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  1. Helicopters would be EPIC and so would the stinger missile that would take them down! If the helicopter was a chinook - we could transport troops and a vehicle!
  2. Blade Runner is a cult classic epic movie!
  3. rasism

    The forum poster is exactly correct. There is a lot of discrimination in game against all kinds of categories of people. Server admins need to be held accountable and need to be VERY sure they document every kick and ban - otherwise, complaints will be investigated and license will be revoked. It is illegal to discriminate, even in a video game. SQUAD is purchased and therefore all servers are considered a place of business. If you have an English server (or any language for that matter), you better not assume someone doesn't speak English. Because you'll need to be able to prove that - you can't kick and then apologize later - just ask any discrimination lawyer. Like I said - server admins beware, you better have good reason to kick and ban and better be able to back it up because when a complaint is filed against a server - you can count on the players being protected long before a server admin. There are a lot of parties involved here from Valve and Steam to Offworld Industries... all of them can be counted on to protect the players, because it's the right thing to do and that's where the money comes from - and of course, there's a legal obligation.
  4. That's pretty much exactly spot on for what I get (minus the super sampling) with my i7 3.75 ghz, 32 gig ram, ssd, and 1070. For me, the pattern for frame drop seems to be tied to the number of players in game - I get a 100 FPS when only like 20 people are on and fluctuates between 40 - 60 (but averages around 49) when servers get close to 80 people on. I think that is just the way it is right now - which is ok to me because the graphics and effects are fricken sweet!
  5. Here's another video for reshade.me that my friend made - I use to use the shader but now I don't.
  6. I'm not getting anymore disconnects since the hotfix.
  7. Finding targets was my first difficulty too, followed quickly by identifying the enemy. It just takes time and understanding of the flow of the game. Just as you are out looking for the enemy, the enemy is out looking for you. Fot long range shots - you really need to stare hard at the screen and look for anything out of place and for any movement and then shoot - but remember that when you shoot, you've just given yourself away.
  8. It came across as condescending.
  9. When I go hunting, I almost NEVER have a clear line of sight on any target over 30 yards because of leaves, trees, bushes, undulations in the landscape - and the deer seem to KNOW IT... I always have to maneuver to get a clear shot which means A LOT of walking. Maybe if they implemented tree stands to get snipers over the bushes? LOL Tree stands are cold and boring. On the flip side, try playing against FFO - they run those vehicles so well that I start to think that vehicles are too powerful and then I play against pubs and vehicles seem like free tickets. It really depends how they are being used - insurgents new one hit wonder (HAT) is a great wrench that has been thrown in.
  10. Hab

    Radio placement in relation to HAB placement entirely depends on the situation. There are times you need to place the FOB near the HAB and times you don't. The most common mistake I see is that the FOB is placed in the obvious path of incoming assaults. When placing the FOB outside of the HAB area - don't place it on a game trail. Also, when placing the FOB - don't place it where enemies can easily swarm near it - that is worse than forcing them to have to dig it up. Nothing is more irritating than watching a FOB go down because of a proximity assault on it - make the enemy have to dig it up. When placing the HAB, try to place it in such a way that there are no clear line of sights into the openings - and make sure YOU have a path to the FOB so you can defend it if need be. In the end, I think it's best to place it away from the HAB most of the time.
  11. The utility I use to monitor my 1070 is the TechPowerUp GPU-Z: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/. When it's running, go to the Sensors tab and check the PerfCap Reason to see if the performance is being capped and if so, why. Temps, voltages, etc... can be checked on this sensors tab. I use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to monitor my i7 (mine is overclocked by I use the system bios to do that): https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24075/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU-.
  12. The visuals of those huge shell casings being ejected is great - I agree that an accompanying sound would be cool.
  13. Play with FFO - they run the best vehicle squads and Wolfpack like none other. You'll learn a lot from watching them.
  14. I concur - great job. This is the best game ever.