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  1. It's a tactic, that can the other team play as well. I like it for it makes the round more thrilling.
  2. nope. thats too much of realism. ok, I know, I replay to a troll-post. But the things I namend are gamebreaking frustrating and dump.
  3. Hi there! It's an alpha - I know - but this should be the most-annoying-things-about-squad thread for gameplay purpose! It's meant to give a freedback to the devs, not to "destroy them". And its for flaming. And theres a lot to be said. Here are my favourites: I. If I would face a hand-granate in RL, I wouldn't move SLOWER to get away from it. Why does my squad avatar do so?! Y?! II. Why does my very injured AT set down his rocket luncher very properly and wastes time, instead of getting his bandages out? In war you dont give a f*** about how fine you box your weapon when your close to god. III. Why therefore I can interrupt the bandaging animation (and die very often due to it by mistake) and others animations can't be interuppted. IV. Doesn't matter how fast I pull my scope-gun. It dosen't matter how fast I aim and shoot. It dosen't matter that I hit the enemy like 5-8times. He just turns around and insta-kills with ONE f*** shot. (ping 40-80. fps 50 on av.)
  4. sometimes Bitdefender causes problems with EAC. Not in conection with this specific case, but with an other. Maybe a 5min deactivation of the av helps... ???
  5. excessive teamkilling

    The best system for TK punishment I ve seen so far was in CS 1.6 a modded tool: After somebody got tk he could decide to punish or forgive the murderer by either clicking 1 or 2 for yes and no. Kicking from server was and is now on most servers on: After 8tks autokick! Therefore, y do we need such a tool at all? Most intentional TKs are for back-tk and punish a tk, to just take revenge or suppress further tks. => cs-like tool would help! 2nd lots of SL use TK for punishing random players, that do not obey. So here we got the most problem: SL don't have any tools for not-obeying players and if they kick them from squad, most of the time those players go amok and leave the server afterwards.
  6. I would prefer a new option button down in the setting menue: Adjustment of car's sounds.
  7. When I Squadlead I do use the other markers as well. They aren't for "Hey, theres an MG-Gunner". They are for "Hey, theres a heavy cal .50 that kills us from that direction!". As I agree, there should be a soldier-marker for enemy soldiers I don't wanna miss the others...
  8. It did, but does it last?!
  9. On 4k and no scaling its too small....
  10. I hope, that they can reache those magic 100 ppl-servers, but other games promising more than 64 in EA failed, too. BUT I BELEVIE IN YOU!!!
  11. And, those questions are answered in other topics so far...
  12. Hi Squaddis, Hi Devs, this thread should be a pool of translation mistakes and bugs linked with that topic. [Quotes on topics introduction are not meant to be qouted as bug :-) ] BUG: German Translation; The "exit" button on main menu is gone. (May the other names are too long in translation that exit is out of monitor on 4k resolution)
  13. Scince one week I have a fu'**** annoying bug: First of all, Squad starts properly. Than after video the mainmenue's sound dissapear => game restart needed. If sound is there, try to get to a server. After joning local/squadvoice icon appear, but no sound => restart needed. Sound is there, but very laggy, stuttering => complete PC restart needed. It's sounds startplayingsound stopp, a bit of sound, stopp. delay, delay, more soundpices, stuttering. Once in a while, the games works propper. But I don't find a clear workaround. This bug is not constant. Maybe, its a driver battle between logtiech gaming software for the wireless headset, windows 10 64bit, or Soundplaster Recon 3Di (onboard). But it seems that Squad may be a reason for that bug.
  14. Mate, don't waist your money on AMD. I had an AMD System before. But, also due to Squad, if it's for gaming, may you haul with the wolves. After going for an i6700k and a 1070gtx there is no game that is NOT working properly. Even squad does on constant 50-60fps. On average: My room is less warm due to lesser heat spread by CPU. My PC is now quiet most of the time. All things AMD didnt handle that great as Intel does. I know, its expensive but at least a rig that will last the next 5 years...
  15. Hi Support, had a issue with the new Nvidia GPU driver 375.86. After installing it, fps where locked at 10-15. Game was unplayable. A roleback fixed it, I got back my familar 60fps on Gigabyte Gaming Xtreme 1080 and i6700k. As I asked some other gamers, they had that issue as well.