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  1. New Website Launch

    Nice to see the site getting a facelift! The pure white on black contrast is a bit hard on the eyes tho. I feel like the dark theme could use a bit of extra negative space, and values to make it friendlier to look at. Before: A: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/4d9d0ee7-64d1-4955-b5e0-1e6f9445fab1.jpg B: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/4bec7d02-d8be-491c-935f-75d0982ff680.png After: A: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/a06f9eb2-0f8d-4878-b820-7061a848ea81.jpg B: https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/1c6a1d3d-a92e-4272-aa93-2ff44a7544cc.png
  2. Could you elaborate on the connection between supression and fighting on HABs? There seem to be a few logical steps missing in between.
  3. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    1st: 2nd: You misunderstand the changes. You don't have to individually pick and rearm your items, you still "rearm just everything and move on". The granularity of rearming is in relation to the amount of ammo points you consume while rearming. Currently, no matter how much ammo or items you are missing, if you click the rearm button you use a fixed amount of ammo points on the fob/vehicle. In the future, a person missing just a magazine will consume less ammo than someone with a completely empty kit.
  4. August 2018 Recap

    Pretty much this. Having separate gunner and commander may be useful in some scenarios, but in about 90% of the gameplay scenarios it's going to be completely overkill and it also means 50% more people in tanks, which leads to less overall engagement for the entire server. I know a 6 man vs 9 man armor squad doesn't sound like that much of a difference, but it ads up in the end. On the other hand PR avoids giving the drivers offensive capabilities (in ground vehicles at least), since the commander periscope is never equipped with a machine gun.
  5. Project Reality 1.5.5.

    PR literally has deviation instead of sway. I'm confused.
  6. June 2018 Recap

    This. It's rare to see all 8 people under your command do he right things, and the more people you have, the more time the SL has to spend on individuals acting up. I already lock my squads at 6 to keep things managable, unless I'm running with people I know. I also don't have that high of an expectation for fire teams just yet. You will be hard pressed to find willing fireteam leaders just as you are with squad leaders. And I don't even want to start imagining the cluster**** that is 12 people on the same radio.
  7. New Revive ability

    You gotta think trough the consequences this has. It really does not nerf medics. In fact, this is an incredible buff to the medic and team play over all. Not only does this make it more fun to be a medic, but it's also even more crucial to have one in your squad. Let me explain: Two things you have to consider, is that a) anyone can revive the medic, and b) people who get revived still need a medic. Which leads to the following: 1. The medic is no longer a fragile snowflake who has to do everything to stay out of combat. With the current system, the medic dying meant the entire squad is suddenly out of revives. With the new system, if the medic dies, you clear the area, someone gets medic up, job done. No need for rally, no need for anyone to respawn and be potentially separated for the next 15 minutes, etc. This practically equalizes the huge gap that existed between the medics and everyone else when it gets to combat participation. This generally means more people will be willing to pick up the kit, and it's going to be more fun/diverse playing as the medic. Sure, I'm not saying the medics should be the guys on the front breaching doors, but they got promoted from special-snowflake-who-screws-over-the-entire-squad-if-he-gets-sneezed-upon, to regular joe just having his responsibilities like everyone else. 2. This also means that the medic is more important than ever to have. Again, since the medic can be revived, they are indirectly orders of magnitudes more useful. If two squads get in a firefight, if one single guy survives, he can find the medic, and revive the entire squad. This practically means that you can avoid having to respawn all the time. Additionally, staying around your squad instead of running off your own just became way more desirable, as the chances of getting a revive are exponentially higher. To recap: Medic is more fun, medic is more powerful, teamplay is incentivized. Everybody wins, 10/10 feature.
  8. June 2018 Recap

    I'm incredibly hyped about the respawn changes. I was worried about some of the game design choices in the past, but man you guys just turned straight in the perfect direction for cohesion and teamplay. Don't think I was this hyped about anything in squad ever, can't wait to get to play with the new mechanics! For anyone worried about the revives thing, don't be. It's great and it's going to make squad way more teamwork oriented. Lemme shamelessly cross post my explanation from the related thread:
  9. Did you try joining English speaking servers? Just an idea before we go around changing game mechanics integral to teamwork and cooperation.
  10. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    ^This. The main reason why people are completely getting rekt by TOWs at the moment is because they fail to recognize them as potential threats. If you park your APC on a hill in plain sight, you will (and should) get rekt.
  11. K/D RATIO

