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  1. Alpha V5 Initial Feedback

    just registered so bear with me :P all in all i really like v5. the UI tweaks mostly are fine with me, except the new player icons. i only played about 5hrs with them but previously i never had the issue that i had to zoom in to find out where the hell i am facing (i only have 60hrs total so i kinda have to use the map to not get lost/see where i have to face). as for the medic icons i actually like to "abuse" them to see if some squad(s) are getting rekt or not. it somewhat compensates for local and remote SL's that simply wont or cant talk (mostly playing on EU servers so language can be an issue). imho they dont influence your actual intra sqaud play as the compass markers still are there. besides that it appears that my occasional all-sound-gone issue is gone now :) havent notice any new major issues yet (the sound bug was by far the worst for me). keep up the good work! up to now this pretty much is the first early access game i didnt regret to buy.