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  1. Total War | Chicago

    Total War | Chicago Provided by FFO https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/squad/3362671 Teamspeak: ts3.ffosquad.net:9991 Website: https://ffosquad.net/ Discord: https://discord.io/FFOSquad Live stats; Deaths and Incaps that update every 10 seconds: http://ffosquad.net/stats Server Rules: -No bigoted language Although we are usually concerned with the intent behind language rather than the use of any particular words, we make an exception for language which is primarily associated with hate speech towards a particular demographic. Regardless of intent, the cultural associations with these words makes their usage unconducive to a friendly environment. Depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be kicked, and or banned immediately. -Do not consciously hinder your team Examples of this include, but are not limited to, intentional teamkilling, building irrelevant superFOBs, sitting in main, etc. This is not about player skill; all skill levels are welcome as long as a player is making an honest effort to contribute to their team. This rule is an effort to facilitate teamplay. -Squad Leaders are required to have a microphone We support and encourage new Squad Leaders to step up and try the reigns. However, we do expect you to utilize your voice comms to better facilitate communication and teamwork on the team. -No Intentional Glitching, Cheating, or Hacking Intentional glitching will result in a kick, Cheating and Hacking will result in a ban, and will be promptly reported to the Squad Devs, with all available evidence. -Pretending to be FFO Member, Admin, or Mod This will result in an immediate ban, no warnings will be given. -Ban evasions of any kind will result in a permanent ban If you attempt to evade a ban regardless of the initial offence, you will receive a permanent ban. This includes disconnecting after breaking rules. -If the server is full you may be removed for being AFK This is in no way meant to be a punishment, this is just to make room for people who want to play.
  2. Total War | Chicago

    DDOS Attacks are dealt with. Server health is better now.
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Running: While it may be a little fast it is better than the peanut butter movement of v12.1 Shooting: Seems to be in a good place. Z-axis punch is kinda cool and the sway isn't rage inducing Spawning: The change does not seem to be really needed, but willing to try it out and test. FTL: This change is totally understandable. Since it is really the only reason I give out those roles. I would like to see full-color changes. I think it will help to see who is on what fire team. As it stands in v12 it is kinda hard for the SL or squad mates to stick with their fire team lead since the colors are still the same in the HUD. On larger maps, it would be nice to have a resupply point that is not in the corner of the map. Yeho, for example, is a massive map and having a resupply point closer to the center of the map would be nice QoL addition. Squad is starting to get fun again. With these updates hopefully, we can get back to fighting the enemy team and not the base game. Squad is about the bridge between the two worlds of Battlefield and ARMA. Also to all the people complaining about the small changes. I will just tell you what you told me when v10 came out.... Just adapt guys
  4. Late Game Joinner

    Ticket values on the "?" button in the game would be ****ing awesome. Even having the spawn timer value on the spawn screen would be nice for pubbies.
  5. Biased Licensing - Offworld Industries B.S.

    Um, Total War doesn't use an OWI affiliate. There are about 4 servers that I can think of that don't use an affiliate either. What were the specs on the hardware you were trying to get a license for? If you are trying to get a license on a Xeon processor it will be denied. Only processors that are greenlit are 6700K 7700K 8700K
  6. Total War | Chicago

    @Ceceli He mostly plays on his own server now. It is hilarious that most of the comments on here are about Doc Hammer.
  7. Fight on the ****ing Objective

    Fight on the ****ing Objective Discord: http://www.discord.me/ffo Website: http://www.ffosquad.net Teamspeak: ts3.ffosquad.net Server: Total War | Chicago Server Links: https://playsquad.xyz/servers/
  8. Fight on the ****ing Objective

    We changed the name of the server. We run the Total War | Chicago server that is popped.
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO Squad 2 Kohat AAS 1
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO Squad 1 Kohat AAS 1
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO in OP First Light
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

  14. Community Clan Fight Night

  15. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    SWF wanted me to proxy. They are in as well
  16. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    FFO in NA
  17. Community Clan Fight Night

    FFO in NA
  18. "Throw Everyone on the Flag" Strategy

    Building objects for the most part only hinder the defenders. Remember if they cant get in you cant get out. Easy nade kills. Better to throw the thing in a bush and run away.
  19. "Throw Everyone on the Flag" Strategy

    Nope it is not to close.
  20. "Throw Everyone on the Flag" Strategy

    Center flag is the most important flag to take. If a team takes the majority of the flags the tickets start to bleed for the enemy team. Obviously you have to cap the first objectives as fast as you can. The start of the game sets the tone for how the game will be won or lost and if you can get a foot hold into the mid cap then and only then should you have squads flank around. FOB placement is the most important aspect of the early game. You have to place the FOB in such a way that you soldiers have at least half sprint when arriving at the objective. This allows them to sprint away from contact and get into cover faster. Making capping the flag easier. Those are my 2 cents