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  1. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    yeah.... sorry the Mr. Pessimistic, but it wont. I have no doubts that Fuzz's intentions are sincere and in the right place, but one man a change will not make. Squad is never going to be like PR or anything that resembles it. The pace of the game has rooted itself and has set it far too apart from PR. transports are meaningless, tickets are meaningless, staying alive is meaningless, teamwork is meaningless in squad. Thrive? what? what?? where the hell did this come from? at no point did it thrive nor will it ever. Squad's focus has shifted to none-stop combat/action, with teamwork being secondary.
  2. Amazing to see this happening, what I was hoping for from Squad. While the focus is on spawning for now, do you hope to make changes to medic/revival mechanics? Only medic reviving, everyone can revive but the revived player has way more sway than they do now and a darker screen, moves slower, etc. Currently I feel like players aren't nearly punished enough when revived by a none-medic. Aside from stamina you're pretty much still combat effective. Best of luck, I'll try to help test when I can. Any chance for a new Discord link, old one in the thread doesn't work.
  3. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    I don't think it should even be a commander ability. Irregulars only, with a long cool down time. And possibly a limited range from where your SL died. Even as a CMD ability it doesn't change how it's a mechanic that takes zero effort yet can grant a major advantage to someone who died(read: rewarding failure).
  4. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Still too forgiving imo, but at least it's better than no dead dead at all.
  5. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Which isn't always a good thing. You're taking a lot of responsibility and flexibility away from your team by claiming 2 of of the most important vehicles in your team with only 1 other person. I think PS has shown how much of an impact this can have on a game when they aren't playing properly. We'll see.
  6. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Whats the reasoning being the vehicle claim system? Why would a 2 man squad ever need 2 vehicles? Imo there are relatively few vehicles per map already(especially transport, those should always outnumber logis) and with this change it seems like almost every vehicle could be claimed by the first 2 or 3 squads that spawn.
  7. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Only thing I absolutely disagree with. This wouldn't even remotely make the mode any more hardcore. Squad is already a abysmal eye-straining simulator, removing zoom would make no-zoom weapons literally useless outside of CqB. In real life your eyes can focus and get a much clearer sight picture than you can on a flat monitor. The zoom is absolutely essential and would ruin the mode entirely. Outside of that, If this is what it would take to get Squad back to a more enjoyable state I'd be all for it. As I don't see the devs going back on their recent choices(pro-arcadey/casual ).
  8. I've found this one to be very useful. Still, the squad members are usually my biggest hurdle. They really make or break the fun in SLing for me.
  9. customization / ranking

    And those already have a rank shown next to their name.
  10. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    I'd rather it be a medic only thing. OR.. A none-medic class has to use 2 bandages to revive. 1 bandage just stops bleed out(like it used to be.
  11. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Gonna have to go with a big ol' NO on that. People already don't keep ticket usage in mind considering how many vehicles get blown up/abandoned and radios get placed in terrible places. Doing this would just guarantee teams bleeding themselves dry. The whole mechanic needs to be removed or given only to Insurgents with a cool down. -- Keeping my thoughts short and to the point. RAAS FOG OF WAR Good. Was needed from the start. Needs to be extended to other modes(insurgency and destruction). RAAS LANES Good. AAS/RAAS TICKET BLEED & TICKET BLEED UI INDICATOR Good. Some games were taking painfully long and not rewarding the attacking team enough. Ui is also nice and easily readable. SL BUDDY RALLY FEATURE Bad. Needs to be removed completely or only given to insurgents. It's incredibly lazy and cheesy. REMOVAL OF THE INSTA-DEATH PENALTY TIMER ON REVIVE Bad. This is rewarding bad defenders too much and not rewarding those fighting well. I feel OWI is trying too hard to make squad accessible and is trying to balance the bad teamwork by making it easier on the individual level. FIRETEAM LEADER MARKER RANGEFINDER REMOVAL Good. It was a nice feature.. but it was OP. Now you simply require one additional step from your SL to place a mark on your FTL mark to get the range. MAP “PINGS” REMOVAL Good. Also a very cheap and cheesy mechanic added to try and tackle the poor teamwork from the wrong angle. Only other way I would see this being implemented is if you'd have to be within 2-3m of your SL for him to see it on his map. MORTAR / 30MM / 120MM HE DAMAGE RANGE INCREASE Good. HE all around was piss poor. Still needs buffs to penetration damage. BTR-82A & BTR-80 Good. They were shit, now they're a little less shit until we have BMPs. PLAYER MOVEMENT SPEED INCREASED BALANCE CHANGES & PLAYER STAMINA CHANGES Bad. Acceleration doesn't feel too bad before it felt like I was trudging through a swamp. Speed needs to be brought down to 5%, and it needs to degrade over time. Say at 3/4 or 2/4 of the stamina bar it starts slowing down you shouldn't be able to maintain that speed all the way through exhaustion(maybe only for conventional forces). Stamina also needs to be nerfed. It regenerated far too fast and makes weapon sway near negligible, which is already way too low when you're completely out of stamina. WASD for turrets Good. What a godsend. More asymmetrical balance for Insurgents(2 habs per radio & faster building) Good. Really nice to finally see some more steps taken to make them asymmetrical. -- The actual content of V13 is good, the engineer class is nice though HABs have never felt weaker and it feels like you need to leave a squad around one to guard it at all times or eventually you'll hear an explosion behind you and check your map to see your HAB is gone. But the actual gameplay changes for the most part are not to my liking. Feels like Squad is being pushed too hard in a direction to make it accessible and less punishing to make up for the overall poor communication and teamwork in public matches. Which is understandable to want to help and fix but these changes don't feel like the right way to do it.
  12. Asymmetrical Grudge Match

    As much as I would love to see it, with the next update adding even more optics to the conventional armies it would probably only make the balance that much worse for the INS. Some things could be experimented with but I don't see OWI doing that and would probably have to wait for modding 2.0 to come and have the community roll them out at a faster pace to see what works. Like US vs INS, but only the INS have a MBT and maybe the teams would 40 vs 60 or something. There are things to be tried out and slowly tuned in to see what works, but(and no offense intended to OWI) OWI is just to slow on the updates to make that viable and the community would take it a lot worse if it isn't good compared to if its in a controlled environment with modding.
  13. Ranking System?

    I don't agree, someone could have tons of hours only doing a couple of things. Time played doesn't say anything about someones experience with the whole game(or whatever they're doing currently in the match).
  14. Ranking System?

    Time played =/= how good someone is, though.
  15. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    While a few more gamemodes could be nice, personally I very much disagree with the OP with adding gamemodes that change the way the game fundamentally plays. At least when it comes to official game modes, by all means go make a mod for whatever you want. But this just sounds like watering down the whole experience and something that would lead to a lot of wasted time from confused players as they go from one mode to another and have wildly different experiences. embecmom also said it well in that you end up fracturing the already fairly small community into even more shards. Not something they should strive for imo.