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  1. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    What a stupid post. The American 40mm MK19 and Russian 30mm 2A42 don't fulfil the same role, so the fact that the 30mm autocannon is fine offers absolutely no indication that a 40mm AGL would be fine as well. The game absolutely should have 30mm and 40mm AGLs, but your reasoning and comparison are asinine because medium and high velocity 40mm HE rounds have 5-6 time the explosive power of the HE autocannon rounds that Squad currently uses: The 3UOR6 High-Explosive Tracer rounds that the 30mm fires in Squad only carry 11g of explosive filler and a muzzle velocity of 960ms. The M383/M384 HE rounds that the MK19 and MK47 fire have 57g of explosive filler and a muzzle velocity of 245ms. In other words, it's going to have a much larger explosion radius and damage, and you won't be able to take cover from it behind walls because it has a plunging trajectory at anything other than very close range, where the 30mm has a largely direct trajectory.
  2. I made a separate thread for zoom levels; every single one is wrong, some by a LOT. It's accentuated by lots of optics not having the right zeroing adjustments. Bullet drop isn't stuffed for anything AFAIK, but I'll check it at some point. The British marksman rifle is just hard to use because it can't be zeroed and has counterintuitive drop hashmarks (for me at least) combined with no elevation adjustment. I've never had any problems with elevation adjustment (either by Kentucky windage or manual adjustment) with the M110.
  3. One could easily have magnified optics use a fixed FOV. This results in people with higher FOV getting relatively higher zoom out of optics, but doesn't let them cheese high power optics for CQB. An example of a game that uses this method is PUBG. If you disregard how they treat non-magnified optics (ie. as magnified optics), the method used there addresses your issue.
  4. These issues (along with the other issues regarding fov, magnification and zeroing inconsistencies) weren't corrected or listed in the known issues section for Alpha 16. Can we get an update on whether they're on the radar or not?
  5. These issues weren't corrected or listed in the known issues section for Alpha 16. Can we get an update on whether they're on the radar or not?
  6. One more fun fact, RGF AR has half the ammo of coalition AR.
  7. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    Yeh MK19/MK47 and AGS30 should really be in the game as statics and on vehicles. Would really add a lot of spice to emplacement combat, for example overlooking the valley on Logar, being able to suppress large areas.
  8. V15 (& Up) Performance Feedback

    I'm pretty sure that's not a set and is a very likely root cause of your problems. Your PC is probably either offloading from one DIMM bank to the other because it's treating it as 1x8gb bank and 1x4gb bank or is treating incompatible DIMMs as a single 12gb bank which causes a timing offset every so often because the two DIMMs don't have identical timing and binning and so stutter occurs (honestly, the second is unlikely because it should be causing a bluescreen). Alternatively, it may be the second scenario, but it's downrated both sets of RAM to the lowest common timing set of both that it could automatically figure out. Try removing the 4GB stick and see if it helps.
  9. V15 (& Up) Performance Feedback

    Am I missing something here?
  10. CAF Eotech reticle

    CAF wasn't made by the made team who iterated with the US M4 optics setups, it was made by completely different people. I'd love to see a CAF military advisor comment about whether full co-witness or half co-witness is the setup before any changes are made. Also, full-cowitness is fine. You're doinitrong if you're struggling with it.
  11. Cross posted to my optics thread. I didn't cover the ELCAN family in it. Thanks
  12. M150 zero issues

    Lol, nah, I did cover it at the bottom