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  1. Squad Operations - Hardcore One Life Events

    Click the Discord link in the above post and it should take you there!
  2. MLG Squad - Pop, Pop, Bang! (CoD Parody)

    It was the most difficult aspect of the video. Actually, I'm surprised at how long this style of video takes compared to my more serious ones.
  3. Second of my little MLG parody series is finished (I think). Sorry to put you through this again!
  4. Let's Get Tactical

  5. Hey all, was told that I should put this up here as some of you may enjoy it. While Karmakut was filming his latest educational video, there was a lot of fooling around - I think we can all agree on that. If you like the video, remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel! If you don't like it, hell - let me know, I need criticism! Cheers!