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  1. The visuals of those huge shell casings being ejected is great - I agree that an accompanying sound would be cool.
  2. Play with FFO - they run the best vehicle squads and Wolfpack like none other. You'll learn a lot from watching them.
  3. I concur - great job. This is the best game ever.
  4. Clever idea. +1
  5. I like options.
  6. I like Billy Joel. It's ok if you never heard of him.
  7. No but here are a couple of links from AMD's website to some knowledge base articles. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/UnableToSetGPUScaling.aspx http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/GPU72ResDoesNotMatchDesktop.aspx
  8. Ban lists are being shared between server admins - perhaps you were banned on accident and are on the list. If it were me, I would go to a popular server and attempt to connect - if you get the banned message, contact the server admin to have them check their banned list. Sometimes very bad people log into servers with other peoples login names and the wrong person gets banned.
  9. I try and only play with other people - almost all clans have discord or TeamSpeak and almost all welcome anyone that wants to play along. Those hour long bad matches remind me of Dota 2, but at least with Squad - you can leave without penalty. If it is getting to you, leave and look for another server but I HIGHLY suggest playing with other groups.
  10. Is the in-game resolution setting supposed to do something? I've tried changing the setting and it seems to do nothing. I'm not having any problems - I'm trying to see the difference between HD Ready and Full HD and wanted to see the affect on frame rate. I swear that I'm getting Full HD now after editing the file. Maybe it's my imagination? But I still don't see the resolution be affected by that setting.
  11. Does Steam inventory have anything to do with the ingame message of "Received item from drop..."? I've been getting that message lately with my inventory settings set to off - just now I got the message again and was disconnected from the server after a minute or so. Someone mentioned somewhere to turn on the inventory settings, apply, then turn off the settings, and reapply. I just did that and I didn't receive item drop message this time and I haven't been disconnected. Now I turned the inventory settings to on and I received the item drop message but haven't been disconnected. So far I've been unable to find a pattern other than sometimes, even though Steam inventory says it is off - doesn't mean it is off. Workaround is to turn on the inventory settings, apply, then turn off the settings, and reapply but that may or may not help with a disconnect problem. So I think I just answered my own question... yes the setting triggers the item drop message.
  12. These happen every Sunday and are awesome! You can sign up your Clan or join as a pub. I highly recommend these.
  13. The SQUAD OPS Twitch streams are the BEST - with zoom windows and POV cams, it feels and is a great tv style production!
  14. I have found that playing Squad leader with other clans who are also Squad Leading is the best scenario. If you don't have coordination between the Squad Leaders it almost always leads to disasters. Try looking for clans to play with - even if you don't want to join.
  15. I only lag when everyone else lags - frames stay great until later in the match - even if I'm far away from the action. But it tends to be on servers pushing 70 - 80 players.
  16. The ragdolling looks great as it is - I miss the bodies that use to fly a hundred feet in the air - that was hilarious!
  17. I think if you are incompacitated you shouldn't be able to hear or see anything. I hear this all the time, "They are on my body right now, I hear their footsteps - there's more than one, wait now I hear an enemy vehicle..."
  18. If pilfering off bodies is implemented, I think it should be limited to bodies of your own team and they cannot be from a suicide or a team kill. It makes sense to be able to use someone else's bandage on that someone else. I just don't want to see exploiting of a pilfering system.
  19. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel. (Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > NVIDIA Control Panel) Expand the Display section and select Adjust desktop size and position. There are 2 tabs - Scaling & Size. Choose: Size and under the 1st section, click the link "Help me find the right setting on my display". "Many TV and HDTV displays overscan (enlarge) the video image..." "When viewing other content that does not need overscan, such as games or the Windows desktop, some of the image might be cutoff. ..." After reading through, there are instructions for adjusting desktop size and position. Hope this helps.
  20. NICE! I was having issues today with a server and I tried the turning on, apply settings - then turn off, apply settings and I joined the same server and it worked.
  21. Beautiful screen shot - post that on Twitter to @joinsquad.
  22. I wish the foliage setting and all settings would be locked for everyone, but I also understand and am sympathetic to the fact that not everyone has a muli-thousand dollar setup. But just because I do, it shouldn't mean that I have to guess which grass is seen by everyone and which grass is not.
  23. I'll buy you a headset - do you have a Wakmart in your area? - I can have it shipped to the Walmart. Having a microphone is essential. SQUAD is the best game ever - my first game was on the Atari.
  24. This happened to me too today but only in one server - the message that normally is displayed could not be read.