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  1. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    Yeh MK19/MK47 and AGS30 should really be in the game as statics and on vehicles. Would really add a lot of spice to emplacement combat, for example overlooking the valley on Logar, being able to suppress large areas.
  2. V15 (& Up) Performance Feedback

    I'm pretty sure that's not a set and is a very likely root cause of your problems. Your PC is probably either offloading from one DIMM bank to the other because it's treating it as 1x8gb bank and 1x4gb bank or is treating incompatible DIMMs as a single 12gb bank which causes a timing offset every so often because the two DIMMs don't have identical timing and binning and so stutter occurs (honestly, the second is unlikely because it should be causing a bluescreen). Alternatively, it may be the second scenario, but it's downrated both sets of RAM to the lowest common timing set of both that it could automatically figure out. Try removing the 4GB stick and see if it helps.
  3. V15 (& Up) Performance Feedback

    Am I missing something here?
  4. CAF Eotech reticle

    CAF wasn't made by the made team who iterated with the US M4 optics setups, it was made by completely different people. I'd love to see a CAF military advisor comment about whether full co-witness or half co-witness is the setup before any changes are made. Also, full-cowitness is fine. You're doinitrong if you're struggling with it.
  5. Cross posted to my optics thread. I didn't cover the ELCAN family in it. Thanks
  6. M150 zero issues

    Lol, nah, I did cover it at the bottom
  7. Different squad types.

    Self quote from another thread.
  8. Squad / America's Army connection.

    Why can't I hold all these untrue Scotsmen?
  9. 1 more Leopard 2 on Manic please.

    My mistake, it wasn't Manix, it was Yehorovika. Irrespective, there are CAF maps with multiple tanks.
  10. America, New Zealand and Australia have pretty much universal sights. Canada and Britain have a lot but fewer. Once you get past there, sights start to become less and less common. Tolerance for soldier modification and configuration management of small arms is cultural. Afaik most US Army units don't permit it, and the US is by far the most permissive regular Army in that area.
  11. Most soldiers in most armies don't have sights, and almost no soldiers in any army choose their own sights based on preference. Sight balance is swayed excessively towards optics right now because none of the downsides of optics are in game. No parallax, no eye relief, no adjusting point of aim for close targets etc. All of the optics also have reduced zoom which makes them easier to use.
  12. 1 more Leopard 2 on Manic please.

    There is already a layer with multiple tanks...
  13. Struggling with target acquisition.

    I have no trouble spotting enemies and use tournament settings. I struggled when I first started, but I think it's mostly an experience thing. I don't think the ULQ route is optimal for spotting.