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  1. "Believability" of maps, realism

    squad is as realistic as a game of PACMAN. just like all the other shooters. u can cure a AK74 wound to the thigh with a field-dressing, in 2 secs, and keep on fighting as if nothing happened other than a little less saturated screen? ... aaaaaaand there isnt even a suicide-bomber class. how is squad "realistic" again? its pacman bro. forget the dream of immersive realism.
  2. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    delayed explosions sounds would be cool., if youre really far away from a explosion, and u see it, the sound doesnt reach until a bit later. . like this: if you see a IED, mine or mortar hit from 300+ meters away, pump in some delay.
  3. ..speaking of adding more subtle details to the military-ASMR in squad.................. look what i just discovered. apparently artillery-fire makes a bunch of ricochet sounds when the artilleryshell splashes. i would assume the same goes with grenades, mortar, IED's and RPGs. this i would like to hear in squad. i guess its a mix of dirt and rock and fragments of the shell that whizz off in thousands different directions? sounds so fokken amazin PEW PEW PEW PEW.
  4. in close quarters squad does sound like the first video i linked tho. but the distant sounds is lacking just a little. i hope they add it.
  5. i would add a lot more sonic cracks. and by pops i mean that sound when the bullets breaks the sound barrier and it sounds like a popcornmachine. i love that sound! i think this video is from some real battle. it is a Noticeable amount of pops in the distance. in squad, i think that especially when im at a distance from the battle, there is no pops at all. it only makes that popping sound when im being shot at. from watching warclashes on youtube though, i think there should be pops in the distant sounds too. this video is from a distant clash, and again u hear a looooot of those pops even though youre not actively getting aimed at or shot at.
  6. cant open c++ files

    i wanted to make some mods to the stamina system too. maybe we have the same idea? i basically want to change the med-kit so that it can not re-generate health, it can only stop the health from ticking down (when theres bloodloss for example). and also change the hitboxes and animations. bulletwound to the leg disables the player from walking on that leg for the rest of the game, and if shot in both legs he cant walk at all anymore. I havent figured out what to do if the player gets shot in the arms... maybe it could disable his ability to aim down sights or something like that. Here is (video down below) what I ended up with in my own project in unreal (not in the SDK editor). It didnt work to migrate it into the SDK, and when I tried recreating the project in SDK it crashed on me. not sure if this is a SDK problem, or if its my blueprints that are a problem. or if its that im a complete noob who hasnt used unreal for that long haha.
  7. cant open c++ files

    ,...and what im basically trying to do is a FPS shooter sort of like squad, but with entirely different health mechanics. for example, if soldierBP gets shot in the leg, i want to program/script/blueprint it so that he cant walk on that leg anymore. he has to stumble or hop on his other leg., etc etc. i've already built this mechanics in the FPS shooter template in unreal 4. i did it entirely in blueprints. so, i figured i could either migrate that project into SDK. or, re-build the entire project in SDK. but maybe SDK is only for cosmetic modding, like, maps and character and weapon skins? its not possible to change the "mechanics" of the game?
  8. cant open c++ files

    sorry, i didnt mean c++ files in my second question. when i tried to migrate files to SDK, it was only blueprints and animations, no C++. it only worked to migrate the folders and some of the blueprints, but not all of them for some reason.
  9. cant open c++ files

    okay. is migrating not possible either, or does it have limitations? i tried migrating my own UE4 project into SDK but it didnt work. i get the folders and i get some of the blueprints, but not all of them.
  10. cant open c++ files

    Hellu. Im trying to build a mod in squad, and need to access the C++ files. I go into the c++ category, click a c++ file. It starts saying "loading visual studio". Visual studio then opens up and it sais "ready" down at the bottom corner, but nothing comes up. The visual studio just sais "ready" and no files that I clicked on opens. And in UE4 it still sais "loading visual studio". There is no green bar either in visual studio, so im excluding the possibility that maybe it just takes a long time to open the files. Do I have the wrong version or something? Or is it not possible to edit the C++ files? (I have visual studio 2015). Im aiming to change some health mechanics, i want to change how much damage certain projectiles do, and i'd like to edit the "bleeding" functionalita as well as some other things! =)
  11. Modding Helpdesk

    im playing around with making an AI, and saw that theres a "botpawn" template in there. I cant get a navmesh working though. if I load the main menu level and drag a navmesh into there it works, but when I drag a navmesh into logarvalley_AASv1, and press P to activate it, it doesnt turn green. =( edit: the navmesh works in jensens training camp so that will do for my purposes.
  12. i made a shooting range game where i implemented "fragmentation damage". so if you shot at a target at a perpendicular angle, the bullet shattered into tiny fraagments and flew off in X and Y directions. i imagined that it would be suitable for a machine gun and heavier machineguns in FPS games, since the more bullets, the greater the odds are that the bullet will fragment the way i wanted it to. so i'd be encouraged to shoot a lot and use up all those rounds in the SAW. sort of like a TANK in the world of warcraft games. you'd step by step injure the enemy and drain health. i think that'd work as suppression, it'd at least be a more acute effect and you'd get some K/D as well being supportclass.
  13. audio tutorial REQ

    Hi, im learning to program at the moment, and trying to learn about setting up audio. Wondering if you could do a tutorial or point me in a direction on how you made bullet whizzbys and those supersonic cracks. Great game! G