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  1. A Place for Tasty Leeks

    But as far as leak goes, I'm really looking forward to it. Never played a game so many hours in my life before :-)
  2. A Place for Tasty Leeks

    3 weeks. It had to be said :-)
  3. Deployable Field Hospital: M*A*S*H*

    for now, yes, like the repair station, just with humans. For balancing, maybe its consuming ammo or building points
  4. We have lots of deployables, but there is a lack of a field hospital. This would gain more realistic aspect to the game. Because some will arguement, that there are medics in field, having such a building would have both: - Fieldmedics more in field than at a HAB - HABs more kind of military base. How: Deployable field hospitals are like a building-vehicle hybrid. For not overpoweringthis building and making HABs too strong, wounded soldiers enter those treatment-containers like a vehicle. Once inside, they can be shot, but they can't shoot. They need some time to get medical attention. Entering and leaving need time, like, as leaving a normal vehicle ingame. So it's always a coinflip: entering a field hospital and getting treatment and beeing vulnerable or staying hurt and defendable? By limiting max. *M*A*S*H* per Team, or even it's in or out of a fraction, it could also positively impact the balancing. Like this way, it would totally fit into Squads spirit and gamedesgin.
  5. Just short question on admin-order "disband squad". I don’t get the point: How can I find out, what fraction what team number has? Like RUS are sometimes team 1, then team2 ... I really need a hint because I accidentally disband wrong squads....
  6. First of all, they need to fix the prone camera offset.....
  7. Hit-Detection

    in v14 it was way better
  8. Hit-Detection

    Am I the only player that experience this? Since the last update, the hit detection seems broken. Any time I am an russian player, it takes a whole ak-mag just for killing one guy. Hits and blood are shown but the enemy has no effect (dead). Same as US vs. INS And no, it's not a lack of aiming.
  9. Insane update hassle

    In Germany we always have issues with the patches. First, it takes minutes to even just download 250mb. Than it takes - guessed - hours to install them...
  10. The Hit Registration

    Yeah, it IS broken for now. It happens quiet a very lot of times
  11. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    IMHO it't a nemesis map. One can play it, to one other it's fate. It is not easy to play on the map. My hate is against the fog, the snow and the now missing fine-tuning on textures. It could be great, after more and more developement.
  12. More C4 or increase the damage

    c4 nerf = bliat 50m for AT charge =bliat
  13. More C4 or increase the damage

    The point is, if you need a whole squad to get to the radio the placing of c4 is senseless.... they just dig it and thats it. c4 doesn't matter any more... its even rediculously weak against any vehicles....