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  1. Suggestions from a seasoned Game Enthusiast

    Yeah, but i've been forum lurkin.Jus' haven't posted. Don't worry about me though, I'm not new to forums!
  2. Here's my list of suggestions! It's a long one so I'll just get to the point. Please do comment your thoughts! General Gameplay -Ability to pick up guns fallen on the ground -Ability to pick up fallen comrades that haven't given up -Stamina zoom occuring after crouching for a little bit (It's annoying to press shift and ctrl while using your weapon at the same time) -Ability to pick up grenades and throw them back before they blow up -Ability to cover grenades so your team doesn't receive the blast Squad Gameplay -Mortar/air support radio guy -Ability to build mortars -Being able to use build points to customize your weapon in that one life (it being super expensive like 500 points per addition, and having a limit) Game Emphasis (The game making it more efficient to do a certain task) -Emphasis on base building and maintaining for defenders (Maybe by being near FOBs gives you more build points for possible weapon customizations ^) -Emphasis on stealth (Maybe like shooting gives your position away on the map for a few seconds.) -Emphasis on not giving up (Every time you give up the game tells you how many tickets you lost and makes you feel bad?) Miscellaneous -Flashbangs -Choice of primary weapon for a role -Night vision (Night map?) -Thermal Vision -SMGs (IDK, sometimes I use em.) -Divisions (Like Navy SEALS, elite task force uniforms for the squad that has the most points total in a team.) Game Realism -I think that insurgents should be made a lot weaker than the coalition side, which would be realistic. This would make the insurgent forces fight harder, being that they don't have all this tech. They will have to use superior tactics. -Day and night cycle (If games take a while, which they sometimes do. Night would definitely add opportunities for both sides.) They do everything they do, correct. This is just some more creative add-ons. Most of them probably aren't that good. But a few could totally add something special.