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  1. I would prefer a new option button down in the setting menue: Adjustment of car's sounds.
  2. When I Squadlead I do use the other markers as well. They aren't for "Hey, theres an MG-Gunner". They are for "Hey, theres a heavy cal .50 that kills us from that direction!". As I agree, there should be a soldier-marker for enemy soldiers I don't wanna miss the others...
  3. It did, but does it last?!
  4. On 4k and no scaling its too small....
  5. I hope, that they can reache those magic 100 ppl-servers, but other games promising more than 64 in EA failed, too. BUT I BELEVIE IN YOU!!!
  6. And, those questions are answered in other topics so far...
  7. Hi Squaddis, Hi Devs, this thread should be a pool of translation mistakes and bugs linked with that topic. [Quotes on topics introduction are not meant to be qouted as bug :-) ] BUG: German Translation; The "exit" button on main menu is gone. (May the other names are too long in translation that exit is out of monitor on 4k resolution)
  8. Scince one week I have a fu'**** annoying bug: First of all, Squad starts properly. Than after video the mainmenue's sound dissapear => game restart needed. If sound is there, try to get to a server. After joning local/squadvoice icon appear, but no sound => restart needed. Sound is there, but very laggy, stuttering => complete PC restart needed. It's sounds startplayingsound stopp, a bit of sound, stopp. delay, delay, more soundpices, stuttering. Once in a while, the games works propper. But I don't find a clear workaround. This bug is not constant. Maybe, its a driver battle between logtiech gaming software for the wireless headset, windows 10 64bit, or Soundplaster Recon 3Di (onboard). But it seems that Squad may be a reason for that bug.
  9. Mate, don't waist your money on AMD. I had an AMD System before. But, also due to Squad, if it's for gaming, may you haul with the wolves. After going for an i6700k and a 1070gtx there is no game that is NOT working properly. Even squad does on constant 50-60fps. On average: My room is less warm due to lesser heat spread by CPU. My PC is now quiet most of the time. All things AMD didnt handle that great as Intel does. I know, its expensive but at least a rig that will last the next 5 years...
  10. Hi Support, had a issue with the new Nvidia GPU driver 375.86. After installing it, fps where locked at 10-15. Game was unplayable. A roleback fixed it, I got back my familar 60fps on Gigabyte Gaming Xtreme 1080 and i6700k. As I asked some other gamers, they had that issue as well.
  11. Hi Squaddies, I want to post a little WARNING. New Nvidia driver ended by 86 may cause FPS stuck to 15! That happend to me and some other gamers after installing today. A driver rollback made Squad great again.
  13. Hi, since 8.1 voip is broken. I can see the "people talking" sign, but I can't hear them. The beep is there, too. After turnung off the "radio filter" at least I can hear them even somtimes on local. But local is broken too, since I cannot hear it in vehics and neither once in a while. I never had any probs be4. May there is a work-around (...yep I did a steam-filecheck AND and deleted the app-files)
  14. Sometimes - and I hate myself for saying this - I feel like the soldiers walk too fast. Starting to run is much to slow, but overall the movement needs a nerf
  15. @ topic once in a while I have this crash by closing and forced closing ( via alt+f4 / taskmgr) the game, even some FATAL Errors accure in connection with close vehicles..