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  1. Rally Point Changes Needed

    As per usual, the manual is outdated. Vehicles no longer support rallies, meaning the only way to have a permanent rally is have it be close to a FOB. You are missing the point. The goal here is absolutely to make rallies a secondary way of respawning. Yes, a 60 second rally is a pretty crappy respawn point. It should be. Rallies should be a tool to help a squad stay together in extreme cases, not the go-to respawn mechanic. If a squad wipes, they should use a HAB or spawn in main. If 2 guys go dead-dead in a firefight, they use the rally so that the poor two guys don't have to walk trough half the map to get to their mates who are still alive. But one they spawn in, the rally should be of no use any more. With the changes to bleed out, rallies are not even strictly necessary to be honest. I hardly ever get into a situation where I die because friendlies don't revive me in time as opposed to not having anyone around to revive to begin with because they were too busy dying themselves. A 60 seconds timer is already very generous. It would be even nicer if rallies only allowed people to spawn who were downed or dead when the rally got placed in the first place. That way the act of rallying people in would be fully deliberate, not just an other spawnpoint that the SL can plop down whenever he so pleases.
  2. I do actually, these are great ideas. The reason why I insisted on that, is because without addressing the how of getting a vehicle, there is zero discussion to be had. If someone wants to play a given role, "it will randomly happen eventually" is not a strategy that they will realistically employ. I was making the point that it's impossible to answer that question in a first come first serve context, without admitting that the only thing you can do is wait in main for the vehicle, and which you seemed to have been claiming wouldn't happen. But in the end it turns out you don't want to first come first serve system either. You do actually want vehicle claiming, just with different granularity. In the grand scheme of things, we want the same thing. One must be able to claim a vehicle. Squad naming is one way of doing this. A quite fragile way of doing it, which I would love to replace. Like you just fleshed out, there are way better alternatives. I don't intend to argue whether per-vehicle or per-vehicle-type claiming is better. They both have different trade-offs. I'm accustomed to committing to a single role for a whole round, which might not be a thing for everyone.
  3. You are talking past me. I've already addressed that my position is not to have admins enforcing claims, but that claiming enforced by game mechanics is the best way to go. The servers making the rules instead of the game are just a makeshift way of avoiding the chaos of a free-for-all. I thought position is pretty clear on this. Whether or not admins abuse their powers is irrelevant when it comes to differentiating the methods of arbitration. No matter what system you have, rules or no rules, game mechanics or no game mechanics, there is nothing keeping the admins from kicking you and taking your shit. That's just shit admins. To quote you with a twist: I'm still interested in that step two. How does one get a vehicle other than just happening to be in main at the right time?
  4. Our experience seems to vary. Ignoring the gigantic elephant in the room, that first come first serve does not solve OP's problem*, could you explain to me how does one get into an asset in your ideal scenario? Let's say Average Joe enjoys playing tanks. What steps does he take to get into a tank, given that - he can not claim an asset (obviously) - he can not be waiting in main for the asset, because apparently people don't do that 1. Want tank 2. ??? 3. Get tank I'd probably have a better understanding of your point if you could fill in step two for me. Do people just randomly happen to be in main at the right time? *With first come first serve, there is nothing stopping from people with short loading times to cease an asset at round start before everyone else, then timing when the asset will respawn (they know exactly when it died), and just returning to main at the exact right time take it again. Since we assume people are not waiting in main for the assets they will never get challenged and get indefinite control. Almost, as if they made a dedicated squad... First come first serve is an unstable system which naturally converges to asset claiming at best, chaos (as written in my previous post) at worst.
  5. Your server will be full of - people waiting in main trying to snatch an asset they want to play or - SLs randomly abandoning their inf squads to fend for themselves because they just happened to find a tank in main - People jumping into an asset and wasting it BF style You can see all of these right now on various servers without asset rules.
  6. No, because you know exactly when you will be able to make the squad thanks to the timer on your screen. If you have higher ping, anticipate it and click a bit sooner. I know this works because I've been doing it for years in PR. (And still, with a correctly implemented system you wouldn't even need this. The server could just wait a second when the squad becomes available and pick someone who requested at random. Even better you could just click "I want heli" beforehand, and when the squad becomes available at a set time before round starts, the game assigns it to someone. If you really had the time, it could take into consideration how much you played as a given role in the past frew matches, so that everyone gets to play assets every now and then if they wanted.)
  7. PR servers have a squad creation time for a reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm fairly disappointed that Squad doesn't have built in support for asset squads yet. Claiming assets should be as simple as claiming a kit. Server rules and named squads are the next best thing. First come first serve sucks because it actively pits you against your teammates, makes finding certain assets difficult during the match (who is flying right now? who do I talk to to get armor support? ugh. etc.), and leads to multiple people waiting in main for a contested asset.
  8. New Website Launch

