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  1. M4 Acog?

    This guy, @Insano, obviously doesn't get to use optics much.... Poor guy.... You should try it out man, the technology and improved ranged shots are amazing! LMFAO..... Anyways, The new AK scope is amazing, I agree @fatalsushi! Does anyone know the sweet spot on the M4 Acog for accurate shots?
  2. M4 Acog?

    May already be a topic, feel free to move! I feel the scoped/acog M4 is really inaccurate at range? Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me. Sometimes I can drop people one shot in the head, a majority of the time I fire half a clip and can barely hit them at the same distance and same situation. The scope for the AK's i do feel is more accurate, I get less trade kills and a much better ranged shot!
  3. I mean pulling it up every 2 seconds in close quarters is unreasonable.
  4. Honestly I agree and can't wait to see what you dev's have up your sleeve to help alleviate this issue! My map also gets snapped up constantly causing a lot of trade kills and or plain deaths. Missing enemies crossing in distances ect. Large Scale Situation Awareness overall the map is great how it is now. But for the small scale awareness it just is not cutting it! Thanks, cA|ErRoR
  5. I am currently working on and creating a website/forum community for the team. We will have open Admin and Moderator spots for those interested! As soon as the team has gained 20+ members we will start on creating special op's to participate in! Thanks again, be sure to join the cA| Critical Assault server and play! Suggest maps ect!
  6. Adding Admin

    Looks like exactly what I needed!
  7. Adding Admin

    So, is there a permission level that can be added for each admin into the script?
  8. cA| Critical Assault is a new Squad clan. Our goal is to bring gamers closer together, have fun, be competitive and most of all keep the gaming communities alive! We are currently recruiting members for Squad. We accept anyone over the age of 15. You must have a mic and speak the english language to the degree of everyone being able to understand everyone easily. You must act mature and respect other players at all times! Overall, bring a laugh or two with you to the battlefield and have fun! If you are interested in joining you can contact me VIA Email, PM, Steam(widget-), or JOIN OUR Squad server located in Chicago and play some skirmish maps! (cA| Critical Assault - Skirmish Maps)! Thanks! cA|ErRoR