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  1. New models for Russians

    I was not complaining. Of course, i would rather them put the vehicles and optimization first but later, they should do something about it.
  2. graphics

    @Motherdear sorry for the tone. I though when he said close, he ment close the topic. Also, thanks for the info.
  3. graphics

    @Waldo what the hell does that mean?
  4. graphics

    So in the upcoming v7 update, There has clearly been something new done to the graphics of the game. I just want to know if in this update, they will finally fix the blurry/crappy AA and just make the game not look like shit.
  5. New models for Russians

    @LMR Sahara I think they can just be more more polished and more detailed. Also the new us soldiers don't all look the same. Some have rolled up sleeves, others have different head wear, etc. I just want there too be a little more flexibility withe Russians because i don't want them all to look the same and be like robots.
  6. New models for Russians

    So in v7 there clearly are changing the old shitty us soldiers with very nice looking ones... But will the Russian also get some sort of change too. Tbh, they too don't look up to par. It would be a shame if they only upgraded the us soldiers and not the Russian or milita too.
  7. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    @+++++ any news on the website and is it public yet. 3 months ago you said the website would be public in 3 months and here we are. I don't mind if it must be delayed. I just want to know if its even already up or its almost ready. Thank you.
  8. Map Project - Jala

    @wetblue13 i mean if i wanted to get good quality in game. not in the sdk. The actual game/multiplayer itself.
  9. Map Project - Jala

    what were your graphic setting when taking the screen shots? for me, even when i put every thing on epic, the game still looks awful. I heard disabling AO and aa, gets rid of the blurry effect but that too makes the game look so bad.
  10. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    @+++++ still any update about your website and when it will be up? thank you.
  11. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    @+++++ When can we be seeing your " official announcement" and is your site up yet?
  12. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    @+++++ one last question. When can we be seeing your " official announcement" and is your site up yet?
  13. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    @+++++ do you guys have any teasers out or something? maybe some pictures or are you waiting on that?
  14. 3rd person mod and ww2 mod

    @+++++ cool. still one thing though. What is the name of your project that you said you were making?