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  1. I've always been a big fan of the gun and I was super excited when G3 is added into the game. However, I really suck at this gun and just cannot seem to find a way to improve. I find the gun hard to use for a few reasons 1. Somehow I just cannot acquire a target clearly with the iron sight 2. huge recoil makes it really hard to connect follow up shots 3. hitting moving target is a nightmare with the iron sights because everything is blocked by the ring Personally I like hard hitting calibers, but I cannot seem to connect follow up shots like AKs and M4s, so that 2 round kill advantage is just non-existent for me... Any tips or tricks for using this weapon effectively? Am I just bad at the gun or is the gun actually not that great in its current state?
  2. SKS reload animation

    loving the new update, new guns and vehicles really made this game so much more awesome however i have noticed a little detail in the SKS reload animation, i think many other people are also made aware of this right now there are only 2 reload animations for the SKS, one of them is when you empty the magazine and you use up the entire stripper clip but when the magazine is not fully emptied, no matter how many bullets are left in the box magazine, the player will always push 5 bullets into the magazine no matter how many are left in the mag (I didn't really count but i think its 5??) Not really a big deal, don't think i really care if this never gets changed because the current reload animation is just beautiful but it'd be a nice, detailed touch if in the near future the devs can include this into the game keep up the good work guys
  3. I haven't seen anyone talking about this yet so i guess i'll make a post about it V6 is a pretty good update, although i didn't notice any significant difference in my game, i do appreciate the devs working hard. However, I do have a question for the devs or people that know about game design How long does it take to make a create a weapon and add it to the game?? I have seen textured models of PPSH-41 and some other un-textured ones like the shotgun and G3 and the new M110, If the model is made, how long does it take for us to actually get to play around with it?? Like adding the reload animation and other things... I know this is probably not on the priority list for the devs but if the current bullet ballistics exists, we should be seeing some new addition of weapons soon right?? (assuming that ballistics of PPSH-41 is not much more different than 9mm pistol rounds, and 7.62x54r and 7.62 nato round isn't all that much different in performance??)
  4. I saw in one of the earliest posts here that weapon customization will be a future implement.. that's honestly great news, but how will this carry out? I know that there are devs that do their research and know how armory works in actual militarizes, and i assume that a standard military solider doesn't really have a whole lot to choose from.. so how will this carry out? is there going to be pre-customized guns just to choose from ? like arma 2 or arma 3 or basically like PR but you can choose more than i load-out for the class (like the current US or RU squad leader that can choose from a scoped or non-scoped weapon) or is it going to be sorta like BF3/BF4 that you get to choose some more attachments such as scopes, fore grips or even flashlight.. to be completely honest and in my own opinion, I would love to see more customization in this game. Be able to change scopes from per-say holographic to all sorts of reflex sight (for fractions that do have a variety of choices) I think it'd even cooler to include some of the non-conventional weapons for fractions as player progress in the game (sounds dumb but some RPG element do make games more fun for non-hardcore fans) like be able to use MK17 or MK16 (i know MK16 is not in use) on US side as player have reached a certain point in the game or unlock weapons like AK-105 for Russian soldiers... what do you guys think? A bit too naive or too casual for a game like this or this would be a good idea?