flags
  13. *Yeah, I can see that happening. @anders Thanks for the answer. I didn't want to stir any sensible points. I understand that implementing a feature as you mentioned it, is not a plug-out-plug-in task. I simply thought of it more as a alpha worthy solution with some preset sound getting triggered based on defined locations, rather than rendering the entire surrounding and obstacles into the process. Nevertheless, appreciate the work. Keep it up.
  14. The sounds are developing nicely. One question towards @anders: Are there any plans regarding the sound changing in certain parts of the map? I mean, a bit more suppressed sounds when you're in the forest versus dry and reflective sounds in urban areas with building blocks? I do like the distant echos that are there already, though seeing it being tweaked further to suit a few different environments a bit more. That would add some additional atmospheric icing on the cake.