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  1. Not allowing instant kills by small arms is a deliberate decision that is unlikely to change. In short, medics being able to revive people is one of the core cohesion mechanics that give players an edge if they work together. Being around your squad mates (and consequently your medics) should be rewarded, for example by downed mates being revived after a won fire fight, even if this is not entirely realistic. If you allow small arms fire to kill people outright in the name of realism, gameplay suffers. Medics lose their importance, and you end up with one less thing pushing squad members towards teamwork.
  2. View on kids playing?

    TK-ing people out of revenge should earn you a quite lengthy ban. I if I were you I wouldn't go around shooting SL-s for kicks, or yet alone go around advertising that you do it. If you think you are entitled to be part of any squad for any reason you absolutely deserve to be kicked, and if the SL doesn't want you then he doesn't want you. Feel free to run your own squad. The above is aimed at Sniper, not OP btw. I don't mind young people in my squads, if you are contributing to teamwork your age shouldn't matter much.
  3. Ghost squadleader(WARNING: SPOOKY)

    I rate your video and clickbait around 5pook out of 7.
  4. Welcome to the forums! Squad numbers fill the exact same role that you describe with the phonetic alphabet. They may be a bit less milsim, but they are easier to represent on a map and either system works just fine otherwise. Changing it would just confuse people who got used to the current system for little gain. You however misunderstand why you can name squads. The names aren't supposed to be the squad's call sign that you refer to when talking. If you listen to some competent SL banter, they'll use the number for that purpose anyway because it's a unique ID that is represented on the map and easy to understand. Instead, the names serve as short descriptions. This practice mostly originates from PR (BF2), where squad naming is a really important feature to claim specific assets. A squad using a specific type of assets would name themselves appropriately so that everyone can identify what their role is, and who the given assets belong. For example a squad manning the team's heavy armour would call themselves "TANK", or similarly a mortar squad might be named "MORTAS". Now SQUAD doesn't have that many of these roles (or any rules regarding such claiming) yet, but with more and more heavy assets being introduced I'd imagine something similar will have to be adopted. (Unless the devs give us built-in features to work with.) Of course saying that the squad naming system is just legacy from PR would be wrong, as it adds lot of utility simply by existing as is. You can hint at a great variety of things such as preferred language, new player friendliness, clan preference towards outsiders, etc. that makes your squad's role and nature understandable at first glance.
  5. Do rpg frag rounds damage vehicles?

    According to patch notes, they don't do anything to armoured vehicles now.
  6. About the new sprint animation

    I have to agree with OP. I've never ran with a gun myself, so I might be completely wrong, but knowing how the limited FOV works in games, I get the feeling that either the camera is in the guy's throat, or he's holding the weapon up while running. Am I right in assuming that this is no longer true first person? If this is actually a correct looking third person anim that happens to be like this from first person, my points are moot.
  7. Gun Fire Volume

    While I appreciate the authenticity, I have to agree with OP. As of right now, I can chose between long-term hearing loss or not hearing anything but gunfire really. I understand that gunfire is supposed to be loud, but more often than not my ear hurts after bigger fire fights. Not entirely sure what the difference is, but never had similar problems with PR (which I play daily). While simply lowering the volume of gun sounds slightly could solve the problem, I'm sure many of you would be complaining how it's not realistic any more, so I'd propose a bit more complicated solution. Just like HDR helps mimicking the high dynamic range of the human eye trough a monitor, you can apply similar techniques to sounds. In such a system, sounds are characterized by their relative volume, and the game maps all the sounds you hear to a constant volume range. A few examples to illustrate what the vague description means: - Imagine you are walking alone in a forest, with no action going on. All the sounds you hear are objectively quiet: your character breathing, gravel and footsteps, gear or clothes moving. However in this scenario these quiet sounds are played with a higher volume than usual, they fill the full range of audio that your game is willing to output. This means every footstep, and movement is clearly audible. - Then imagine a firefight starting a few hundred meters away. Suddenly, the distant gunfire overpowers the footsteps, so the volume with which you hear said gunfire is similar to what footsteps were before. In turn footsteps and gear sounds are now played more quietly. - Once your own squad gets into the firefight, the spot of the loudest sound is taken over by your own shots, practically washing out everything else into really really quiet sounds. When you are shooting, the real-life volume of your gunshots is not much higher than the sound of footsteps you heard in the first scenario, but everything else in the game is way quieter. - After the firefight is over, your hearing slowly wanders back to the low-audio levels suited for hearing the sounds of nature and people moving. This behaviour is actually mimicking what your ears do in real life situations, but without actually making you listen to super loud sounds. I understand that this requires coding and probably won't see the day of light until beta or later, I still think it would be a nice feature to have.
  8. Map Intel

    While ghosting as described can be detrimental to gameplay, the solution you are proposing has implications far beyond the problem you want to solve. Anything similar would pretty much change the game at it's core, and I don't think I have to start listing why. A way simpler solution could be something like binding the team change to a timer, rejoining the server, or both.
  9. Post deleting.

    While I do think that the comment shown here was in fact off topic, and I appreciate the mods' work quite a lot, I think doing things in a more transparent way would be preferable. If I understand correctly, you guys hide posts in a way that the average user doesn't even see the post ever existed. (I scrolled trough a few threads where ZiGreen was posted to confirm this, but, since I'm looking for the lack of posts, I can only guess that this is the case. If it's not, please ignore my post. ) Ghost moderation can often do more harm than benefit, as it provides little to no feedback to the wrongdoers, and may be interpreted as abuse. It also lacks the deterring power that a "post removed for off topic" post may have in a thread that people are busy derailing. Even in case of mostly harmless/off-topic posts, not being able to see what exactly happened can lead to a lot of confusion.
  10. This. The poll question is rather loaded. I think V7 is way more fun than V6, but it has little to do with being more tactical.
  11. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    And I'm just sitting here playing the game with ~15-30 FPS on my GTX460. *Evil laugh*
  12. To all SQUAD Server Admins

    I'm not familiar with how or if the server side files are checksummed, but if no anti-cheat is involved there, a quick and dirty solution is simply renaming the shipped binary "SquadServer.exe" to "SquadServer-Win64-Development.exe" (and the original one to something.backup ofc).
  13. A possible workaround for the connection to host has been lost problem: Go to playsquad.xyz, select the server you want to play on and join using Steam Bootloader.
  14. Git gud Cossack. I'd actually prefer if we could lower our weapons on our own (and maybe even get something like slightly faster stamina regen).
  15. Pc reboot itself after joining a server.

    I'm not an expert, but this may be a hardware issue. Your PC may restart in such fashion if your GPU can't draw enough power from the PSU. (Which would mean that either your PSU or your GPU is faulty.) Do you have any other GPU heavy software that you can stress test your PC with? You can try using free benchmarking software, to check if the issue is SQUAD specific, or generally stress related.