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  1. Despawn in main base

    Maybe, but not all maps will have helicopters and they are a long way from implementing aircraft I am guessing.
  2. Despawn in main base

    Yes with APCs this is usually not a problem as the squad will keep it. But the transport trucks and the supply trucks gets left behind 98% of the time.
  3. Despawn in main base

    You are misunderstanding. I'm not saying you can respawn from anywere to get back to the main base. I'm saying that if you bring the transport or supply truck back to main base, you can despawn in the mainbase and then spawn on your squads rally or a FOB that is closer to the squad. That way the trucks get brought back to the main, but you dont have to spend the next 10 min running back to your squad (nobody is going to do that).
  4. Despawn in main base

    It's not really a fast travel system like in other games as there would only be one place you could do it and that would be main base. And the only people that are returning to the main base are people that want to repair their vehicles, nobody else goes back to main base. You would still use transports to transport the squad, the difference would be that now you don't have to abandon the vehicle after use, you could tell your driver to take it back to main base (so it can be used later), despawn and join the rest of the squad. Please be more specific. Describe how this would "destroy a big part of the game". Right now what I am seeing is tons of trucks abandoned around the map. Nobody is making transportation squads offering squads transport and I don't expect we'll see that until they add helicopters. You can already achieve what I'm proposing by typing /suicide in the main base. I'm just suggesting removing the ticket loss and respawn time in the main base promoting people to return the equipment so it can be used later in the game.
  5. I would like to suggest a system that allows you to despawn back at main base. One of the main reasons vehicles are not brought back to main base when the squad doesn't need it any more (usually supply truck or transport) is because the driver would have to walk all the way back to the squad and the whole process could take 10 min or more. The alternative is to suicide, but that would cost a ticket, you have a long respawn time and I don't think we want people to suicide just because it's a long walk. Let the player walk up to the main base radio and use the radial manu to despawn without costing a ticket and no respawn time. This way he can spawn on the squad's rally or a near by FOB after completing his mission to secure the vehicle back at the main base.
  6. I like doing logistics runs, but the only way for me to do it now is occupying a squad member position and getting the SL to approve the claim (and thats only possible in the beginning of the match because you can forget about getting 3 guys to spawn with you at main to claim a supply truck). Then I am able to do my thing, supporting all the squads with supplies, but my original host squad is one member down for the whole match. That is not a good system. With the current system and demand for supplies you only need one man to do the logistics. Therefor you should be able to start a logistics squad and claim a logistics truck without needing to involve other people. Please remove the need for additional squad members to claim supply trucks until you implement a better system that accounts for supply squads.
  7. off map limitations

    I don't think there should be a limit. If there needs to be a limit because of technical reasons, it should be so far away from any objectives that you would never reach it while actually playing the game the way it's meant to be played. By that I mean I don't like it when games put up artificial barriers like invisible walls, death zones, etc. I would like to think I could walk forever in one direction if I wanted to.