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  1. First of all, they need to fix the prone camera offset.....
  2. Hit-Detection

    in v14 it was way better
  3. Hit-Detection

    Am I the only player that experience this? Since the last update, the hit detection seems broken. Any time I am an russian player, it takes a whole ak-mag just for killing one guy. Hits and blood are shown but the enemy has no effect (dead). Same as US vs. INS And no, it's not a lack of aiming.
  4. Insane update hassle

    In Germany we always have issues with the patches. First, it takes minutes to even just download 250mb. Than it takes - guessed - hours to install them...
  5. The Hit Registration

    Yeah, it IS broken for now. It happens quiet a very lot of times
  6. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    IMHO it't a nemesis map. One can play it, to one other it's fate. It is not easy to play on the map. My hate is against the fog, the snow and the now missing fine-tuning on textures. It could be great, after more and more developement.
  7. More C4 or increase the damage

    c4 nerf = bliat 50m for AT charge =bliat
  8. More C4 or increase the damage

    The point is, if you need a whole squad to get to the radio the placing of c4 is senseless.... they just dig it and thats it. c4 doesn't matter any more... its even rediculously weak against any vehicles....
  9. More C4 or increase the damage

    they nerfed it. It has made me lots of times upset as well. You now need to dig it down one tier, than c4 it. It's bullshit. And the nerf of the AT by increasing the needed space between target and gunner is also bullshit, making vehic much more overpowered. Last rounds I shot 4 HAT and 3 LAT on one tank, that didnt go off. I shot 2 LAT on 1 Logi, it did not pop. Guys....
  10. Punishment for teamkills by mines

    nope. This punishes the whole team, not the dump one directly, for not looking on the map while driving. Psychologically he gets away with no aspect of education. The will repeat his misbehavoir, due to there where no consequences personally.
  11. Map information for Squad LDR

    interessing idea
  12. Scince the last update, we got a very powerfull role on battlefield: the combat engineers. They do lots of funny stuff, like digging faster, c4 enemy radios and placing mines against vehicles. They are the cancer of the roads, stopping the enemy to attack... ...only the enemy.... ...for hell, no! My last 3 rounds I have played, I placed 10 mines on critical points on the map. 5 (!) mines took out my teams own vehicles, because the f(§?#ing driver was not watching the road! In general mines kill more random noob teammate-players than enemies. Therfore I am wishing for these things: - Mine-TK are not counted as TK for the player placing them - Vehicle driver gets time-punishment on respawn timer for killing him and the poor souls inside his vehicle. - Vehicle driver gets the teamkills on his soul - Admins need to know, who is/was the driver of a vehicle, for finding out, which player is not able to read the minimap
  13. Mute Button

    I don't wannna cook a cat! :-P It was just an example of many other problems, you have to deal with the voice. E.g. in the beginning of a round, you, as a SL of course, want to talk to other squadleads. They - as well as you - are all suffering from squad- and localvoicespam. MUTE them, talk to other SL an reactivate the mic would be much better for overall com. than that spagghetti-ball-talking... Btw. I make an mic-check every round I play SL. There is really no nontalker kept in Squad.
  14. Mute Button

    I) Don't obey or response on order: Get kicked from Squad or even Server (we do on our Servers: Squad Europe / Squadeinander). Could happen even if you are not muting any channel... II) Litlle Icon to scoreboard or Squadboard, that a mate has his mic`s off...total information for the SL and any squadmember. Problem solved :-)
  15. Mute Button

    Don't mess up toxic play with tactical one. Lot's of lonewolves are and will be in the game. It dosen't matter whether there is the botton to switch radios on/off, or not. In first place, skilled players are able to do their skilled stuff, bad lonewolves are gonne kicked from squad anyway...