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  1. Separate mouse sensitivity while aiming?

    I'd like an aiming dead zone where only my gun moves and not the screen.
  2. Surround Sound Issue

    I use a 7.1 surround sound gaming headset too (Logitech G35). I've noticed that sounds are louder at different angles - if I'm near a FOB and I look at just the right angle, I almost don't hear it all - remember that the game is alpha and give the developers some breathing room. All will be perfected in the end. The sounds are awesome and add so much to the game play. People are hit by trains because they don't hear the train until it is right up on them - there are real physics involved here. I frequently don't hear my kids talking to me... LOL
  3. Screen Weird

    Do you want to setup a TeamViewer session?
  4. rpg penetration

    I can't wait till we can destroy sandbags and stuff...
  5. Amazing Job @Devs

    Hueys or the blackhawk would be cool, as would an Osprey and the Chinook.
  6. JJarrow Gaming - Highlights

  7. What goes on inside some Squaddies heads?

    My son is forbidden from saying that, because I don't want the neighbor's to key our cars or call the Dept. of Homeland Security on us. He and his friends use to say it all the time while playing all kinds of video games because they think it's funny and yelling geranimo hasn't been a thing for a long time.
  8. Screen Weird

    Do you have two displays? If yes, make sure you have configured them to extend the displays. There is a compatibility setting for disabling screen scaling that can be configured on the executable. I have never used it. Someone in another forum post on this site said they were able to disable screen scaling but they never told me where they did it at - maybe this was the setting they changed, I'm not sure. There are two SQUAD executables in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Squad: Squad.exe and Squad_launcher.exe. Not sure if you would need to set the setting for both or just one. But it is worth a shot.
  9. Vehicle claiming system -Sounds good, is OK, but...

    I think if you leave the engine running - the vehicle is fair game.
  10. JJarrow Gaming - Highlights

  11. Please make a way to cancel a reload

    I would like a way to cancel a reload too. I'd actually like a way to change your mind for most of the animations. You select smoke on accident, you have to pull out the smoke all the way, read the label (lol)... before you can switch to the grenade or bandage that you meant to switch to.
  12. Ticket System Needs to be Reworked

    So the newer system is in place - you get tickets when you conquer an enemy flag and you lose tickets when you lose a flag. That's awesome. But currently, ticket bleed does not start until one side has captured MORE THAN HALF of all the flags. My suggestion is, make ticket bleed be based on who has more flags period. Right now, if you rush and are able to prevent an enemy from taking their first or second flag, while your team takes a flag or two or three - there is no ticket bleed until your team gets more than half. I think it would add an awesome dynamic to the game and force teams to use more strategy and lead to even better game play.
  13. Make the Main Bases conquerable

    I like the idea of allowing the main base to be taken after all points have been taken and once the main has been taken - instant game over.
  14. Hey sound guy

    A paypal tip jar, what a BRILLIANT idea.
  15. fullskreen 1920x1080 problems

    Did you do that in the Compatibility tab of the squad_launcher.exe Properties? If not, where did you do that?