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  1. I've been in several matches where ticket bleed - not kills won the match. In fact, to me - ticket bleed is more important than kills (except of course vehicle ticket loss - those add up quickly). End the match BUT only if certain conditions exist, like loosing team has less than a hundred tickets left and the winning team has 300 hundred or more tickets left.
  2. NAS Event No. 11 March 19 2017 - 1st Match NAS Event No. 11 March 19 2017 - 2nd Match From my POV - "ProfessorKnocksHard - JJ".
  3. NAS Event No. 10 March 12 2017 - 1st Match NAS Event No. 10 March 12 2017 - 2nd Match From my POV - "ProfessorKnocksHard - JJ".
  4. NAS Event No. 8 on February 26 2017 - 1st Match NAS Event No. 8 on February 26 2017 - 2nd Match From my POV - "ProfessorKnocksHard - JJ".
  5. I watched the video - but I only see it shake when I also hear a grenade explode. Did I miss something?
  6. That would be a great screenshot!
  7. You can get a server for 20 players for about $20 a month - great testing server and small scrim server.
  8. I love when someone good operates the rocket technical - hearing the rockets launch and then having to take cover is a lot of fun and really adds to the ingame experience. I'm excited for mortars and artillary too.
  9. I remember the good ole days of DOS 6.11... When you literally only installed what you used.
  10. Never heard of installing older drivers for hardware. I'm going to research this. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I was thinking the AK was less accurate too but when I go to the firing range it seems every bit as accurate as the M4. Watching some of my recordings, I've learned that the difference is that when stressed and required to aim quickly - you just can't beat a red dot sight.
  12. You can already do most of that if you have admin rights to configure a server. Admins can allow all kits, they can disable vehicle claiming, and I thought there was a way admins can spawn in vehicles (but I can't figure out where I read that). A game mode I'd be interested in, would be one with a single very large cap, that doesn't become cappable until after 5 minutes.
  13. I tried to reproduce this but was unable to. Perhaps you weren't hitting the turret? I emptied a full mag into the turret and it was on fire and then I reloaded and finished it off.
  14. Helicopters would be EPIC and so would the stinger missile that would take them down! If the helicopter was a chinook - we could transport troops and a vehicle!
  15. Blade Runner is a cult classic epic movie!