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  1. GG's last night, a few hung over [RIP] I am sure! Thank you very much, please come again!
  2. [RIP] white list = Donating members Has to be both
  3. Wow! Wake!! Sweet..... it will never die lol
  4. I speak fluent Essex and bad English.
  5. Not sure if you have been contacted mate but you have access to both [RIP]'s Squad servers with Camera. Have fun welcome back into it, glad you like PR
  6. More in game restrictions and penalties and a good mature non-abusive administration of servers will slowly help stop this. The more the game has grown the more it feels like PR but not quite there yet, some of us are here for the long haul though. Yeah its no where near PR yet, but I have faith hence why personally have stuck by it even though its been very arcadey/run and gun/twitchy I am a true believer and have faith in the Dev's. I was waiting for PR2 before it was even considered, Hardcore Teamwork Battlefield = Squad
  7. Hi Para mate, request noted, I will seek general agreement from my colleagues and get back to you. Sounds like a win win for you and the clan's/communities that give access.
  8. duckhunt, a genius map design Chancebrahh, a genius for recreating it for Squad.
  9. Good to see you again Smee!! Awesome game, great coordination. A fantastic night spread over 2 servers! Al Basrah 24/7 kicking Ar5e!! Keep it up World
  10. #2 made into Al Basrah 24-7 (both modes) for the next week or so =) What a map
  11. Nope not disappointed at all. Was worried based on what your "own views expressed" state, thought you was official in Squad mate that's all. My mistake. Sorry to assume such a thing. Lots of feedback/idea's here get shot down pretty quick over the last year, puts me off from posting most of the time. Forums should be insult / bad attitude free with no hard feelings or animosity; respect by default of course.
  12. What is Squad? Now I am even more confused, are QA members the official voice/go to guys of Squad Dev team? I am remaining optimistic that it does exactly what it says on the tin and we are not told to go back to PR or Play Arma spent too much time with this game to just give up. I love the idea of Squad as it is officially described on this website and will see it through from start to finish. Peerun (OP) is right, a player with 100% health and full stamina should have the advantage over someone of whom is injured or having an asthma attack, like in dare I say PR, of which I am sure the makers of the game will fix, as always, patience is a virtue.
  13. Wasn't the idea of Squad sold as the spiritual successor of PR a mod made to make BF2 more tactical, teamwork focused and appealing to players that wanted more than run and gun like CS, BF etc were being selfish feeds the ego. When players want more PR style they mean more "intelligent, satisfying gameplay" not more twitchy shooting games. The infantry style of play, I thought, was just while we wait for the game to grow-up into a modern standalone Battlefield type game that used the PR formula that was very successful in its day. PR was and will always be a legend of an experience not to be mocked. It has had its day and PR players look to the future and Squad is the obvious choice based on its motives. a bit confused/worried.
  14. +1 for more planning time
  15. Awesome games last night well done world!