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  1. It got me hard as well, Wonder when it will be released? Its been a month since version 8 came, i'd be pretty stoked if we get all this cool stuff in the next few days.
  2. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Looks Amazing! Simply can't wait for this to come out, i hope i get into the closed beta.
  3. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Sorry if repost but this looks AWESOME!
  4. For me, Suppressive fire doesnt work well because squad doesnt run well. The game looks bland, run all day, hardly ever seen Suppressive fire plus the ****ing forum doesnt work either and the stupid spelling correction doesnt make sense even though i copied and pasta the " Suppressive " squad forums doesnt know how to spell !!!
  5. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    I had the feeling as such. Thanks!
  6. Time of Day.

    Remember the monthly recap where they showed dynamic weather? Or rather time of day changes i remember the gif of the sun rising and setting. Was when they first mentioned foliage movement. Time of day changes or randomisation, is that still coming ?
  7. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    I know exactly what you mean. Cool thing about Squad being early access means people like me who never got the chance or simply never knew about project reality, we will be in for some surprises in the future. I have played a few decent fpshooters where there is some destruction. Not as complicated as battlefield, more like pre defined chunks that can break away from wall. So not really physics, i am not sure what you would call it. Some of the UE3 games have it, if you know what i am talking about. Eg A concrete traffic barrier that when shot enough some bits come off the top but it stops there. Or a concrete pylon where some bits come off the edges and make it look battle worn. It worked pretty well imo but like you said you kinda are left there going...... Why? cant i just keep chipping bits off. So the Problem lies with the size of the maps and relaying the code or however it works to everyone else on the server. Like you said before there would be some clever way to make it work without crippling the performance. I think it can be done, i know it can. I just don't know how to explain it with my limited vocabulary.
  8. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    Yeah there would be plenty of different clever ways of doing it. Its not like there needs to be a heap and heap of stuff. If it was me i would start with basics like walls and buildngs with maybe a couple variations to how it gets demolished.
  9. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    Yeah good point, good point. Its 2016 but PC's are super powerful and i would die for there to be physics like you mention. God that would just be truly unimaginably awesome. I know not everyone has top line hadrware yada yada, im probably looking too far into the future too soon. Anyways...... Can't wait for this next update.
  10. Detail Pass (Graphics)

  11. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    Just one more for fun. Count the rivets on the 1st pic. See how god damn bland that 2nd pic looks in comparison? No offence PLEASE anyone. Cos everyone these days likes memes maybe i should try this, Which one would you choose is obvious, of course you want the gourmet shit And please, have a sense of humour with this one. Are we chicken nuggets men? Or proper gourmet creating individuals?
  12. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    yeaeh i know aye, my bad. BTR didn't seem to like the way i waltzed in the door here. With the comparison pics i used, its just to express how i feel on how its coming along. Squad does look very close to those pics, close, but no cigar. BTR. I am not trying to be negative in any way sorry u took it wrong dude.
  13. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    No.................. So, the maps are 95% authentic in your opinion. Good, so lets just say they dont need any more work? and try say i am a perfectionist so to speak without trying to offend you for asking a question and starting some convo. I think Squad maps will end up looking really good, at the moment they do feel lacking of finer details.
  14. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    Sneak peak of Squad final release and map "korengal valley" :P
  15. Detail Pass (Graphics)

    That would be sick ! I wish i could go through the maps of squad in real time with paintshop style tools and add lots of cool little details to things and make the objects more randomised looking. It is getting better though i must say: I hope it ends up looking more like this: