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  1. Weapon mechanics

    But Soviet and Russian dont.As well as most AK clones. Only AK12 have it. Tantal,well if they will have back lock,then it should be locked at 5:54. It locks by magazine then at 0.17, as varenykysupreme has informed us. Its more the audible part that i want implemented. The animations are fine.
  2. Weapon mechanics

    Yep, i learnt something. Thing is, ive fired an AK, in real life 1337. Thing is, bolt locked, so it must have been a serbian version, or modified without me knowing, therefore my assumption that it locks. But ive learnt something new today from you l33t haxors.
  3. Weapon mechanics

    Im aware of the fact that you dont want to leave any empty tubes behind for a certain enemy to take advantage of. But its not always practical in firefights, at least firefights consisting of high speed maneuvering, to bring with you the empty tubes. The case in point though is that the dipshit of a soldier brings up the used M72 when switching weapons.
  4. Weapon mechanics

    Question. Does anyone know if changing the field of view will affect the rangefinder in SVD's PSO-1 reticle?
  5. Weapon mechanics

    "Snayperskaya Vintovka sistem'y Dragunova obraz'tsa 1963 goda" Commonly known as SVD, is roughly translated to Dragunov sniper rifle. Thanks for welcoming me squid ;)
  6. Weapon mechanics

    Amazing game, been loving it since day one. Couple of things though First off, when emptying an assault rifle, it be AR15 platform or AK platform, heck almost any existing gun platform, the bolt will lock in the back. Now when this happens the weapon makes a distinct metallic clinging sound, which i am deeply fond of because, it sounds cool, and it tells me to reload. This should be added soon, as i find myself too many times facing an enemy with empty mag and weapon. Worst thing is coming behind the enemy and hearing that clicking sound. Second, the M72 LAW which is issued to the anti tank role of US Army is a disposable weapon system, WHICH means that when you've fired it, you throw it away like a condom. For some reason the soldier im controlling is a total retard and choses to store the empty LAW on his back. So when engaging enemy with the LAW, BOOM, then switching to primary and emptying a mag into the abyss, and then switching back to LAW again, this fucking retard brings me the just fired, empty, disposable, condom, and ill have to tell him to reload. Lets fix this, make it a badass animation when throwing away the M72 like a baws. Keep up the good work devs ;) Oh and the sniper is too weak.