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    What makes you think that my suggestions are for anything other than public play? It is because of public players I'm writing the stuff I do. In a known group you can actually trust that your fellow SL's will give you updated targets to some extent. In public play you need to be very independent of them. My experience with tubes is more than a 100 pub rounds, (along with a dozen or so competitive games, but I'm not talking about those parts atm.) For starters I would implement some tools like the mortar calculators provide ingame. Every adept user have already started using them and realistically your average player will never be useful without one. For the average user this will help tremendously, but for the more experienced gunners this does almost nothing since they were already using a calculator. Other than that It's hard. But i reckon some ingame tutorial would be pretty helpful for some. I don't claim to hold all the answers on how to make mortars viable, but identifying the issues is a good start i reckon =) How do you suggest mortars could be improved?

    A couple of tips if you want to improve your performance: 1. man one of the tubes yourself, having access to SL comms is useful for targeting. 2. don't rely on having your team spot for you, or having a spotter at all. your entire team acts as a spotter if you simply look at the map. a lot of stationary dots on the map? that means a wiped squad with enemies about to move over them. barrage! you are holding a flag with friendlies all around it, but one angle is void of allies? barrage! you can see a lot of friendly dots looking in the same direction, but aren't moving very quickly? barrage in front of them. 3. always, always, always walk your barrage. even when shelling HAB's you want to be spreading your barrage around it to catch fleeing soldiers. I can not stress the second point enough. if you only fire when other players are giving you targets you will be sitting around doing shit all for most of the time and be a non-factor. Agreed on most other points, except the damage section. The damage radius of mortars are in fact huge, but the issue is that the damage is blocked by the smallest gravel. if you check the damage done on completely flag ground (i.e. Narva roads) you will see that you are heavily damaged from even 15m away from the impact point. In my opinion mortars are way too ineffective for the average user and needs to be buffed for them. You don't want to buff mortars for the best users however, I'm already a power factor that needs to be dealt with as it is.
  3. you should spend some more on them learning what battles to fight then.
  4. How can you say that you were defending the only active FOB when you can see clearly in the screenshots we had a forward FOB and HAB set up for a long time. it was after that one was set up i asked you to pull away from the uncappable point and instead reinforce where it matters. The only thing you accomplish by holding that radio is sending the enemy back to a part of the map where they are useful rather than leaving them stranded on police station why we capture their first flag. A word of advice for all of you people squadleading out there: If you are not on an active flag killing enemies, you are just allowing them to respawn on the right place. the best enemy is not a dead one, but one that is out of position.
  5. Mortars - A Beginner's Guide - Death from Above

    I tend to use "increase 100", "decrease 75" etc. To relay the adjustment of mortars that are too short or overshoot. If you only tell your gunner that he is too short he will not know how much to compensate for. I also think 4 man is enough for a mortar team, 2 gunners; 1 logidriver and 1 SL acting as spotter. Militia/insurgents could prob use a 5th since that guy can fetch the scout kit to do spotting and place mines/IEDs
  6. I play on the Exodus server regularely, and the reason why you did not get a response from any admins in chat is because they are anonymous and rarely interact in chat. (As that would reveal who they are). If you want to get in touch with an admin because of abuse in game you should contact them on their discord server. I can say for sure Exodus doesn't discriminate squads that speak foreign languages inside their own squad since i make swedish ones on a daily basis.
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    OMBD IN! OP First Light AAS v1
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    OMBD in, Fool's Road AAS1 we'll take a streamer slot for this weekend.
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