    On a second side note: If this is something the devs are interested in exploring, we definitely don't need to give everyone revive capabilities, nor do we need to think about full item pickups straight away. A really easy-to-implement entry point, is simply letting anyone revive medics. A really trashy implementation could be making them magically reanimate few seconds after getting bandaged. They can heal themselves anyway. (If you want to give the illusion of something happening, an extra action in the get-in-vehicle style menu, also does the job with existing systems.) Then again not saying that this is the perfect solution for SQUAD, and I can see a lot of the realism/immersion oriented people feeling betrayed if something similar gets implemented. Even though I'm confident that they too would benefit from a less respawn heavy meta, convincing them of this might prove a challenge. Heck, writing this, even I cringe a bit at how gamey this is. But if we want to shift away from the current spawn mechanics without becoming ARMA, the healing mechanics have to change.
  12. K/D RATIO

    While I prefer PR for mostly exactly what you list here, I'd like to point out that simply grabbing and copying these mechanics into SQUAD would not be a solution at the moment. These systems don't work in isolation. Let me point out a key difference that should be looked at very carefully before addressing spawning mechanics. The most important thing to realize is that the way a player is brought back to life has incredible impact on squad cohesion, and therefore on the overall teamwork and organization in the game. If you compare SQUAD and PR, you'll notice that the medic kit is way more potent in PR. If anyone survives a firefight, they can usually revive their whole squad. They can search for the downed medic, revive him with his own kit, and then get the rest of the downed guys. This is arguably a gamey tactic that grew out of the BF2 kit system, not even necessarily intended by the original PR:BF2 devs, but it did a great service to PR in the end. As long as someone is alive from the squad, there is a reason for the rest of the guys to wait for a revive. In any semi-organized squad, engagements usually end with 1) the whole squad getting killed (aka. "squad wipe"), 2) winning the engagement and reviving everyone, 3) running away and abandoning some dead. The first two cases are way more common, and create no hit on the squad's cohesion. The squad is together; either because they respawn together or because they never had to respawn to begin with. In PR, rallies can be as weak as they are, because they are only a crutch for the third option. When a few people are not revivable, your squad still has a chance to run away from the enemies and regroup without having to go all the way back to a friendly FOB. The only reason why the weaker FOBs and rallies are reasonable, is that the main squad cohesion mechanic is not respawning and rejoining with your squad. In SQUAD on the other hand, all you need is an unlucky firefight where your medic dies. The most common respawn situation I see in is, "oh all the medics are dead, guess we're not getting revived; let's respawn mid-firefight". And this means a lot of times you will see half of a squad fighting the enemies, and the rest walking up in a stream from a rally point 100 meters behind them. This leads to the squad often being separated into smaller groups, or in the worst case single guys streaming from a rally. Make rallies and HABs like they are in PR, and the only thing you'll achieve is the 100 meters turning into 500. Which means squads will become even further spread out. The problem with nerfing rallies and HABs at the game's current state, is that the core cohesion mechanic is the ability to respawn close to your squad. Revives are more of a side-thought for long-range shootouts where neither squad is in direct danger. On a side note, the above also means that squad on squad engagements are rarely predictable. You can't really count how many people you killed and expect the firefight to end. Any competent SL will have a rally just behind the previous hill, so their people can keep trickling back into the fight even if they are constantly being shot.
  13. I fail to see what problem this would solve when the kit is properly limited team or squad wise. I know coding games is usually way more complicated than it seems at first, but this problem at it's core is literally just "don't allow people to select a given kit if number_of_people_with_kit_X_in_squad|team > N". If people could game this to get multiple limited kits, then the original implementation of the mechanic was broken. Fix the implementation before concluding that the mechanic needs changing.
  14. If they are far away, you have a magic map telling you the location of every single friendly. If they are close, you have a mic to communicate who does what. No name tags would work just like on the rest of the maps. (To clarify, I don't mind name tags showing up after staring at someone for a while. But it should be slower than any other means of identification because they are a crutch for people to rely on instead of proper communications. And right now they are presented as the go-to solution for identifying friendlies, and actually trying to tell the difference is the "advanced" method. My point against tags is that in it's current form it's a mechanic that works against the theme of teamwork and communication. Additionally it's not even working properly, so people like OP end up suffering for it many times over. It's a bad experience for new players to set up an expectation with the tags, and then contradict it with cases like the one this thread is about.)
  15. I mean, this thread is a pretty good example of why I'd love to see nametags removed/nerfed.