    Nice to see the site getting a facelift! The pure white on black contrast is a bit hard on the eyes tho. I feel like the dark theme could use a bit of extra negative space, and values to make it friendlier to look at. Before: A: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/4d9d0ee7-64d1-4955-b5e0-1e6f9445fab1.jpg B: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/4bec7d02-d8be-491c-935f-75d0982ff680.png After: A: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/a06f9eb2-0f8d-4878-b820-7061a848ea81.jpg B: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/1c6a1d3d-a92e-4272-aa93-2ff44a7544cc.png
  9. Could you elaborate on the connection between supression and fighting on HABs? There seem to be a few logical steps missing in between.
  10. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    1st: 2nd: You misunderstand the changes. You don't have to individually pick and rearm your items, you still "rearm just everything and move on". The granularity of rearming is in relation to the amount of ammo points you consume while rearming. Currently, no matter how much ammo or items you are missing, if you click the rearm button you use a fixed amount of ammo points on the fob/vehicle. In the future, a person missing just a magazine will consume less ammo than someone with a completely empty kit.
  11. August 2018 Recap

    Pretty much this. Having separate gunner and commander may be useful in some scenarios, but in about 90% of the gameplay scenarios it's going to be completely overkill and it also means 50% more people in tanks, which leads to less overall engagement for the entire server. I know a 6 man vs 9 man armor squad doesn't sound like that much of a difference, but it ads up in the end. On the other hand PR avoids giving the drivers offensive capabilities (in ground vehicles at least), since the commander periscope is never equipped with a machine gun.
  12. Project Reality 1.5.5.

    PR literally has deviation instead of sway. I'm confused.
  13. June 2018 Recap

    This. It's rare to see all 8 people under your command do he right things, and the more people you have, the more time the SL has to spend on individuals acting up. I already lock my squads at 6 to keep things managable, unless I'm running with people I know. I also don't have that high of an expectation for fire teams just yet. You will be hard pressed to find willing fireteam leaders just as you are with squad leaders. And I don't even want to start imagining the cluster**** that is 12 people on the same radio.
  14. New Revive ability

    You gotta think trough the consequences this has. It really does not nerf medics. In fact, this is an incredible buff to the medic and team play over all. Not only does this make it more fun to be a medic, but it's also even more crucial to have one in your squad. Let me explain: Two things you have to consider, is that a) anyone can revive the medic, and b) people who get revived still need a medic. Which leads to the following: 1. The medic is no longer a fragile snowflake who has to do everything to stay out of combat. With the current system, the medic dying meant the entire squad is suddenly out of revives. With the new system, if the medic dies, you clear the area, someone gets medic up, job done. No need for rally, no need for anyone to respawn and be potentially separated for the next 15 minutes, etc. This practically equalizes the huge gap that existed between the medics and everyone else when it gets to combat participation. This generally means more people will be willing to pick up the kit, and it's going to be more fun/diverse playing as the medic. Sure, I'm not saying the medics should be the guys on the front breaching doors, but they got promoted from special-snowflake-who-screws-over-the-entire-squad-if-he-gets-sneezed-upon, to regular joe just having his responsibilities like everyone else. 2. This also means that the medic is more important than ever to have. Again, since the medic can be revived, they are indirectly orders of magnitudes more useful. If two squads get in a firefight, if one single guy survives, he can find the medic, and revive the entire squad. This practically means that you can avoid having to respawn all the time. Additionally, staying around your squad instead of running off your own just became way more desirable, as the chances of getting a revive are exponentially higher. To recap: Medic is more fun, medic is more powerful, teamplay is incentivized. Everybody wins, 10/10 feature.
  15. June 2018 Recap

    I'm incredibly hyped about the respawn changes. I was worried about some of the game design choices in the past, but man you guys just turned straight in the perfect direction for cohesion and teamplay. Don't think I was this hyped about anything in squad ever, can't wait to get to play with the new mechanics! For anyone worried about the revives thing, don't be. It's great and it's going to make squad way more teamwork oriented. Lemme shamelessly cross post my explanation from the related thread: