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  1. Squad Radio Range

    A suggestion for 'Squad's Squad Comm's. Would it be possible to have a Range added to the Squad Radio VOIP in the future? It would help keep the Squad's together and working together better. Lets face it when a squad is spread around the map they ain't no squad. A little change to force the Teamwork, as some owners of the game missed that the idea of the game is to play as a Squad (clues in the title) The SL Radio is/should be long range so unaffected. ---probably going to get abuse for this suggestion from mostly CS:GO style players (no offence) Also don't ask me for the range, most radio's I have used got blocked by a small hill or a tree...useless.
  2. Squad Radio Range

    Just an idea to encourage Squad Craft and keep your squad closer (i.e not 1km away) in-game especially in BIG maps. I am not an overly mil-sim styled player, personally prefer the mid point (like PR & Squad is to BF and Arma) and agree that it would make players use 3rd party prog's to skirt it (shame). I know a popular mod for A3 is similar (my clan buddies use it) but my intention is not to make it realistic just another penalty that encourages the squad craft...which is determined by the SL anyhow I know Always goes back to the Game-play debate of which there is no answer as its personal choice and the Dev's right to establish.
  3. Squad Radio Range

    Of course I agree, but why bother having in-game comm's at all? if that is a reason not to refine it somewhat... The game is multiplayer and most players are not all in the same community, TS, Vent etc etc. The use or risk of using 3rd party comms should be ignored as Dev's, server admins will never be able to police/control it. Any little change to promote more teamwork is a good thing IMO
  4. Takes the Biscuit

    Gotta be a Bourbon? Sometimes a Garibaldi..... the odd malted milk and a hob-nob for good measure.
  5. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    16/09/2016 Good games world good games!
  6. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    16 months later! An Update: [RIP] Are still going strong (10 years), have great servers and an excellent team of members making [RIP] one of the best/fun clans to game with. [RIP] have a huge platoon of 185 active/casual Squad players in a clan of over 260. [RIP] Are active in clan v clan matches, community events and host many internal [RIP] only events. [RIP] Host Training sessions in the week and on weekends. We accept everyone that is 18+, speaks English and are mature*, skills do not matter its all about Teamwork, growing together and ultimately having FUN and yes that includes in game stress as that's why we play!! Don't forget that we are a Multi-Gaming clan and have our eyes set on Star Citizen, Of Kings and Men and BF1 of which will have dedicated Teams and servers where applicable. Onwards and Upwards!!! P.S We also love BANTER =) *when it counts that is, having a laugh is different to being a ***. DBAD.
  7. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU 2 (Skirmish) server is live! Made especially for the smaller maps and to help out the players that get issues on bigger servers [RIP] welcomes you to join and get stuck in! Feel free to join our Teamspeak (Expect banter!) and play nice. ts3.rustyinplaces.org Our server rules Any Issues, problems or suggestions let us know
  8. Found my limit, for player names

    What about the Players with symbols for a name!! Oh deary me.
  9. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Looking good!!
  10. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Our #2 server has been set to Infantry only, enjoy. Wanna be part of a multi-gaming & multi-national digital Army? 100% Active, dedicated, training and growing together..... we welcome everyone* (*Although you gotta be 18+, speak English and be Mature)
  11. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU

    We do our best!! Thanks aCi
  12. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Being a OLD PR Vet when I first saw the Trucks in game I nearly cried. A lot of us former PR players have been waiting for this modern iteration of a PR style Game for many many years and seeing vehicles just made that dream a reality!! The way its going FAR outweighs the issues that come with updates and new content.... the journey is half the fun. Keep it up Dev's....... [RIP] Rusty In Places salutes you
  13. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    We love FRIDAYS!! The [RIP] Server has been consistent since its creation Cheers World!!
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    Good games!! What is love?
  15. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Good games world, good games.
  16. WOW... Just amazed

    Welcome and well said. SO much potential.
  17. Squad is too hard

    .....Squad needs to get harder not softer.
  18. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU

    Trixy is a Lady mate Agree she is the equivalent to a gentleman in lady terms though
  19. Squad in Three Words

    From PR "Read The Manual!!!!!!"
  20. Incentive to wait for MEDIC

    Increase the respawn timer!! Double it. 'Give up' should come with a penalty of sorts.
  21. Kimbo Slice dies at age 42

  22. Admins, Devs. . . time to wake up!

    [RIP] seem to be doing alright, always full and excellent games. Cant please everyone.
  23. SAA

    I started this thread as a hub for all those affected, myself included. There is no shame in it, it is a real problem. ...dont be embarrassed! Come forward, tell us about yourself....dont hold back...together we can get through this! So welcome to the... SQUAD ADDICTS ANONYMOUS THREAD ________________________________________________________________ Hi my names [RIP] wintski and I am a Squad addict.... and I fooking love it!
  24. SAA

    I am currently still using. Seems there is no hope. Squad has become an epidemic.
  25. Muhammad Ali RIP

    A sad day.