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  1. Incentive to wait for MEDIC

    Just extend the time people have to wait after clicking GIVE UP. Death needs more of a penalty, period. The game plays a bit too much like 'run and gun' at the moment. I want to FEAR dying. Being taken out of the game for a longer duration may help people both wait for a medic AND play more tactically/carefully. eg. get shot - 90 seconds till death (and then a 30 second respond timer) pressing Give up too soon after getting shot SHOULD result in a higher penalty before respawn (eg. 30 second respawn timer + 30 second penalty for giving up early). Clicking GIVE UP closer to the end of your 90 second (for example) bleed out time should not wield as much of a penalty (30 + 5 or something)
  2. I guess this is good to mix up the map rotation... but I feel this is very much catering to the COD fans that are looking for a death match kill count type map. I came to Squad because of the tactical approach to gameplay, and I feel this map is a grind of death to get through. Thankfully it ends fast because its just constant kills.... but it feels very out of place of what I thought Squad was meant to be. perhaps if the compounds were spaced out more, or the map size about twice as big?
  3. User Interface Concept Art

    Clean. Clear. Beautiful! these are fantastic. I also love what AJAX has been doing, but I REALLY like the cleanliness of your concepts. Such a drastic professional improvement over the current place holders.. nothing against whoever created those, but this thread should be the new design model! well done
  4. Squad League

    this is really cool guys! As a newer player who does not know these maps by heart yet, some sort of overlay where you can illustrate battle plans and maneuvers as they happen would be very helpful in visualizing the battle/battlefield. can't wait to see more!
  5. Heavy Vehicles, View Distance

    Though results to a search do come up, none address the specific points laid out in the OP's question - (play PR is not really an answer) This was a well crafted question, that could start a more focused discussion on the topic.
  6. V5.5 patch notes leak

    that, and if you kept reading....... lol
  7. Found an FOV issue with the new scope FX, related to your FOV setting. The new Dark overlay they added doesn't align properly to the scope on anything other than a 90 degree FOV setting. FOV values VS effect in links 90 FOV 100 FOV 110 FOV
  8. Alpha V5 Initial Feedback

    When fooling around in the Training map I noticed that the new darkened scope look for the ACOGs wasn't aligned properly for me. The dark area started well beyond the physical scope size. I'll try and upload an image when I get home tonight. Anyone else notice this?