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  1. The Wrench February

    nice stuff really good job !! and nice ka52 (only the dude in the vulkan aa will have a bad day wehn he turns on the radar ;-))
  2. Reddit AMA Transcript

    huch why is this ?
  3. Reddit AMA Transcript

    sorry devs but you !need! to rework the shooting mechanics not just abit its really unreal like now more wobbel and shake will help also after running long distanc you cant take aim coz of your heavy breathing. but now i can headshot allday long with a soped rifle i chill at a tree lie down and pop wohle squad running cross they have sometimes no chance to use teamplay to get me and on the other side i die sooo often at my first peak around corners and windows (even the bigest bildings) with in split of second it feels unreal remember PR it wasnt easy/possible to get a fast aimed (csgo like) shot which made the gun fight longer and intressting as long you didnt peak the same position again
  4. Missed Kickstarter campaign

    heeeyy!!!! me to!!!!! i swere the kickstarter thing sad yesterday 72h to go so i wanted to pay to day coz i get my creditcard on the friday and needet to play armored warfare pleas i need this GAME sorry but i am a bit in love with squad so i wanted to spend 125$ pleas take my bucks and ........ help me IronTaxi my new overlord i will play as you personal medic if you wish thx
  5. Something big coming May 1

    NOOIIIICCCEEEE LOVE IT JUST LOVE IT !!! but were is the big thing ? ah! some RO2 gore would be soo cool for tank hits/arty/IED and PLZ no futurama stuff so long best game ever is comming all over the place