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  1. Suggestion about the game

    Could u just understand what WW1 was. They started with movement war, but they made trench because Defense was superior to attack and they had to wait untill the tank appeared to be effective on a battlefield. So now try to think, if u made the attack slower harder, a good defense is more effective. So you have only to defend your point to win the game. Look what happens on papanov flag with Fool s Road AAS3. Superfob is not a way to defend, defend it s just put a fob send ur guy a 150 meter from the fob and stryke every attack. U have a better spawn time on the fob so you could put more pressure on the attakers. And you don t know what is FAST. I don t speak about how many fast u re walking... Please read what i wrote before. I speak about how things go fast. Because when you need a suply crates from a truck to deploy ur fob is making the attack slower and you could see clearly where the truck moved so just strike with your mortar. If you remove a medic to revive people u have less people to attack so ur attack need more fighting men than revive people. Because they have only 45 sec on the fob to spawn. It s just math. If u remove a medic from the attack u have only 7 men able to fight. More dead = less guy against a team who defend so you can t go ahead far enought. I could write a book on how to use and not using medic. ( and stop using smoke it s useless just to spot your own position) And now about the mortar. See on Logar how many meters you could make ur fob and your mortar.... you could suply them and stand on your main base ! Please ! Take a look and tell me ! U can t strike theyr suply lines they don t need just one guy staying with a rock on his keyboard to suply the fob. please take a look on what happen on ISKT...
  2. Suggestion about the game

    Ok.. so please try to be smart and think. And stop saying stay at main. Who speak about staying at main ?? Please have u ever seen a superfob in ISKT? Only minecraft players make superfob not PR players or squad players. 1/ Superfob is useless for numerous reason 2/ A good defense ( it s not a superfob ) is better when u have just flag even or just 1 flag difference. Ticket bleed is not a trouble and yeah u have ticket bleed in battlefield 2 and others ..
  3. Match d'entrainement streamé ce soir a partir de 20h30 heure francaise. Si cela vous tente de voir un match intéressant d'entrainement. https://www.twitch.tv/running_duck
  4. Tonight 18h30 UTC 20h30 heure française Streamed by Running Duck / Streamé par Running Duck https://www.twitch.tv/running_duck Match d'entrainement diffusé dans le cadre de l'ISKT. Training match cast in ISKT.
  5. Suggestion about the game

    i hope that u don t know what is slowing the game. It s not the movement that you have in infantry. It s how the game is balance between the defense and the attack. If u slow down ( by numerous causes) u make the defense more stronger than the attack so everybody just stand his flag ( be smart and think about WW1 how the trench war start). Why ? because it s too expensive to attack and it s better for ur team to make a good defense. And please don t serve me teamplay communciation and others thing like that... ( by the way if u need 30 sec to cross a street u will be dead ... and no ur smokes are useless) yeah i play a bit ( a lot ) in ISKT so i know about teamplay and communication, and i know about how hiding a fob, use mortar and other things. Please just take a look on the stream and make your idea on how a game is realy played when u have teamplay and communication and mortar and fob, at their max. If you need 500 meters to place mortar from the main u have to change your map ( for obvious reason), anyway take a look where you could make mortar fob and reloading you will be suprised. Did you see the view distance on PUBG with high view distance? i think not.. It s not so bad if u can t see people walking at 4km. Anyway the grass and some trees are removed at a certain distance so it s easy to find and kill people in these case( and yeah i play with ISKT rulez about it, so in tournament mode). Project reality had a mass FPS drop and a massive CPU usage after removing the FOW, if people could remember these times. yeah I was a player in PR from a long time.... Yeah i played in squad before the vehicule and ? The game was faster because the defense was balance with the attack. And why always speak about battlefield ? It s like a joker card ? I mean before the 9.9 i had FPS drop from 120 (vsync on) to 60 FPS in some special parts of maps. So anyway thanks to improve the FPS for all the people who can t afford a very good CPU. So this game could play by the most and not the few. ( yeah i care about other people no myself)
  6. Suggestion about the game

    Mode troll on I7 6700K 16 go DDR 3200 1070, NVME..... Mode troll off _ Speak about the poor people who want to play and don t have an elite computer ( or the NASA computer). ( a game is generaly meant to be play by the most not by the few no?) So yes they have controll over their own code. ( how could u have a FPS drop about 60 fps in some part or some view in fool road for exemple ?? ). Don t hide behind its an alpha it s a beta or whatever u could find. PUBG is an unreal engine game.... _ Walking is the part of the experience, but make flags over 1km distance between them don t able the teamplay ( helping people from 1km distance is a bit hard). It s make defense more easier and it s a handicap for attakers. ( and no i m not a minecrafter) _I adjust my style, please don t take me like a noob. _Placing fob inside a building prevent from mortar firing and force you to use shovel anyway ( so what u are saying is a nonsense). It s too easy to scout a fob fire at will with mortar after and just erase a part of a map with mortar. _destroy their logi ? why when u could make the mortar fob so close of the main base that you could just make 50 meters with the truck to resuply. Look some match people with 900 000 pts of resuplying =). You can t destroy their logi so close of their main ( and they ll have an other one quickly don t wory) _If you need a truck to deploy an HABs or make ur team spawning. With people who know how to play you truck will be an easy target to scout ( sound - big truck) that just allow you to destroy the fob with mortars. _ 2 hit it s too easy ? u have to play better with ur APC so it s not too easy it s just that u need to change your style. 4 RPG for an APC and how many ?12 for a tank ?? Remember that in PR you could destroy wheel from car and everything to block APC/ tank ... ( but i think you didn t play PR when it was possible)
  7. _Stop adding stuff, and make your game multi core ( or with more FPS). Just fix it. _Stop slowing the game. This is not ARMA. It s not a hiking game. _Balance the game with the scope and everything else. Because no, it s not balanced. ( for a recall in PR grosny map removed all the scope to make it balanced) _Stop mortar who could destroy HABS/ FOB etc. If u can t destroy building don t make habs/fob destroyable. It s a nonsense. Only pushing people to place the fob inside a house. _Stop instant reloading mortar. ( when u will hear 3 hours of mortar bombing the area you will stop it) _The need of a truck to deploy a fob anihilate lot of attacks because u only have to check where the truck go, send some scout and bomb the fob with mortar. _Make RPG more effective against APC. 3 /4 RPGs for a stryker ? In what world ?
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    pS in Kohat Toi AAS v1
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    ParadiSe in Sumari Bala AAS V3
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    pS in Fool's Road AAS 2