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  1. Alt-Tabbing on loading screen causes freeze?

    Known issue. Its anytime Squad loads (even main menu) it freezes the whole pc
  2. Alpha 10.1

    Thanks for any update, by each the game got much better! BUT (as there is always a BUT(t)) Since v10 I suffer from ping-peaks. Everytime I encounter an Enemy close the ping shoots up from 30-40 to 160-200. So I am underdog now. PLUS Since 10.1 FPS are higher at the beginning (+40!) but ingame I have drops to 20. Overall the game is now unplayable for me ( I don't mention the broken server browser for now). Movement is much better, by 10.1 it is woolly. :-( i6700k 4.2GHz Gigabyte g1 GTX1070 32 GB Ram
  3. Alpha 10 Public Test

    It's the downgrade Hey Owi, I have really to argue with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Christmas and I left my wife, my famile, my child behind. I quitted my job, sold my way to expensive 2nd house, thats all for just playing Squad all the holidays long. I just expected a really good time having the inofficial released v10. But now, it is ALL gone! You did it! You downgraded it! So, I'll never return to v9 again and wouln't play it! Im done with it. Hope you enjoy your much disappointing behavoir against the communites will!* (*It's sarcasm. I just can't wait for the real release. You did a very good job so far and v10 is more promising than expected. It's a whole new game and I just can't bear the feeling of letting it go. Even it's unfinished, it's fantastic. And brutal...never had that much respect against an ingame weapon like the AA-Tank. It's disturbing. It's ugly. It's overwhelming and it's sound scared me any time I encountered it. Fantastic psycho horror. So have a kind and good Chrismastime with your familie and beloved once :-) )
  4. Alpha 10 Public Test

    I encountered a bunch of bugs by testing v10 public ... is there a thread to post those bugs?
  5. I think, the time will tell, for Squad is alpha. Nevermind: As admin: I started to be admin on a gameserver since some days, but often I fell like I have not the power I need to. Its easy to kick or ban a misbehaving player from the server, but I am missing the "grey patterns". Those things like: Kick SQ with no mic from his SL position (not from the entire server). Forced namechanges for Squads. And the possibility to "force lock" an inappropriate SL from taking a SL-Role again after he got kicked from SL position. So once he lost his SL-Role he can never get it again during his stay on the server (that session or for a week or something) Squad suffers now and then from new players (freeweekend) that do new squads without leading them, just for they want to know how the game works. Other players join these squads but can't play proper. And another gamebreaking thing: Just like the last weekend lots of "noobs" do new squads just to test and destroy vehicles at mainbase. Therefore there is not a message to the admin like "player x destroyed own team vehicle", so that we incombat admins get aware of this and can act. As player: I really feel the need for a vote system, that makes the squadmembers opinion kick an SL from SL-Role. Lots of times on server's I not do admin, there are those bad SL that take roles with sniper-scopes and don't lead. As a SL: I would prefer an option where I can lock roles that they squad don't need at this time. Over and over again I am telling: No marksman need but any new Squadmember takes that role... After 1h of telling what roles I want or not, I don't have the power to do this anymore, so I feel like "ok, Team so lets loose this cause you dont listen". Therefore, locking roles is also needed imo. If these distractions get lessend the gameflow gains profit.
  6. Yeah Bashra is a Bi**h! I love it, it makes Squad different again. Every Update a fine pice of work! But: I think there will be soon some changes in wich order those flags have to be taken. Yet, it seems like the INS is prefered... :-)
  7. Release: Alpha Version 9

    y is anytime with new update those FFFFFFF 4k resolution bug back! PLZ fix it soon!!!111
  8. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    As I expected, release may on Friday, caus ppl has time to spend time on it at the weekend.
  9. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Lol...they posted "this week" the wrong day. This announcement should be posted on monday, 03-13-17. They failed. ... ;-)
  10. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    -1 In some tactical cases having a gunner left in vehicle just for fire support, your suggestion would break this tactic. Therfore I do NOT agree.
  11. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    (When) It's done?!?!
  12. Rushing - The Game Changer

    It's a tactic, that can the other team play as well. I like it for it makes the round more thrilling.
  13. Most annoying things about Squad

    nope. thats too much of realism. ok, I know, I replay to a troll-post. But the things I namend are gamebreaking frustrating and dump.