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    Guns, medicine, and video games.
  1. Steam names

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/dreadnaught1 |CR| TomDackery at your serverice.
  2. Now that's a clan I'd like to join!

    I'm lost. But this.
  3. PR Vet and ArmA Vet Signing In

    Oh, look, more people from UO-past.
  4. Where do you aim with the ACOG?

    Hmmmm I haven't noticed it yet. Then again, I just shoot wildly at targets further than 150m because I can't aim worth poo in Squad.
  5. Where do you aim with the ACOG?

    Well thats all nice and things, I'm just answering based on the idea there is no bullet drop in the game as of now, which is what I've seen for the most part. -US Citizen, No Military Training
  6. Where do you aim with the ACOG?

    Per ACOG usage, top of the chevron is where you should aim. But it's closed pre-alpha. So somewhere between 4 and 5.
  7. Anybody get any footage with me in it? :P

    Ex Inferis is the name. I was playing on the same server as you last night, but I wasn't recording anything.
  8. Project Reality vets sign in here

    as stated, started really playing in 2008, though I remember playing a few rounds back when VIP mode was a thing.
  9. Hi, I'm TomDackery and...

    I'm already here, though, Wade
  10. Hi, I'm TomDackery and...

    A great one. Nicely done lol
  11. Hi, I'm TomDackery and...

    Fighter why you go change names again?
  12. How old is the Squad community?

    I'm 22 going on 50, from the good ole United States of 'Murika. Mentally still 10.
  13. I got the commander package. I played the PR since like 2008 or something. You may vaguely remember me. Or not. Thats ok. Hope to see you gents on the stratergerfieldSquadgameserver.
  14. Medical System

    This went from more in-depth medical system to removing players from the frontlines to medevac them. From what the op says,it's suggesting something that requires more thinking than drop patch, epipen, medic bag.