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  1. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I really like and play Squad from v0,3. I really like THIS game. It's THE game for me. But just one anyoing thing has to be mentioned: Kick steam's ass in order to make the patch downloads faster. 5min time for 20mb download is rediculous!!!!1111eleven
  2. General Update

    As I'm playing Squad scince v4, nothing in this "update" is real new. After the LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG waiting on v10 it was promised, that updates where now faster.... so Hi @ phil but nothing about the update is a real update. Ignore my critism, overall I am very glad with you guys making THE game I spend most of my freetime to :-)
  3. Alt tabbing in loadscreen causes freeze

    Its a bug since v7 or v4...
  4. February 2019 Recap

    Threeweeks³ have now gone since last major update! Built the roads faster!
  5. Squad is dead or not ?

    keep in mind, as it is still alpha, balancing is a matter of BETA
  6. Game lasts too long due to new ticket system. Vehic's are too cheap in comparision with the ammo LAT/HAT have right now and the amount of rockets needed to get one vehic down is just ridiculous. If public played - and randoms don't know how to use Logi's properly - the team has a lack of ammo and therfore a lack of power against enemy vehics.
  7. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I kick sniper-junkies from my squad if I don't need them...that simple. BUT: Due to many ways of taking ingamefootage by some very good videorecording softwares, lots snipers use those porgrams on a secound screen to even more improve ther viewing-range and get the sniper overpowered. I don't now if there is a way to prevent those exploits.
  8. I consider, having an argument about the definition of "toxic", is toxic for the topic, because it is offtopic. Beeing toxic in Squad means: - Don't talk to other SLs - Wasting tickets on abandoned Logis (uses them for transport only) - Lockes Squad by 3 or less member - Dosen't play objectives, does attack/defend not actice flag in a gamebreaking way - Opens squad at the beginning of a round (worst time) and suffles SL around, just because he wants to be the sniper guy - Dosen't talk to own squad either - Has no clue of his role, don't places rallys and Habs - Steals vehics from mainbase, while whole team just decided which SL will need/take it - Playes COD meatgrind style - Dosen't arrenge at all - Dosen't obey admins orders - Uses unsuitable racist spuadnames - ... ... ... - And - that's why I am wishing for those possibilites for admins - kicks admin from squad and lockes it, after he got point out on that topics. Those players have to be rejected, but by kicking them, the sl-kit gets around, the leftovers don't know how to unlock the squad and due to one TOXIC SL, 8 new players get a bad game and no benefit from that very nice teamplay-based FPS.
  9. Logi truck lacks horse power

    the logi and all vehics are underpowered against little hills. IMO its redicoulous...
  10. Guys I am an ADMIN and I do an administration of the server in a gameplay-healthy way. But those issuses aren't fixed by just kicking one guy out. The other randoms often passes the sl around cause nobody wants it or can play it. So if you reject a toxic SL, than I have to kick one more guy and one more. There istn't even a "kick from squad by admin". I just can kick people from the server, but this is a very hard option, because it really destroys the serverers name and will kill the server over the time. I want a scalpel not a rough chainsaw. I suspect any other opinion of this topic as you have done lots of s="t on servers and don't wanna get punished for :-P
  11. As a Clan admin there is no chance to join that locked squad an take the SL if nobody wants to
  12. Because the kicked SL will head his SL role to a random player, who dosen't know what a Sl is and how to unlock the squad...And I dont't wanna kick whole Squads...
  13. Suggestion: Due to incidents I would like to suggest, that admins A) have the right to join a locked squad as 10th member, not to play with them, just for to talk to the guys in the squad B) Force-unlock locked Squads in order to prevent lone-sl-squads C) Forced dismissal of a SL. So he dosen't needs to be kicked any more, but be removed from charge if he/she is toxic There's a real need of those three features. Maybe implementing them is not that difficult and time consumpting
  14. Alt-Tabbing on loading screen causes freeze?

    Known issue. Its anytime Squad loads (even main menu) it freezes the whole pc
  15. Alpha 10.1

    Thanks for any update, by each the game got much better! BUT (as there is always a BUT(t)) Since v10 I suffer from ping-peaks. Everytime I encounter an Enemy close the ping shoots up from 30-40 to 160-200. So I am underdog now. PLUS Since 10.1 FPS are higher at the beginning (+40!) but ingame I have drops to 20. Overall the game is now unplayable for me ( I don't mention the broken server browser for now). Movement is much better, by 10.1 it is woolly. :-( i6700k 4.2GHz Gigabyte g1 GTX1070 32 GB Ram