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  1. Definitely makes me wish they went with the M320, but oh well. Let's see comes of the new animation system and sight adjusting if those will help.
  2. More reverberation en echoing alone would go a long way in making things sound nicer, a lot of things just sound too flat. Hopefully that dynamic sound thing they talked about quite awhile ago is still going to be a thing.
  3. Well said, pretty much how i'v felt from the start. The city is too small.
  4. I was recently part of a "defense and support" squad(or something along those lines). Was great fun and we just followed up on the other squads who attacked the flags and defended it(duh). And at some point I ended up being the dedicated logi driver while my awesome (British) SL coordinated with the other SLs and asking them where and when they needed the supplies. Was lots of fun, even ended up with 1/3 of the points in the squad just from running the Logi.
  5. No visual indicator, but a sound indicator would be nice.
  6. Definitely. I'm not liking the desert Russian uniforms, really hope they're temporary.
  7. The arrow should be a different color so it doesn't disappear into the rest of the object. But yes it'd be nice.
  8. Calling it a milestone seems like a bit of an exaggeration honestly.. I mean it's great, the new map has really shaken up how people have to approach squad tactics(in a good way). but to go as far as calling it a milestone? The overall game hasn't changed/improved all that much over the 0.9 release to call it that. Guess I just don't agree. The addition of the new animation system(weapons resting is gonna be crucial in Al Basrah) will be something i'd consider a milestone, as would the addition of air vehicles.
  9. -optimization -New animation system/weapon resting/freelook -expanded medic gameplay -IEDs
  10. Yeah I'm having this issue but it's misaligned to the top for me(cursor is below a button and it'll get highlighted/clickable). And as Chirac pointed out this is due to my task bar being at the top of the screen. Moving it to the bottom solved this.. but I don't want to have my taskbar at the bottom.. Fullscreen 3440x1440 21:9
  11. Big up! congrats and thanks!
  12. I would love ACRE style radio system. But i know that won't happen. But I do love to see a vehicle intercom system for vehicle crew. Passengers wouldn't be on it, they'd either use proximity or squad radio.
  13. Neat, finally a reason to play for a bit again! Awesome work.
  14. I honestly don't even think you should be able to ADS while free-looking(or the other way around), not without having to refocus on the sights at least.