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  1. Hello

    Hello all, My name is Rick, 42yrs old, Electrician. Was in the Canadian Forces 7yrs (infantry). 1st shooter was MoH AA and Return to castle Wolfenstein, I used to play CoD many moons ago but it's too much of a spray and pray type of game. I'm a big fan of the Battlefield serieses but wishes it was a little more tactical, Ive tryed Arma2 that game is very cool but to many keys to worry about...it's a bit much. Looking for a game that's between Arma and Battlefield ie fun, team work and tactical.
  2. March 2016 Recap

    Very nice work guys! Im looking at the pic of the US soldiers progress "AWESOME" !! This is probably not the right place to ask this, when the game is done will we be able to pick : gender, skin colour, age(old guy like me)? Thank you.
  3. Hello

    Thanks all!