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  1. Mic Spam

    For me it totally destroys the game's immersion when I hear most people talking to much on the mic. I want to play with a good squad leader who hopefully knows what they are doing and not listen to several people giving orders to everybody and getting bossy. To confront members of the squad who are to bossy will unfortunately get old real quick and I probably won't play the game much. Some people don't get when you ask them nicely to stop giving orders politely and require to be told in the way they understand. That's not fun for me.
  2. Mic Spam

    Haven't played the game much because I don't really like PVP with constant mic spam but revisited after seeing the update. I like the game but dislike the mic spam. I guess I'll have to deal with it if I want to play this game.
  3. Squad Leader

    I am a new player . I like the game. I've played several games and am still learning. I have to say there are way to many players who are squad leaders and don't do anything for the squad. It really is sad when I am playing for an evening and 80% of the games I log into the squad I am on is everybody is doing whatever they want. It ruins my immersion. I don't know enough yet to be an effective squad leader and don't even know if I even want to be one but those that are please take it seriously and work with the squad and don't create arcade style game play.