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  1. Yeah I'm having this issue but it's misaligned to the top for me(cursor is below a button and it'll get highlighted/clickable). And as Chirac pointed out this is due to my task bar being at the top of the screen. Moving it to the bottom solved this.. but I don't want to have my taskbar at the bottom.. Fullscreen 3440x1440 21:9
  2. Big up! congrats and thanks!
  3. I would love ACRE style radio system. But i know that won't happen. But I do love to see a vehicle intercom system for vehicle crew. Passengers wouldn't be on it, they'd either use proximity or squad radio.
  4. Neat, finally a reason to play for a bit again! Awesome work.
  5. I honestly don't even think you should be able to ADS while free-looking(or the other way around), not without having to refocus on the sights at least.
  6. Maybe it's just me, but the timer is pretty annoying to read with the zeros in the background. Other than that, another amazing piece!
  7. Think it needs to be sped up a little, looks like he's taking HUGE pouncing leaps instead of running. And the weapons definitely looks like its swinging a bit too much from side to side.
  8. The sharp contrast between the ground, grass and trees is definitely something that irks me a lot whenever I play. Lighting also definitely seems quite a bit off still. Everything is too bright and shiny(especially the ground) But yeah i'd rather get more game mechanics and factions/content in first. But I do hope that the environment gets a significant pass eventually.
  9. Awesome report, especially loving the animation stuff. Can't wa
  10. How about we drastically shorten the range for name tags to show up as well then? This also removes a huge amount of communication requirements.
  11. I'm aware they exist in real life but hat doesn't make for fun gameplay when AT is the only answer to any vehicle.
  12. hopefully Stryker, HMWWV shouldn't get a crow.
  13. Something went wrong(images not showing), but right clicking and opening in a new tab works. Lovely again! Simple yet all the information you need is there and easy to read. Nice one!
  14. Mmm.... MMMM!!!! Stealth black any day. Simple. Slick. Not overly stylized or colorful. Yes please! Devs please take note!