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  1. Thanks guys, I had never heard of Discord before :P I will see you there!
  2. Hello everyone, I looked around in the forum but couldn't find what I was looking for, hope it's not a reposted topic. I just recently discovered Squad, and I like the concept behind it, but please note I still do not own a copy of the game. I''ve been developing a 5x5 Km terrain for A3 (kinda tiny for A3 gameplay), and now I've read that 4x4 core area for an 8x8 Km terrain is perfect for Squad. But I am now thinking I might shift my terrain model (either 0.5/1 m cell size and 0.5/1 px/m sat resolution), mask layers, road shapes etc... to UE4 which is much more reliable and user friendly than Terrain Builder :P But I have a couple questions about it: 1) Are we allowed to use some vanilla assets in custom terrains (as you would in Arma) or are we required to use only our own trees/buildings/fences etc.? 2) Do you guys have a link to a thread or guide about particular issues on UE4 terrains for Squad? Such as optimal texture sizes, grid size, how building destruction is handled... :) Thanks for any help!