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  1. Advanced Soldier health management

    How about an unhealthy diet gives you recoil buffs?
  2. There has to be a "toggle" focus

    Don't try to tell me that any FOV/resolution combination you've got even comes close to the clarity you get in real life. 200 meters in Squad does NOT look the same as 200 meters IRL. The focus mechanic is completely justified in attempting to emulate realistic scenarios.
  3. Such a video would become out of date as soon as the next update rolled around.
  4. South African Server?

    Here's a lone South African server. https://squad-servers.com/server/529/
  5. Console Commands

    With the Alpha 6 update, I can no longer effectively data mine the executable. But with this new update comes the wonderful ListAllCommands command. That should suffice as the primary resource everyone here is looking for. Still, it would be nice to keep an external list. I've tried to do a memory dump to grab the output of ListAllCommands, but that's been proving to be too much trouble (damn "access denied" errors). So until I have an easy way of propagating a list of commands, this list is retired. I will make a note of ListAllCommands in the OP.

    I was never in a disagreement with you. The post you quoted was me expressing how useless I find communication between ALL squads. Focused communication between individual squads is much more ideal.

    Please don't post passive aggressive comments directed at PR players.

    I'd wager that once more assets are implemented and we reach 100 players, you will change your opinion. All I know is that in PR, hearing a fellow SL blurt out "TANK TO THE WEST" to every other SL is about as helpful as a blind park ranger.
  9. Wait so the 50 cal is not one hit kill???

    The 50 cal is not a one hit kill weapon in PR.
  10. Direct squad to squad radio

    Take it a step further and prohibit SLs from communicating with ALL other SLs at the same time. That's been the cause of so much communication clutter, and it should be a job only for the commander.
  11. Console Commands

    You can use AdminSlomo to change the time scale. AdminSlomo 5 will make you run 5 times faster.
  12. Console Commands

    Yes, that command seems to be disabled. It's still listed internally, so I'm leaving it up until the devs remove it.
  13. Console Commands

    No changes from 5.1 to 5.2.
  14. V-sync input lag

    There is a workaround, and that's capping your framerate to what's appropriate for your monitor (60 fps in your case). It's eliminated input lag in all games for which I've bothered to try. Yes, there is a difference between capping your framerate and enabling V-sync, and you can do both. I haven't capped my framerate in Squad, so I don't know how to. My first attempt at googling it led me to this, so try it out. Just remember that your config files are located in C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\. ALSO, if you cap it to 60 and find that it doesn't work, try 59.
  15. March 2016 Recap

    Just do 64km². It's a valid unicode character.