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  1. Hole found in model

    Hi guys not sure if this has been brought up but saw a whole in the US soldiers arm.
  2. Destroyable Wrecks

    Ramming would be good but make your vehicle suffer some damage. The only way I see explosives used is to completely destroy the wreck as shooting an RPG at it wouldnt really do much except blow more parts off. I have found wrecks to be pretty useful by parking a BTR behind it and pretty much making a hull down position with only the turret exposed.
  3. Alpha 7.7 Released

    These people bought a game in early access and then whine about performance issues, seriously what were you expecting? Do you not read things before you buy? Alot of people including myself bought this because we see the potential in this game and want to help to make it better. If your not willing to do that and actually be helpful then why are you here?
  4. New V7 Update Feedback

    I think he means adding the focus ability like with the rifles which would allow the 50s to be used better at range which is what they are designed to do. Although i do like the idea of being on the 50 (either vehicle or tripod) and that gunner having a set of binos.
  5. V7 preview logistics vehicles

    So in v7 will we see people resupplying use ammo points and same with the 50cal emplacements? if so how many points get used during a resupply? Would there be a way to show an ammo crate has no supply? If on the map all associated crates with that fob get a red line through them or something?
  6. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    I did and from what I read is that you are worried you won't be able to shoot back against a vehicle and you are talking about more sights and/or bigger anti tank weapons.
  7. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    I know and so they shouldn't but there is still plenty of cover in most maps to move from and to. A squad has a massive amount of smoke which can be used to obscure a crossing or even just a diversion to get out of the open. A lot of time people are just lazy and run straight from the FOB to the marker. "This part is correct. That said, as to my original point, a techie or humvvv is not out of the question for a squad to destroy. I was refering to the current situation where we will not be able to engage them effectively at distance, which wouldnt be an issue if they weren't engaging you, though if they were the vehicle is OP in that situation, and without an additional variable such as cover, your squad is fucked (unless your rpg squad mate gets a lucky, unsighted, unaimed shot on the vehicle, which would place the outcome down to chance rather than skill)" Standard squads don't usually carry anything bigger then a LAW unless it is mission specific. On the forest maps it shouldnt be that hard to get within 200m of a vehicle to get a shot off. Once vehicles are in it will be stupid for people to be running across the top of bare hills and they deserve to be mowed down for that. "Well a MBT or heavy APC for sure, but an armed toyota is no match for a LAW or RPG that can be sighted in." I still by a squad shouldn't take a vehicle head on, a 50 cal is devastating to a squad even if it is an unarmored vehicle at distance. Unless I can get surprise on a vehicle on a flank or rear I won't be going after it and if im stuck between a rock and a hard place lets just hope the anti tank guy is a good shot at range. Even if he gets a rocket close to hitting I bet most vehicles will move.
  8. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Looking great can't wait
  9. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    That is where tactics comes in tho. Make sure the squad is spread out, not exposing themselves and using dead ground. Also having other squads or vehicles supporting. Just because your in a shit position doesn't mean you should insantly be able to get out of it and a squad by itself shouldn't able to take a vehicle head on.
  10. Have claymores been confirmed?

    If we are keeping it semi realistic there isn't a trip wire version of the claymore. They are command detonated meaning a cable (30m in length) is attached from the firing device to the claymore.
  11. Slow switching

    Mate I've carried the M203 overseas on a heavier weapon system than the M4. You have a round in the chamber before you step off so all you need to do is set your sights, move your master hand, turn the safety off and aim the thing, its really not hard to get a round off quickly. Body armour doesn't stop anything because we always train in body armour, the saying is "train hard, fight easy".
  12. Slow switching

    They aren't that heavy (approx 1.5kg). It is rather quick transaction as all you need to do is move your master hand to the trigger(usually holding onto the mag) and set your sights and should take around 2-3 seconds.
  13. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I am pretty confident I deleted that email by accident and I cant find it. Any chance of getting another email? pretty please Disregard just read about emailing support
  14. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    Each faction has strengths and weaknesses tho, ie militia vs US in regards to better optics. Just have to use some good old teamwork and smash it from the flanks.