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  1. New Revive ability

    Still somewhat skeptical if this is a change for the better, or why they felt the need to make it possible for none-medics to bring back someone up in a state where they can shoot back. Sure they might have low stamina, but in any situation that isn't 300m out, that is completely irrelevant and you will be just as effective as if you did have stamina due to how accurate weapons and aiming is in squad. This is even more so for those with the ability to stabilize their weapon. Will have to play with it to really see how it plays out, but as someone mentioned before, I can see this making attacks pretty annoying and almost nullifying the HAB overrun as now any smuck can get someone up in a effective shooting state for CQC and also having an almost continuous state of bodies on a cap when they shouldn't. Anyone could already stabilize another player with their bandage to a point that they don't bleed out or they would give up themselves, only then needing the medic to come and get them up. I really don't see the need to change this.
  2. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    +1 The current angle of fire is ludicrously small.
  3. Hate to sounds ungrateful, but man am I finding the L85 textures to be ugly. So my question is, as the title stated, are they bugged? WiP? The green is way off the rest of the gun looks like wet cast iron, odd reflection artifacting Barely noticeable weathering etc. I get that the game isn't done and is in Early-Access still, but I don't recall any other weapon ever looking this bad in their first implementation. I gathered some real world pictures to use as comparison and so it doesn't seem like I'm just bitching. As you can see from the images above, the one in squad doesn't even remotely look the part.(black polymer, Olive/drab, earth) Maybe I missed a post here or on reddit of a dev already confirming this. Not trying to rant here, mostly curious.
  4. I was part of a Mech squad using a Warrior, and while it was fun and nice to use in support of infantry to move them around and such, communicating with my gunner was absolute dog shit. Between the SL barking orders at the infantry, the gunner shooting and the loud as hell vehicle, it made it really hard to effectively talk or listen to the gunner. You're talking a lot so using squad chat isn't an option as that disrupts communication for those outside, but at the same time using prox chat isn't useful either. Would love for crew to get some sort of intercomm FX while using prox chat like you get using ACE in arma3. Those in crew positions get the FX while those in transport positions sound like they would using prox chat. And maybe even have it automatically lower any other chatter going on. I can see both methods being used. Having dedicated squads for heavy assets and having them being integrated into a full squad. But something needs to be done so they can communicate more efficiently.
  5. Kamdesh map and map UI in general

    These villages(or any other structure) need to be better shown on the map. Played Kamdesh a bunch last night and other than the flag point I was constantly checking the map when we arrived at some sort of houses, checkpoint/fob or ruins and failed to spot them on the map. guessing they blend in too much with the ground. This^ Vehicles need a to go slower offroad otherwise I see no reason to use them when you can simply blaze through most of the map unhindered. This makes mines and IED very ineffective as vehicles rarely come across them(other than your friendly vehicles of course...)
  6. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    While the TOW is definitely really strong currently, I think it's a bit too early to be thus concerned about it. For a very long time we haven't had a serious, long range threat to vehicles, so it's understandable that people haven't figured out how to approach situations with them uet(other then sending a squad around the flank to take out the fob). Give it some time, V11 literally just came out.. People screamed to the sky about how OP the 30MM was when it came out, and now it isn't as big of a threat as it used to be because of strategies to take it out.
  7. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Ridiculously generous of you guys! Thank you so much OWI and Periscope games.
  8. Balance Is For Normies

    That would actually be a good comprise wouldn't it? bring back the red dot above the iron for a better view, but make the housing smaller. Honestly feel like the same needs to happen with the M110. When you look at the world model the housing seems fairly thick, but then you look through the sight and it's but a slither. Compared to the SVD, which already has inferior magnification, which has the huge rubber eye socket.
  9. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    At this point I'm just waiting for Squad as a whole to develop more. I definitely can't go back to V9 after having a taste of V10, but even that wasn't an overwhelmingly new experience. All the new tweaks and features and animations were nice and all, but in general it still felt the same. So unless they add the brits in V10 I highly doubt I'll be playing even then(and even if they do It'll be a few matches to get a taste or spend time on the range before I put it down again). I'll just wait for Squad to develop and get closer to an PR experience in terms of mechanics and content, and come back around beta or release. Recently I'm starting to feel too burnt out on too many EA games.
  10. October 2017 Recap

    Looking good. Though still nothing on vehicle localized damage, any update on that?
  11. Release - Alpha 9.12

    But it doesn't, it's the exact opposite. This should be an option only for "Custom servers" so people that want to **** around like that can do it there. But they're now making it an option for "normal" servers as well so now it's going to happen in there too. This is giving admins(if there even are any online) even more work to do when they have to deal with asshats.
  12. Release - Alpha 9.12

    How is less variety nice..? Also I thought that was the whole point of custom servers? Are licensed servers not suppose to provide a base for at least a somewhat consistent and quality gameplay experience? Either they're now going to have to put it in their server name or it's going to be hit or miss with trolls driving off with vehicles and having to spend forever finding a new server where people speak your language. /minirant
  13. Those would be more Taliban then, which I believe the devs have said they won't be modeling them after.
  14. So far I'm really digging the look. Very rough and ramshackle with different gear an clothes, can't wait to see them textured. Then you haven't been watching a lot of the more recent footage of them. Plenty of these guys running around with decent chest rigs/vests and military surplus clothing. And I really don't see how these are "too well equipped", 2 of these guys are in shorts and others are in shirts and a thin jacket.
  15. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    With the removal of true-first-person, this could certainly be a nice aid for when close to objects. The ultimate solution would be for your characters to automatically adjust so that you're always pointing over or under something when close, but i highly doubt we'd ever get that.