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  1. Can I run squad?

    Yes you can but you will play on low at 60fps aprox.
  2. Romanian players

    Hello there, you can add me on steam. We can play sometimes.
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Cons: - Stamina UI should be moved back where it was before. - The new rally makes HAB pointless. - Stamina increase. There was no need for this. Breaks the immersion. - Removal of permanent death.
  4. Romanian players

    Still searching for romanian players. steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Huzberdpro/
  5. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    Have you tried to check for the game integrity? You never know.
  6. Alpha 9.4 Released

    Same here, but heheheeeeey it's just 5 in the morning
  7. 9.4 on the way baby, with the mortars, IED, and more. (in a few days) Devs are awesome!
  8. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    I love it!
  9. Romanian players

    So, 1 year later question. Any romanians around here?
  10. SL Experience Requirement

    I can totally agree with you. +1
  11. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

  12. Death Cam

    No, because you could give specific info with the enemy location, so the camera as it is it's just perfect.
  13. - New animation. - Medics can drag you to safety when you are down. - IED. - More optimization.
  14. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Great work guys, can't wait for the final release!