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  1. Asymmetrical Grudge Match

    As much as I would love to see it, with the next update adding even more optics to the conventional armies it would probably only make the balance that much worse for the INS. Some things could be experimented with but I don't see OWI doing that and would probably have to wait for modding 2.0 to come and have the community roll them out at a faster pace to see what works. Like US vs INS, but only the INS have a MBT and maybe the teams would 40 vs 60 or something. There are things to be tried out and slowly tuned in to see what works, but(and no offense intended to OWI) OWI is just to slow on the updates to make that viable and the community would take it a lot worse if it isn't good compared to if its in a controlled environment with modding.
  2. Ranking System?

    I don't agree, someone could have tons of hours only doing a couple of things. Time played doesn't say anything about someones experience with the whole game(or whatever they're doing currently in the match).
  3. Ranking System?

    Time played =/= how good someone is, though.
  4. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    While a few more gamemodes could be nice, personally I very much disagree with the OP with adding gamemodes that change the way the game fundamentally plays. At least when it comes to official game modes, by all means go make a mod for whatever you want. But this just sounds like watering down the whole experience and something that would lead to a lot of wasted time from confused players as they go from one mode to another and have wildly different experiences. embecmom also said it well in that you end up fracturing the already fairly small community into even more shards. Not something they should strive for imo.
  5. V12 Feedback

    I was very weary of every one being able to revive making the medic pointless. This turned out to not be as bad as I expected as it can really help turn things around. But I still believe that those getting revived by a none-medic should suffer a much greater penalty. Right now you're basically combat effective, especially in CQB, when getting revived by any smuck. This imo is not right, not getting revived by the medic should incur a heavier weapon sway penalty and an even greater slow down debuff than simply being out of stamina. This honestly makes a lot of sense and am very much in agreement with this. Persistent ammo should really have had some more time in the oven before getting pushed out. Just as how increadibly annoying it is to have to resupply EVERYTHING or NOTHING at all. Shot your hat and reloaded half a magazine? well too bad and **** you, no resupplying off a rifleman because he has 100 ammo and you need 103 ammo.. really?
  6. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    HATs are also fairly unbalanced between the factions imo. US and BAF both use the AT4 which has a very flat trajectory, has a long range(400-500m), is fast and is very accurate. None of the previously mentioned points apply to the RPG7 HAT kit making it a pain to use. Unless they consider the 2(?) OG frag rounds you get with it a compensation.
  7. Get schooled on FTs

    That's real nice and all, but unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world where all of that just plays out. Fact is majority of people playing squad hate taking responsibility for pretty much anything. That much is clear just be looking at how long it takes for squads to be made at the start of a round on a lot of servers. So you're already herding cats, now you're expecting people to assign 2 of said cats as having responsibility for the rest of the cats. Not gonna happen. People aren't making use of FT's "full potential" because the community doesn't allow for it. If that's what you're looking for, either play in organized clans or arma milsim, cus you aint getting it out of squad pub matches.
  8. V12 Revive System Suggestion

    Anyone reviving is definitely a very useful tool to have compared to what we had before, I've been skeptical of it when it was announced, but admit how useful it is. But it's honestly too useful. Players revived by none medics seen a much harsher penalty, their aim needs to be far more nstable(both hip and ADS) screen needs to be darker and their dude needs to be moaning more(distorting noise around you). Right now someone being revived by none medic is far too combat effect, not having stamina sucks, but it isn't crippling enough, you can still jog to somewhere and it hardly effects you aim(especially in CQB). The medics importance has without a doubt been diminished somewhat with this change(but not entirely).

    In person? no. videos of real people getting shot? yes, plenty. Then that's not a death animation now is it? you're talking about being incapacitated. And on the note of incapacitated, I'd still rather they not make pre-baked animations. Those always look horrible anywhere that isn't completely flat, unless they can get Inverse kinematics to work with it(and even then it can look jank). Not entirely sure which game it does but I'm going to say it was one of the Rising Storm games that does it really well. Have the ragdoll twist, turn and squirm, legs and arms flailing, this way you get a more natural look with ragdolls without animations that don't fit where the person is laying but still get the idea of them not being dead-dead, but just incapacitated.

    I hope not, a lot of games have these absurd and completely over exaggerating animations when being killed, when that isn't how it works.. at all.. Obviously can't post them here, but I've seen plenty of videos on war of people getting shot and killed, and just like in Squad currently, they just flop over. None of this exaggerated stumbling, twirls and flips like you see in the movie. You get shot dead, your body just drops like a sack of potatoes.
  11. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    What a depressingly accurate and good post. Thanks for putting into words all the things I hate about rallies. While I haven't tried V12 yet, from the sounds of things they don't seem nerfed enough imo. While you may not spawn with a full kit anymore, when assaulting this hardly ever matters are people tend to die way before using 3 mags(unless you're blindly spraying) and with rifle man having ammo bags this somewhat softens that blow(for a short while at least..) but having them be infinite just seems like the worst idea ever. In my eyes rallies should be used for regrouping, not for having your own magical teleportation portal. Having enough spawns for each member of the squad should be more than adequate and it should also disappear after a certain amount of time and not just always be there for people to trickle in from. Place it. Everyone who is down spawns. Squad has regrouped. Move out as a complete squad. Thats how it should work in my eyes. While rallies are very important in maintaining squad cohesion(as shown by PS sadly) in their current and upcoming iteration the still make it so teams aren't just 2 opposing sides, but every single squad on a team is it's own separate team with little reliance on each other because they're so independent when it comes to pretty much everything.
  12. September 2018 Recap

    Haven't played in over 2 months.. the wait is killing me and this just makes me want it more! A lot of a good things coming with this update, keep it up. Though I gotta say.. That militia dude looks pretty gnarly compared to that beautifully worn yet crisp looking FAL he's holding. Militia model/textures are really starting to show their age.. Could maybe do with a texture love pas.
  13. air assets??

    Or they could just fly slower? again, who is playing squad expecting DCS or 100% real life equivalent? they don't have to fly at their real life speeds. Make them a bit slow so it takes a little longer, but even then 30 seconds is are decent amount of time for the time of "realism" squad is trying to depicst in my opinion. They could also expand the background terrain and place the airstrips further away. This is both an easier and a more realistic expectation, than them making maps bigger. If you're referring to the video you linked in that thread, and maybe I didn't watch far enough, but that doesnt answer that the devs have confirmed aircraft will be in eventually(which is what I asking for where it was said).
  14. air assets??

    I'm aware of where they stand and the possibility of them being added. Having followed the game since the KS I wasn't at all surprised that they most likely wouldn't be added(considering the time of certain updates and where the game stands now), or that it would fall onto modders to add them(like they did first with helicopters). I was simply questioning the reasoning as one of the devs mentioned flight time.
  15. air assets??

    So it hasn't been confirmed then..