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  1. Hardware Upgrade

    Very similar to my set up, it will be a great upgrade
  2. Hardware Upgrade

    I upgraded from an AMD 8320 to Skylake i7 6700k and Asus Maximus Hero VIII. Performance is miles better on squad. Don't forget to factor in DDR4 Ram though.
  3. Origin of your Game Name / Username

    Surname is Orchard, friends call me Orch. A friend arrived at festival one day with a tent called the 'Orchy500' - took a photo of the label but was too drunk so only got Orchy5 in (avatar) so used that instead
  4. i7 6700k @ 4.7Ghz MSI 390X 8GB @ 1180/1600 16Gb Hyper X Fury DDR4 @ 2666mhz Gaming at 1080, 120% Res Scale, Epic settings, 70 man server is normally 50-70FPS
  5. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Proud to be on board
  6. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    Will remember that for next time, thanks!
  7. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    Nope. I'm sure there is such better ways of achieving the same result, just saying a fresh install worked for me.
  8. SQUAD and Ultra Wide Monitors

    Just as I thought I was done buying computer parts . . that ultrawide though
  9. Low FPS with GTX 980 Ti?

    100% agree with fresh windows install first. I upgraded an AMD 8320 to an Intel 6700k and didn't get any improvement until I did a fresh install. Worked wonders.
  10. Sawing Them In Half!

    "I think I got him" Yep I think so
  11. Low FPS on GTX 980ti even on low settings

    It did for me. Upgraded mobo and CPU to i7 6700k but was still getting 20-30FPS. Fresh install and now 60-70FPS on Epic.
  12. This nails it and completely backs up my own experience as a noob. Some evenings I get a little frustrated trying to find a decent squad, had a run of a couple of games last night where the SL was just non active, but that's fairly rare and got some good games in eventually. Stick with it, it's worth it.
  13. any good english servers

    Always head to RIP first, if full up then Redcoats, Skunkdogz, Exodus etc
  14. Stick or twist (AMD to Intel)

    Man a fresh install always takes longer than you remember. Worth it though, now getting 55-65 FPS on a full 72 man server on EPIC setting. Happy days! The game looks pretty damn in epic too! Looking forward to overclocking now :)