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  1. You just refuse to comprehend the point that we are trying to make.
  2. SVD too weak

    I agree with you, I only mean in the current state of the game since there aren't any sniper roles.
  3. It is clear that you do not understand what suppression is. Check out Funker530 on youtube and watch some gopro videos of real firefights from a first person perspective.
  4. Yeah, 'let's use this same context' and use it completely out of context to try to prove your point. You can't make stupid comparisons like that and expect us to take your opinion seriously. Small unit fire and maneuver tactics cannot be properly executed unless suppression is a powerful system in game. This game is about teamwork and positioning, not individual aiming skill. Suppression has to force a player to seek cover immediately or it isn't worth having at all. If you're taking accurate fire and you can effectively shoot back, the system does not work. There are plenty of games out there that will reward your aiming skills over teamwork and tactics if that is what you want in a game.
  5. I was under the impression that it's a WIP right now and will be replaced eventually. Receiving accurate fire is intense enough to make me take cover in the current system, but only if I can't see the enemy. If I can see him it isn't difficult to return accurate fire. I like to shoot a lot, and when I'm squad leader I always encourage my squad to shoot in the direction we take fire from even if they can't see individual enemies. Hopefully fire superiority will become a more effective tactic as development progresses. My SAW and I are also really excited for bipods.
  6. FOBs on Flags

    I'm not a new guy at all, I've got about 200 hours into the game myself and I understand the strategy quite well. The advantage is in respawning into the cap zone, but that doesn't mean you should be fighting from the same compound that the FOB is placed. You should still be pushing the enemy from the cap zone, which in turn pushes them away from where the team is spawning. Now the same players who would otherwise end up defending a FOB that isn't in the cap zone are in effect defending the cap zone as well, making it that much harder for the enemy to take the cap. On top of that, you will have a huge advantage over the enemy in how fast your reinforcements can arrive.
  7. SVD too weak

    Honestly if you get hit with any rifle round in a SAPI plate you might not have any serious long term injuries but you sure as fuck won't be effective in a firefight anymore. I know a few people who were hit with 7.62 (most likely from SVD's) in Iraq and they all were knocked unconscious by the impact and had a few broken ribs to deal with. Not something I would ever want to experience.
  8. SVD too weak

    The difference in sniper and marksman is in the tactics used, not the weapon. IRL the same semi-auto long range rifles are used by both marksmen and snipers. You cannot make the weapon less effective at sniping without also making it less effective than it should be in the hands of a designated marksman. The game already has balances against sniping by having to join a squad to use it, and if you decide to be Mr. Sneaky-Snake-Lonewolf on a hilltop then you should be kicked by the squad leader.
  9. FOBs on Flags

    I don't disagree with you. I think one of the main reasons this even works on Logar is the poor placement of the cap zones. District is only the middle point in location, but it is the third flag for the US. The US side has to take it to have the same number of flags as the Insurgents and to avoid ticket bleed. A lot of players don't even realize this because of the central location on the map. This is a problem because the US side cannot get there much faster, if not at the same time as the insurgents. That's the reason it is smart to rush there when playing on the Insurgent side and to make it as difficult as possible for the US to cap it.
  10. FOBs on Flags

    Agree 100%. Whenever I use this strategy I typically fortify a compound only to protect the spawns without trapping everyone inside. I never defend from inside the compound if I can avoid it. And when we do get trapped inside, I have another squad leader ready to place a fob in a relatively safe location close by while I dig up the one being overrun. I guess my whole point to this thread is to say that the standard way of doing things isn't the only way and a lot of times it isn't even the best way. It is easy to see that you have put a lot of thought into this and considered the pros and cons, but I guarantee that as soon as you try it in game you will get flamed by players who haven't thought about it at all.
  11. FOBs on Flags

    I would agree with you for the most part and I would absolutely say that the spawns on Fool's Road are far too important to risk with a FOB in a cap zone. I have seen FOBs in hilltop that are nearly impossible to take, but by the time hilltop is being fought over the game has already been won or lost so it doesn't really make a difference. I agree 100% with the FOB placement in the pic.
  12. FOBs on Flags

    That's exactly the point!! You're spawning right into defense of both your spawn point and the cap! If the enemy finds your FOB outside of the point then you end up with at least one squad trying to defend it for literally no strategic gain while anyone who spawns on it becomes stuck there until they get killed and spawn further back, and while this all happens the enemy can take the cap with no trouble at all. I would only say this is the case under very specific circumstances and only maybe one or two maps. I agree that it typically is a bad idea but it seems to me that a lot of people in the community will oppose any strategy other than the prevalent meta right now without even putting any thought into it. There's more than one way to win and being unpredictable is always an advantage.
  13. FOBs on Flags

    My favorite strategy on Logar on the insurgent side is to rush to district and place a FOB in the cap zone. A few bunkers to fortify whatever compound you place the FOB in and it's easy to defend. You've got the whole team spawning within the cap zone so it's almost impossible for the enemy to cap the flag without taking out the FOB first, which will cost them too many tickets to recover from. I've done this at least 10 times with great success. The only time the FOB didn't hold was when another friendly squad leader dug it up because "you don't put a FOB on a flag". He placed a FOB outside of the cap and the whole team went from defending a point within the cap while easily holding the flag, to trying to advance into the point from the new FOB while the enemy took the cap from us. I get that the current metagame is to put out a FOB out in the middle of nowhere, and most of the time that's the best option. I'm just saying that under the right circumstances a FOB placed in an aggressive position can make it so much easier to overwhelm the enemy, especially if they have to travel from a distant FOB when they respawn.
  14. SVD too weak

    It doesn't matter that you've had good games with the weapon. The simple fact is that you would have been able to do more damage with any other scoped weapon because the SVD is so outclassed right now.
  15. The current system is objectivly bad. Anyone who has played Arma knows how zoom should work. We should be able to zoom without aiming down sights and not be pulled out of the zoom by some unseen mechanic. Focusing your sight should not be tied to your stamina at all. It's also incredibly annoying to have the sprint key and the zoom key tied together. There are a million better ways to control the pacing if that is the reason for it. Arma has been using the same zoom system forever because it works. It's intuitive and the Squad devs should use it as inspiration for their system, because the current one sucks.